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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Best Of 2011

Well here we are on New Years Eve...and yes, the typical best of list. I was not going to do one this year but at the last minute I decided to. Let's hope that 2012 is a great year and that all of you that visit here have a great year.

This list might be incomplete but hey here we are. Occupying the number 1 spot is....

1. Angelic Upstarts- The Dirty Dozen Split with Crashed Out
Who would have thought that Mensi and co. would put out new material...Their best in YEARS
2. Toy Dolls- Credit Crunch Christmas song
I always have time for this band. Olga has seemed to go back to an earlier it!
3. Vice Squad-Punk Rock Radio
Great new album by Beki and the boys!
4. New Chords split with The Templars
I would love to hear more stuff from this French Oi! band. Ex-Veros here!
5. Amebix- Sonic Mass
Yessss some real nice new stuff from this Anarcho band that has come back from the dead

That is it...not too much here because in my opinion 2011 sucked for music.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Help I Need To Hear The 'Tone One For The Money Single!!!!

A big thanks goes out to Chris for hooking me up with most of The 'Tone singles...that was very cool man thanks!

However I am still looking for the singe One For The Money. DOES ANYONE HAVE THIS???????? Help!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The 'Tone-Wide Eyes and Nonsense

Ok this release hit me like a ton of bricks! I bought the comp. Welcome To The Welfare State that BYO put out many years ago because Leatherface was on it. When I heard the song This Is A High I was completely smitten with The 'Tone. I bought this compilation of their singles Wide Eyes And Nonsense and absolutely fell in love with this band that had more in common with SLF, Clash, Ruts and Specials than what was being played in the UK at the time. I do need to hear some of their stuff that did not make it onto to here, so if someone can help out this aging punk rocker that would be very nice of you! If you have never heard this band then please check this baby out. It is classic. The band released another album called Here's Another Reason To Believe In Rock N Roll which is equally as good. The best thing about that album is the song called The Real World. IMHO that song is one of the greatest songs ever written. It is a ska-punkish song that just rules my world. That is high praise when you consider that some of the bands that I love like The Clash, Jam, SLF, Ruts, Damned etc. have also written some amazing tunes. I really wish The 'Tone would put out some new stuff......

The 'Tone

Does anyone have any of the singles that The 'Tone put out in the 1990's????? I have Wide Eyes and Nonsense which covers most of the singles but there are a few tracks missing from the singles that I have to hear. Please please please someone help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Subhumans- Same Thoughts Different Days

I just found out that this is out. What you get is The Subhumans re-recording Incorrect Thoughts because the dick head over at CD Presents who is a greedy turd threatened to sue the band if they released the original. You see the album has sat around unavailable because CD Presents re-pressed the album and it was deleted. What are you to do if you are that band. Well they went ahead and re-recorded the album but included 4 songs from the old days that were not recorded. I Got To Move, Out Of Place, Escalator To Hell, and 21st Century are those songs....and let me tell ya, they are fantastic. Just buy this disc to get those four songs. Recommended!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Now-Fuzztone Fizzadelic

Holy shit! So this band which has two singles and a compilation of all of their stuff on one cds gets together in 2004 and decides to re-record their long lost 1977 album. Well what are the results???? This is so fucking good! I mean really good. I love it! Kind of like The Adverts a little, well actually a lot for some strange reason. The playing of course is more direct and fluid then the days of 1977. This is just a wonderful cd to hear. Please check it out and leave a comment.