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Sunday, June 26, 2011

X at The Catalyst 6/17/11

Well time to see X....again. Seems like I see them every 6-8 months and this time was pretty much like every other time I have seen them....they were awesome! Started the night with my wife and I meeting some friends for drinks and some food. Hung out with Clifford of Blast! fame...(interview coming...) and then off to see one of the most iconic US bands ever. Opening the shindig was Matt Freemans (Rancid) side project Devils Brigade...they were ok'ish but really not grabbing me too much. They did however do a killer version of Police Truck (DKs). Next were! As always they killed it! Each song was perfect and the band was very into rocking us all out for the night. I went into the pit for Nausea, fell down, and was picked up. I then headed over to stage left where I ran into Steve Corona (Diesel Queens fame) and settled in for the rest of the night. Once their set was over, John Doe and Exene came out and played an acoustic version of 4th Of July that was perfect. Someone mentioned to me, why is it that John Doe is always sweating and you see Billy Zoom with his leather jacket and he is NOT sweating.....hmmm. If you look at Billy, you'd think he made a deal with the devil. He looks the same as he did in 1983.....After leaving, the wife and I went across the street to our fave Mexican food haunt on Pacific and had a free Quesadilla and some killer Anejo Tequila! I was hungover for TWO days! WOW.
Next up for next weekend are The Swingin Utters and Rev. Horton Heat. Same club, same town!
Oh and the bottom picture, it was taken by Billy Zoom...I am the guy with the two finger F U salute wearing the Lonsdale Tee. This can be found on X's site too.

Frontline-Outside Your Window

Got this one from System/Sabotage/Chaos blog by request. That was over 2 years ago and since many of my followers are different I thought I'd post this. Frontline were from San Jose and were a huge band in our scene. Fronted by the ever so affable Joe Sib they were a force to be reckoned with. I saw them many many times opening up for bands like The Ramones, and other big bands around 1984-1986. They should have been bigger on a national scale, but well....sometimes these things happen. They would change their name to Lifeline, and would continue playing big shows. Lifeline released a split 12" with SF punk rockers No Alternative and then they would split. Joe would move to LA and start the band Wax that had a hit on MTV called California which is not a bad song for the early 90's pop punk stuff. Joe also runs Side 1/Dummy Records and is an all around great guy. Last year Joe did a comedy tour based on his years growing up as a punk rocker in the early 80's. I saw him in San Jose with all of the usual suspects of the SJ hardcore crews of the 80's. It was awesome! Joe was really, really good. But that does not suprise me, he is a fantastic frontman to begin with. I have also included the track on Rat Music to download to. If you are a fan of Social Distortion, DI, Adolesecents and that ilk, then you will dig this. Seems most SJ bands were influenced by the LA hardcore scene unlike up north in SF where there were a bit more tuneless. Once Lifeline was over, it was my band, Slip that took the mantle and was the big boys on the block. Hows that for ego! Ohhh and don't let the stupid cover fool ya, this is REAL good!!!!
Outside Your Window Ep

Rat Music Comp.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

TSOL-4 Song Ep

1. Darker My Love
2. White American
3. Perfect Day
4. Politics

Recorded in 2005, this was available for a short time on TSOL's website for free. Dunno if it is still there because I have not taken a look. If it is gone, then here it is for you! Inspired by Neil over at 13th Floor Vendetta. I just wanted to make this gem available to you all. Darker My Love was released on the Suburbia Soundtrack and I think, nowhere else. This is a studio version recorded in 2005. Politics is of course a Damned cover done TSOL style. It kicks ass! Enjoy this folks!

Dag Nasty-Can I Say

What CAN I of the most distinctive, original hardcore albums ever made. The moment I heard this it was like getting a punch in the face. Straight, direct and in your face melodicism by Dave Smalley, searing guitar lines by Brian Baker...just pure perfection. 30 minutes and then you are done. As much as I love Government Issue's albums Crash and You, this blows both of those away. This is one of my alltime favorite albums. I know this has been posted on other sites, but I wanted to pay my respect to one of the greatest albums ever made.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


You know, I might get slighted on picking this one. But really...I don't care. I do "like" this version of TSOL before they went completely off of the map trying to be Guns N Roses. Change Today and Revenge were good rockin, punky albums that deserve to be listened to. I saw TSOL on this tour for Revenge as they played The Catalyst in Santa Cruz. My buddy and I went thinking that this would be a great show. The Catalyst is a 1000 seat venue (which I just saw X last weekend there)......there was a total of about 50 people there to see TSOL that Anyways I did a stage dive and fell all the way to the ground and badly sprained my night. Everbody's A Cop sounds like TSOL of old.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

1981, 1982, and 1983....What Does It Have To Do With Me

Since I did a favorite releases of 1983-1984 I noticed it was all UK based. Well I do like music from other countries, most notably mine. You see, I grew up during the golden age of Hardcore, so I thought I'd post my favorite 10 releases from that period.

This one was an easy one. From 1980-1983 this band could do NO wrong. Period. Typical OC guitar playing, harmonies and surf drums round out a amazing debut.

Another band that was flawless from 1981-1983...OC punk at its finest...not too mention some tasty surf tunes for us Cali types

Coined the term HARDCORE? Maybe.....Still releasing great stuff to this day. Awesome live band and just plain legendary

My only hometown release You see I like melody and tasty guitar playing. Not that this release was Fresh Fruit #2, it was a different animal altogether. Much faster in pace, The DKs were trying their hand at hardcore and they succeed.

One of my fave bands of alltime. Geekcore at its best. America's version of The Buzzcocks???

Personality, power, originality....sporting one of the greatest frontmans of alltime? Yep. TSOL were HUGE in LA during their heyday. Since coming back they have retained the power of days of old

The Blue Album....follows the OC way of life...soaring guitars, great background vocals, melody and the goold ole surf beat. What sets them apart is Tony's "Iggy meets Darby" vocals. Love them

Ex Adolescents here...played many shows with DI, have seen them a million times, and yes, they follow the OC way!

Funny that this is the only other out of state release on here. You see, I love Minor Threat, Effigies, AOF, Necros, Really Red, Big Boys, Minutemen, Kraut, Bad Brains, Government Issue and many more. It's just that the bands I am listing made a huge impact on me when I was around during those years.

And last but not least. Almost from the OC comes CH3. Melody, power and just plain great songs. Still at it today and still as good!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Favorite Releases Between 1983-1984...The Top 10

Released in 1984, Perfection is all I can say. This was a slowed down version of The Abrasive Wheels. Adding melody and rocking guitar playing made this my alltime fave from these two years.

#2 This could also be a number one! Between this album and The Abrasive Wheels album, those two did not stray too far from my turntable. Del's playing on this was unbelievable!! I still love this!

#3 Some might pan this, but I actually liked this album a lot. Vice Squad slow things down a bit and add some crunch. Lia did a great job singing on this and to be honest, this whole era of Vice Squad was quite enjoyable.

#4 I love Oi! But I like the stuff with good melody...and yes the la la Business delivered on this. This still gets many plays at my house! An awesome band that still delivers to this day.

#5 The kings of Oi! What can be said about this amazing band that has not been said before. Still recording, playing live and taking them all.

#6 With personel changes the boys kept rolling in 1984. Not as good as Shock Troops but still full of piss n vinegar!

#7 Another band with personel changes and a little reinventing....A little more subdued than your typical Subs release, but I really dug this when it came out.

#8 I am sure this is will raise a few eyebrows. But hey it is my blog and I love this Ep! Getting into their more "rock" faze, but it still was a fantastic release!

#9 A band grows up in front of our eyes and pulls out their greatest moment! This album was sooo good.

#10 This was a tough choice..It was between Conflict's Increase The Pressure and Dem Bones...Dem Bones barely wins this one. This album has it aall...doomish apocalyptic thrash with Bones unmistakable riffs. Love this!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Blitz- New Age 7"

Just thought of something....I forgot to mention Blitz in my prior post about bands I dug in 1983....Blitz tops them all, and how in the hell could I forget that...especially when I have Blitz' Voice Of A Generation album cover on my arm....DOH! Anyways, Blitz holds a very special place in my heart. Even their Second Empire Justice album I like...maybe because I dig Joy Division! Anyways, this single is amazing and even to this day, I love listening to it!

