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Saturday, February 28, 2009

No Alternative-Johnny Got His Gun 78-82

No Alternative started life as KGB in 1977 in San Franisco. Johnny Patterson was the original guitarest for The Offs and the other guys included drummer Zippy Pinhead who would later play in The Dils. KGB released one single which I cannot think of right now and appeared on a few comps. They changed their name to No Alternative and appeared on a bunch of compilations like SF Underground Vol. 1, Not So Quiet on The Western Front as well as releasing a single in 1981 and to finish off their career they had a split with San Jose's own Lifeline. Lifeline had Joe Sib as their singer, who, as most don't know, went onto form Wax and the record label Side 1/Dummy. Anyways, No Alternative fall into the same kind of theme as maybe, The Dils or Impatient Youth. Great Americana style punk rock with a good dose of roots rock thrown in. Maybe even a rougher version of later day Social Distortion? After No Alternative broke up Johnny formed The Swingin' Possums which were more rockabilly than punk rock. Well Johnny is a rather nice guy and has even appeared on Talkpunk on a few occasions. Unfortunately he is fighting cancer, so if you like this music, why don't you head over to there Myspace page and donate a few dollars to help him fight his cancer.


The Clash Nov. 1983 Demos

Cut The Crap is an album that most Clash fans love to pan. Me included! I remember buying the This Is England 12" and thinking GREAT! This is awesome, but then I bought Cut The Crap and was left scratching my head wondering WTF! My personal opinion is that Cut The Crap was mis-produced and just missing alot. Sure the departure of Mick Jones and Topper hurt The Clash, but live they were still cutting it as a 5 piece. The demo's I have here are incomplete, just to let anyone know. I have a total of 8 songs on this instead of the 14 or so that were recorded. Not to worry,because most of them ended up on Cut The Crap anyways. But, the cool thing is, you get to hear the songs that would make it onto Cut The Crap, as well as some VERY good songs that did not. Some of them you can find on The Clash On Broadway, but those are soundcheck versions and these are in a studio versions. The songs on this boot are way more rockin and just plain smoken hot. Enjoy

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Just Some Thoughts

For those that don't know there are three new releases that I want to make you aware of . The first is The Rezillos No. 1 Boy which I like alot. Though not as manic as the incredible earlier stuff, this still is miles above most crap out there today. Seek it out, it is not too hard to find. The second one is Day 21 which is Jimmy Pursey's new band with some two of the guys from......errrr Towers Of London. I have to admit that I like it alot!!!! TOL kind of left me somewhat interested and I always thought that they might have a swinging chance....But ever since Stinky Turner called them out and none of the band wanted to show that they were hard nuts then I kind of laughed at them. Just kidding. Day 21 has a song to DL called Havin' It RocknRoll. I think that it actually has more Sham in it than Sham has these days. Annnndddddd the third one is a nice little suprise that I got the other day by the wonderful Members. For those that don't know, The Ruts and Members were/are two of my all time favorite bands. What we have here is Offshore Banking Business done as International Financial Crisis with two other tracks one is a radio edit...Remember those on 12 inches as well as a dub version. Whatever, it is nice to see them back around. I do hear that they are touring in the UK but without Tesco????? Hmmmmm. I know he has had some health problems, let's hope this is not permanent. Seek out and Buy!! Sorry I don't have any links. I am just too tired to deal.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

You're Welcome

We have a new friend in blogsite Music Ruined My Life. They pretty much have the same idea that we do and I just wanted to do a little shout out so to speak. Check them out here

Loads of Doughboys stuff too!!!!

Joe Strummer-Earthquake Weather

I have been listening to allot of Joe Strummer solo stuff and also some Mescaleros too. I am in need of a Clash fix or so it seems. I just want some new Clash stuff, but alas, that will not happen as we all know why. You see The Clash in 1979 turned me onto the music that I listen to today. That album was London Calling and I have never turned back since. Sure I listen to offshoots of punk ie Oi and thrashy UK82 type stuff as well as hardcore, but truth be told, the class of 1977 is everything as any good ole lover of no holds bar rocknroll should listen to. Besides The Clash, my next love was The Jam and they will always be my favorites. I should also mention The Buzzcocks too, but if it weren't for The Clash then I would probably be listening to Aerosmith or Leo Sayer. About this record: I just got this the other day, and I have to admit that it is damn good. Mix The Clash with The Mescaleros and this is pretty much what you would have. I know that one track was written during Cut The Crap and it makes me wonder what The Clash would come up with. I am very disappointed in myself that I never bought this when it came out, it is that good! Anyways I know that it has been posted on some boards but I just wanted to pay my respects to the man that shaped my music world.
RIP Joe.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Nice N Sleazy

