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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Loikaeme/Menace Split Single DOES ANYONE HAVE THIS????????????????

This is non existant out there...DOES ANYONE WANT TO HELP ME OUT??????????????????????

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Looking For The Templars Outremer and The Horns Of Hattin...oh and Lewdd I can help with your request

Does anyone have the last two Templars albums for me to hear????? Please????

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Does Anyone Have The UK Subs Product Supply 7" ????? Help!

This goes for silly money on Ebay....I really need to hear this single...does anyone want to help me out? Please!!!!!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bl'AST! "Blood"

Interesting thing here. Santa Cruz band BL'AST are releasing some unreleased tapes from a recording session that has been long viewed as lost. How cool! Clifford and crew has been seen by your author ohhhh about 20 times or so as they were from Santa Cruz and San Jose is only 20 miles to the east. Saw them play The Farm in San Francisco quite a few times and I have to admit that I was impressed with their sheer brutality while playing live. Some said they were Black Flag clones, me? Naw, they were different and unique! I am stoked that this is coming out and even more stoked that Dave Grohl is going to make it happen. Clifford! Why did you not tell me about this? Or did you?? Drinking shrinks the memory when listening to others at the bar!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Minor Threat To Reform?

Dunno if this is a hoax or not. Maybe Neil over at 13th Floor Vendetta could shed some light? This is interesting......but I cannot help but think this is not true

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Gimp Fist-Marching On and On

Continuing where they left off with their splendid split with Last Rough Cause comes these 13 hard hitting Oi! songs. Gimp Fist has always hinted at greatness and with this album, they have achieved it. By far one of the best "new" Oi! bands out there, They have style, they have class, well, they have IT...really. They know how to write tough, catchy songs that just grab you by the throat. You can hear their influences in their songs, think Red Alert and Cockney Rejects....then they stretch it with a pseudo white reggae track entitled Guilty which reminds me of The Ruts....and boy that organ sound is mean and dirty...quite sinister really. Top notch! Please check these guys out as they are quite talented and well.....damn good!!! A+ release here

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Patrol and Generation X Help Please!!!

I am wondering, does anyone have Generaton X's Day By Day/Paranoid single that was released on Empty in 2004?? Also Brit punk band Patrol who released one single and appeared on a few comps and a single released a retrospective cd on their own label a few years ago. I am desperately seeking both of these. HELP! Edit....I now have all The Patrol stuff, but I am still looking for Gen X's single

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Cockney Rejects- Nathans Pies and Eels

Just got his today. You can either get the box set that this comes in or you can get individual discs of each album spanning The Wild Ones to Lethal. This disc is the extras and demos recorded during this time. Being that I am such a huge fan of the album Wild Ones this was a no brainer for me. Yes I do like some hard rocking stuff ala Motorhead, Thin Lizzy, AC/DC, Rose Tattoo etc. This disc has some damn good tunes. Keep mind that not everyone is going to dig this, but I do. Probably for completest out there.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Generation X- Perfect Hits Bootleg and Perfect Hits Vol. 2....Does anyone have these???

I would just love to hear these two bootlegs. Does anyone have these two??? I have also read that Generation X may, just may reform for a tour...thoughts?????

Monday, June 24, 2013

The Enemy-All Guns Blazing

Hoy cow is this red hot! Seriously it brings you back to 1982...and that is a very good thing. This song (which is free by the way) can be downloaded on The Enemy's website. This is something that you cannot pass up. Please do yourself a favor and go over to: and download this sucker. Just click on the artwork and the web does the rest. