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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Angry Samoans-Fuck The War Ep

Released in 2006 this is the most recent Samoans release. Aside from Metal Mike and drummer Bill Vockeroth, I am not sure who plays on this. This is much better than some of their other later stuff. This release has a re-recorded version of Gas Chamber. Typical, snotty garagey punk from this long standing band. Love this!! This is probably my last post of the day. Anyways thanks for checking out the site!

The Tools- #3 Ep

The third and final Ep by The Tools. Released in 1981 just before they broke up. Mike Fox would go onto start both Sic Pleasure and Code of Honor, both legendary hardcore bands from San Francisco. This release is a tad more rock and new wavish in a way. Please don't let this sway you, this Ep is damn good. One of the songs Asexuality In The 80's was on the SF Underground Comp. though this is a different version than that one. I have a few other Tools releases on here. Search them out and listen to them. They are all good!

Social Task-1979 Studio Recordings

Don't know too much about Social Task. What I do know is that they were from Orange County and a couple of the members went onto play in the band China White. China White were part of the whole OC hardcore scene and they released an Ep on Frontier Records, home to The Circle Jerks, Suicidal Tendencies, etc. Social Task were more punkish in sound than China White. This stuff is good!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lack Of Knowledge-Sentinal 7"

Does anyone have this???? I cannot find it and would love to hear it. I have been listening alot to their Univited 7", Grey Ep and Sirens Are Back lp and just love them! Big on the Joy Divsion style sounds here. Funny as they released stuff on Crass' label. Kind of like The Mob, UK Decay, and Zounds a little too. Cool stuff. HELP!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Screws-Drink Till I Drop Ep

Ok this was released in 1986 and I have never heard this before until recently. What you get is good mid tempo punk ala The Effigies, Toxic Reasons, Zero Boys and more like The UK Subs. This is awesome! From the state of Texas comes this band. The song Filled With Hate is a bonafide classic IMHO! DL it!!!!!!


Another Year Another Fire

Well I woke up Thursday morning at 5am to the news of another fire in my mountain community. This time though, it is the big one. The two bottom photos were taken 5 minutes from my house. The top three are taken from Hwy 1 along the Pacific Ocean, 10 miles North of Santa Cruz, California. I am a big outdoors guy and I know when things can get bad ie dry vegetation, winds etc. This has the recipie for a disaster. As of today, 8/14/09 the fire is 5% contained. What that means is the fire fighters try to circle the fire and then close in on it until extinguished. The 5% means that they only have a circle around the fire of 5%. My wife and I drove around near the fire to catch a glimpse of it. As we got nearer to the fire, we ran into police that had blocked off roads. What I saw was the slimey news folks set up, and many folks that live in the area with trucks and trailers to try to get back in to get their belongings and pets. Many people live here to get away from the city. They have horses, cows, sheep and pets. Most of these people are good hard working folks. The people that live up here are of a different kind. Very sufficient and don't like authority too much. Many are staying at their homes and taking their chances. Good luck to them. I don't know if that is what I would do. Back to the story though. My wife and I felt it was wrong to be there, because of all the panicked people, who are in a state of shock as to what to do. I don't want to be a voyeur in their misery. We went into Santa Cruz and headed up Hwy 1 to see a different view of the fire. It was pretty intense with big winds blowing the fire towards the coast. As I was heading to work down in Monterey today, I saw probably 50 fire engines heading up Hwy 1 to the fire. My hats go off to them. All I want is for no one to get hurt and I hope that lose of homes is minimal. My area was declared a State Of Emergency today. Sad thing about this fire. Last year we had one in the same area. Though smaller, but it did some good damage. This one is 5 times larger