For those that don't know, many of us Talk Punk refugees have migrated over to Nice N Sleazy. For those that don't know, it's a very cool site that talks about my favorite music in the whole wide world....Punk from 1977-1979 or so, both UK and the US version. Check it out, there are some real cool folks over there.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Hits and Misses (Awesome Record Shop!!)

I hope Kenny doesn't mind but just had to give a little plug for an awesome punk rock record shop in Toronto Canada! This guy carries all the coolest new releases as well as the old classics so if any bands are touring or if you are just visiting Toronto you must check this store out. Guaranteed you won't leave empty handed! Punk, Powerpop, Metal and beyond... It's all here (You might even find the odd Milli Vanilli record (Ok that's just a Joke!!!) Great used rarities here too (and lot's of them!!) It's worth the trip just for the wall art (original Red Rockers, TSOL, CH3 etc. promo posters and concert flyers) If you do visit please make sure to say hi to the owner Pete ("Outlaw Pete" as Springsteen has referred to him as :) ) Well worth the visit!! Angry gives this place 2 thumbs up!!!!
No I don't mind at all! We have one in San Francisco called Amoeba which is about as close to record collecting nirvana than anything. All hail cool record stores!!!!

Society Dog -Off Of The Leash Ep

Society Dog were around a little bit from around 1979 until earlyish 1981. The singer Jonathin Christ went onto sing in Code Of Honor whilst Joe Dirt went onto form The Fuck Ups with Bob Noxious, who was known for their un pc Ep FU82. This is great gritty punk that only a San Francisco band could put out. If any of you like it then I will post there other single and their track on the SF Underground 2 Comp.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Toxic Reasons God Bless America 7"

Toxic Reasons released this in 1984 for their tour of the UK with Youth Brigade. From what I understand this tour was pretty pourly attended. Alot of US bands had problems touring in the UK aside from The DKs and maybe Black Flag? Anyways, those two bands would make a pretty damn good bill. Again, I love this band!!!!

Toxic Reasons War Hero 7"

Here is Toxic Reasons debut single from 1981. Much rawer than what would appear on their debut album Independence. This band was just plain amazing!!

Toxic Reasons Ghost Town 7"

Toxic Reasons are one of my all time favorite bands bar none. Saw them in 1983 supporting The Toy Dolls in San Francisco. What a fun night that was. Slept in a jail cell for being a bad boy in San Francisco. Anyways they rocked that night bar none. Here is there second 7" with I think there second singer. Originally from Dayton, Ohio and Indiana somewhere, The Toxic Reasons moved to San Francisco where the played around the area for about a year.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Hey All!

Posting should resume this weekend folks. Just busy with work!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Crowd Beach Blvd. Tracks

Here we have The Crowd from Orange County, California. 1978 and out comes The Crowd. Like a cross between The Dickies and The Ramones, they were just plain awesome. I had the honor, and yes I mean honor of being the support band for them back in 1997 in Costa Mesa and they were great. Here we just have the tracks that they appreared on Beach Blvd. comp. Put out by Posh Boy Records which also released such great records like Red Cross' debut, Agent Orange, early TSOL, Channel 3 and many more cool stuff.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Minority-Cupertino's First Hardcore Band

