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Monday, August 30, 2010

Protex-Strange Obsession

Love this band, love this band, love this band. NI's Protex. Seems that the good folks over at Sing Sing has found their unreleased album. This is not a compilation like Listening In, but the album they recorded for Polydor. Visit the good folks at Sing Sing and get this. You can also go to iTunes an purchase this too.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Angry Needs Some Help Please

I know all you great people in blogland came through last time I asked for help so here I am again. Was just wondering if anyone out their had the cd Johnny Hanson presents Puck Rock Vol. 1. I'm looking for the Hanson Brothers track "I'm Gonna Play Hockey" Your help would be greatly appreciated.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mediafire Question

Thought I would post a question about something that has been giving me problems for sometime. As anyone that checks out this blog knows I use Rapidshare for hosting my files and when possible downloading files. I have never had a problem with their service but for some reason Mediafire gives me great trouble. It used to work fine for me but within the last six months or so when I click the link to download a mediafire hosted file my computer freezes for about 5 minutes and then the download box will appear. While the computer is frozen nothing else will open. This only happens on the Mediafire links. I find myself now hesitiating to download anything hosted by Mediafire. Any ideas as to why this happens or has anyone else experienced it. Your help is appreciated.


Monday, August 16, 2010

The Fits-Fact Or Fiction 12" Ep

I first got to find about The Fits when they did the split with Peter and The Test Tube Babies called Pressed For Cash. What started out as a clunky punk band turned into a lean, tight fighting machine. Man did they improve, and improve quickly. This is my favorite of theirs. Some mid tempo rockers and some faster tunes. Nice that they were able to vary their sound. Love this ep.

White Flag-Eternally Undone

Yes, I am a massive fan! Wild Kingdom is one of my alltime faves. I just got around to listening to this and it is just as good as Wild Kingdom. Mix some psychedelia, Cheap Trick, good ole punk rock and you have one hell of an album. I love this!!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Does Anyone Have This?

I cannot find this anywhere...Instant Agony's last single. If anyone can help me out, that would be great!!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Damned-The Shadow Of Love 10" Ep

Well hey first Damned post since Fun Factory. Here we have my favorite Damned song from their more Goth period. In fact, I might add...Alone Again Or (Yes it is a Love song) comes in a close second. The Shadow Of Love and Nighshift I rate as top notch...but......Would, putrid....Could they not find another song to put on there?????? Anyways, I saw The Damned a few times during this period and thought they were fantastic. Yes, they had no Captain, but Roman Jugg and Bryn Merrick (who both played in a Wales punk band prior???) joined The Damned and made The Damned MKXX...kidding.......a functioning unit. I remember seeing The Damned with both of those guys with Captain when they played the Old Waldorf in San Francisco, touring for the massive Strawberries album, with Roman on keys and Bryn of bass....totally cool!!!! Anyways, I am sure my partner in crime will add some other bits and things...Angry where are ya! Here it is, one of my alltime faves....THE DAMNED!

VIce Squad-Teenage Rampage 7"

ahhh Man, here it is. I remember when I bought this little bugger at some little record store in El Paseo. I used buy many English imports there ie Discharge, Vice Squad, Broken Bones, etc. Anyways, I bought this and looked at the cover and thought, hmmm ah they're a 5 piece now and whoa, where is have to remember that getting a mag like Sounds, NME (which really would not cover them) or Punk Lives was next to impossible. So....who is the hot girl???? Leah?? Ok, well, crap lets throw it on and see what we have here. Teenage Rampage huh...Good...ohhh I get it, Marc Bolan cover. Nice! But the next song, killed me!!!!!! High Spirits was like their older stuff. Nice! I love this song!! Still do.

ps This is it for today!

Vice Squad-Black Sheep 12" Ep

Well one more from 1984. This is the 7" scan and not the 12" scan so sorry. Another band that really learned how to make some great music. This is with the Sooty and Lia lineup and to be honest, at times I prefer this over era over the earlier stuff. I love both so please no grief ok! Nostalgia! Cool thing....Beki has reformed Vice Squad over the years (much to the original members horror!) and has put out many fantastic albums that I play regularly. Oh and she is still hot!

The English Dogs-To The Ends Of The Earth 12" Ep

This Ep was an absolute ripper when it came out. Right off of the heels of Invasion Of The Porky Men. Adding Giz on guitar from The Destructors and Ade on vocals from Ultraviolent who had a fantastic Ep on Riot City, here you see The English Dogs propel into speedcore. This Ep is just amazing! Technical and fast, this was on my turntable quite a bit in 1984. Even to this day I love cranking the volume on this one. Enjoy!

The Anti Nowhere League-Out On The Wateland 12" Ep

Dunno how many folks like this time period of The League.....I mean, I love We Are The League and the singles from that time period. But the first time I heard the Four You 7" and then this, I was floored. The band grew up! They can play! Wow! Out On The Wasteland is another one of my 83-84 loves that I have. Again, maybe it is just nostalgia? I started going to shows a bunch in 1983 and saw many bands and it sure seemed like just about everyone was coming over here. Conflict, PATTB, Angelic Upstarts, Chron Gen, UK Subs, Vice Squad, The Damned, Clash, One Way System, Toy Dolls, Discharge, Exploited, and of course The Anti Nowhere League who were supporting The Subs. My old band even got a support slot on one of their comebacks. Cool.

Chron Gen-Nowhere To Run 12" Ep

Chron Gen-Nowhere To Run! I really dig it when bands really learn how to play. Though some would say, and myself included that they were aleady pretty good players to begin with. What I like about this Ep is that they slowed down a bit and really worked on songs. They started doing this with Behind Closed Doors and a few others after there Lp. Another one of my 83-84 loves. By far and away my favorite on this Ep is the song Breakdown...LOVE IT!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Teenage Head (s) - 1983 Tornado EP

Here we have the 1983 EP by Teenage Head titled Tornado. I'm sure you all know the story of adding the "S" to their name at the record labels request due to this being Teenage Head's big debut in the USA and the name Teenage Head was just way to offensive for the US market. Have times ever changed! Us Canadians sure are raunchy compared to those Americans eh Kenny! One note for you when playing this is that two tracks are tagged together. Long story but I use a Pioneer recorder for ripping vinyl to cd which sounds way better imo than the USB turntables. The only problem is that you have to press a button between tracks to seperate them. I was sleeping between tracks 2 and 3 so they are here as one. The EP is complete though.


The Damned - Eloise 7"

Here we have another little gem that I bought back in the day. 1986 to be exact (Was it really that long ago?) I sure do feel old :) As most that follow this blog will know I have a soft spot for The Damned and they are truly the greatest band to have ever graced this planet!

Banana Pad Riot - 1993 - Various Artists

Bought this single when it came out back in 1993. Don't see it around very often nowadays. The Mr. T. Experience is on it so I had to own it. Here it is for your enjoyment!

Boris the Sprinkler - We're The Banana Splits!
The Vindictives - Two Ton Tessie
The Young Fresh Fellows - Doin' the Banana Split
The Mr. T Experience - Don't Go Away (Go-Go Girl)

Suburban Studs - I Hate School - 1978

Got a break from the sunshine today when the rain arrived so thought what a great time to hit the computer and post a couple of Angry faves. Up first is this little gem from 1978 which always get's my head bopping. Hope you enjoy it!