Abrasive Wheels

Ok here is a treat for you all. But first some history! Back in 1983, that  was my big year for completely going punk. I listened to the music for a few years, but 1983 it was the year that I really became aware of a lot of bands. PATTB, The Business, Discharge, Broken Bones, Abrasive Wheels, Chron Gen, UK Subs, Angelic Upstarts (yeah I like UK punk more than N. America what) were all the rage for me. I have posted Black Leather Girl already and between that album, The Mating Sounds of North American Frogs, and Reason Why, those albums ruled my world. Fast forward to 2002 and the news that the Abrasive Wheels have reformed! Yes!!!!!!!!!! Well...... from the news that I was getting, was that they recorded a new album and were looking to release it. THEN, nothing....breakup and Shonna, finding new members...dunno if there was a falling out, though I kinda heard there was through the grapevine. What bugged me was that they recorded an album and I CANNOT HEAR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then comes the Nothing To Prove Ep and the album Skum....To my ears, they were alright, but nothing like the manic, When The Punks Go Marching In (and no, I did not expect them to make a MK II of that) or the sophistication of Black Leather Girl (which I hoped they did...). Well here is the album that was recorded, and I have to tell you, it is DAMN GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!. Melodic, rockin and has flourishes of BLG......on top of that, they do a total Motorhead version of Vicious Circle which just rocks beyond belief! Lullaby is my fave.....though there are many more strong tracks that rival it! Enjoy my treat. Hopefully Shonna does not make me takes this down.

Red Rockers-Condition Red

I am sure of that some of you might be familiar with this band. The song China was on MTV quite a bit in the early 80's. Blech......But really, this band had a very nice start. First they released a debut Ep that I have posted on here, and then this fantastic album. For those that dig The Clash or more locally, The Dils and Rank N File then you will dig this. These guys started out in New Orleans and moved to the hip and happening San Francisco punk scene in 1979'ish. This came out in 1980 on the local label 415 Records. 415 is the phone area code for San Francisco and at one time the Peninsula too. The guy that owned the label, Howie Klein went onto major label success and inking Green Day at their label or something like that. 415 had Romeo Void, Translator (Everywhere That I'm Not), SVT, Mutants, Offs, Wire Train, Nuns, Pearl Harbor (Drivin'), VKTMS, and others....Probably the closest SF had for a label that would put out punk/new wave in the late 70's. Trivia, The first real big show I ever saw was The Ramones and Red Rockers at The Warfield Theatre in San Francisco...I don't know what year though. 1981??????

Friday, June 10, 2011

Shattered Faith Vol. 2

Ok ok ok....I am going through a little mid life crisis here. I just turned 47 and I am looking around me and not liking the scene man! Seriously, it has been a little tough turning the page on another year. That said, today was the first day that it has felt like summer here in Santa Cruz, CA....tourists gong to the beach, vacationers hanging, schools out etc. Well my wife is in Michigan for a few days...So I am going to get drunk and wallow a bit. Which leads me to this post. I am a huge Shattered Faith fan. Some of you might know who Kerry Martinez is...he of The US Bombs fame. Kerry is one heck of a cool guy! My old band played with The US Bombs a lot. Like them, but I love Shattered Faith! You see, I am a fan of good, intelligent hardcore done with some melody. Agent Orange, CH3, Shattered Faith, Adolescents, DI, (early) Social Distortion, Vandals, etc.....are you catching a theme here???? OC punk or just good ole melodic Southern California hardcore. I grew up in the SF Bay Area where we had Christ On Parade, CD2, Bad Posture, Crucifix, Code of Honor, etc....though I like those bands, they did not have the sing a long qualities of our neighbors down south. So here I am right now drinking, and listening to Shattered Faith and just digging their tunes. Just an FYI, ignore the first track which is an insipid cover of The Vibrators Baby Baby...yuck.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

A New Twist

Been thinking about this for a little bit now. I want to pick a year and then post stuff from that year. So with that said, I will be starting off with the year 1983. Watch for some new posts here in the next few days!