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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cocksparrer Live

Recorded live in San Francisco at The Great American Music Hall. I ended up missing this show because the tickets sold out in a minute. The venue is 2000 capacity and it puzzled me that it happened, even with two nights! To say I like Cocksparrer is an understatement. I love seems San Francisco does too! This recording was teaken from the second time that they have visited our fine area. I did get to see them the first time when they came through however. I got to hang out with Mick (drummer for The Business) and watch him flirt with my wife...which I found amusing. He's a good guy! Anyways this performance is top notch, energetic and full of hits and some cuts of their last album. In fact, my old bandmate Shea mixed this album! Enjoy it, as I am right now as I am listening to it. Funny thing about this show in 2009, I was at a reggae/rocksteady Dj thing in Santa Cruz dancing away and their were a bunch of skins from SJ... Well, from my understanding that it was going to kick off at one of the two shows. I met these guys and proceeded to annoy the shit out of them to the point that they wanted to maybe take it out on me. Considering that I am part of the old guard and my surroundings were in safe confines nothing happened. To say these guys were probably the most stupid morons I have encountered I was suprised that they knew how to drive from San Jose to Santa Cruz that night. Even more impressive was that they knew who Cocksparrer were. I bet that they thought that they were going to some National Socialist meeting for Hitler's Pansy Division.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Gimp Fist

Holy shit, where did these guys come from????? If you like your punk with hints of reggae ala The Clash or SLF and mixed with a healthy dose of good sing along Oi! like Red London or Red Alert then do yourself a favor and check these guys out. They are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I just read something that this band has ex members of Red Alert and Major Accident. No matter, there stuff is REALLY good. Love them!


I think these kids are from Sunderland UK. I don't know a lot about them other than they are influenced by Rancid, and they surely know how to write and play great songs. Here is a video on Youtube for you all to see. Here I was complaining that there are no new bands huh

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Jam

I think this was a US release for Polydor. Between 1978-1981 The Jam could do NO wrong in my books. I made sure to get evey 7" and album that came out. As much as I loved The Clash, The Jam meant 10 times more to me. This 12" was just so amazing to me. I still listen to them frequently and still love them just as much.

The Jam-Waterloo Sunset

So Sounds Effects gets a 30 year anniversay remaster job with loads of bonus tracks. Low and behold the last track is The Jam covering Waterloo Sunset. The 2 disc set costs $25. I have the damn album. I have all the bonus tracks....execept Waterloo Sunset. Do I want to shell out $25 for ONE SONG???? Does anyone have this song and are they willing to kick me down a copy??? Please???