All this stuff dates from 1982, when the lineup was:Ron Bauer = vocalsGreg Walker = drumsJim Benham = bassDave Schumacher = guitarGreg played bass on one song in the pictures. But all the recordings have only the above lineup.The pictures are from our first show, at the Monta Vista HS "Hootenanny" show. Not sure exactly when it was ... April, May or June 1982the demo stuff were recorded on a boombox in bedrooms and garages, in March and May 1982.Recordings from the On Broadway is SF was sometime in July 1982. This one was a 4 track recording, and has a great dismissal from Dirk Dirksen in the end!None of this stuff is high quality, but you can hear the songs, and most of the lyrics.Band history:The Minority was pretty short lived, but I'm pretty sure we were Cupertino's first hardcore band. We practiced and wrote a lot of songs in 1982.In the fall, we all left town to go to college. Since Jim, Ron and I all went to San Diego, we did practice a few times, and tried to get a bass player, but nothing panned out.If I remember right, the guy we played with a few times went on to play with Battalion of Saints [Kevin might have been his name]In summer of 1983, we got back together will Benham on drums, and Lans McLoskey playing bass. We may have played a few times with Walker that summer, but I can't really remember!In summer 1984, we played a few more times, this time with John Barrett playing bass.Then again, John playing with us might have been 1983 also ... I'm not too sure.We probably played live no more than 10 times.I'm probably mis-remembering half of it :)that's it!

My perspective:

You see, for me, it was a band that I knew. They were all my age and were doing something that I wanted to do. They played clubs in San Francisco and had even recorded material. This was something of a challenge for me and some of my friends at the time. Eventually I would figure it out and play in Slip and The Forgotten but by then I was a seasoned musician and not a kid. These recordings here are quite good and show a band in its infancy and urgency....Great stuff! Thanks to Dave Schumacher for sending me over this stuff, and a big hello to Ron Bauer who I would later share many drunked filled gigs with in the later years.

Help! The Contractions Rules and Regualtions 7"

for those that have helped me in the quest of filling some holes in my collection I thank you! I need help and this one is a tad tough! I am looking for a single by the all girl punk/new wave band from San Francisco called The Contractions. The single that I am looking for is Rules and Regulations. If anyone can help I will reward you generously!!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Alice Bag of The Bags Blog

Folks I cannot stress enough how cool this blog is. Alice Bag was the singer for The Bags back in LA in the late Seventies punk scene. This is her story from when she was a little girl to being in the Bags with Patricia Morrison (who you should know as a one time Damned bassist and wife to Dave Vanian) and others. Please check this out, it is very cool. Not only do you get a punk rock history lesson, but also a look into Latino life here in my home state of California.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

7 Seconds Good To Go

Ok, confess to being a HUGE 7 Seconds fan. Love their early demos, Eps, and their first two albums. Good 'ole Reno hardcore. They played alot around my neck of the woods back in the day. At one time, some of the members relocated to Sacramento and they called their brand of hardcore Skeeno. In the later 80's they kind of lost me and the plot around New Wind and I did not pay much attention to them. I remember MRR saying that New Wind sound like 7 Seconds trying to sound like U2. Wow. Anyways I bought their Take It Back, Take It On, Take It Over which was pretty damn good, and I thought, uhhh is there anything that I might need to check out of theirs. I bought the rest of their catalouge and I have to say that there are some pretty damn good albums. Out of all of them, this by far the best. I bought this the other day and I have not stopped playing it. Like Minor Threat, 7 Seconds were influenced by The Ruts, and Sham 69 just as much as other bands from the early days of hardcore here in the States. Oh did I tell you how much I dig this release??? Unlike Angry I am not sooo prolific in the posting department so this might be all from me this week. Though, have no worries, Angry is doing a fine job!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Red Rockers Guns Of Revolution Ep

Ok here is The Red Rockers first Ep that was released on 415 Records. This is much different than their Good As Gold lp that was released in the early '80's. Much more like The Clash than The Alarm. Hey man, I do like the song China but this is about San Francisco punk rock. Maybe I will post their Condition Red lp too. Anyways these guys came to the city via New Orleans but to be honest, I don't think they were really accepted like some of the others that migrated here like The Dils, Zeros, etc. This is good rockin punk though.


Well I have finally had time to sit down and watch Guy Ritchie's Rockinrolla. Hmmmm. Well I have to say that it was good....NOT great, but I did have myself laughing out loud at times. As good as Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels or Snatch? Nooooo..... those two are perfection personified. I did really like Rockinrolla and would like to see the sequel when it comes out. Just sayin. Oh and the cracked out rocker guy....Awesome. I thought his character was one of the best in the film.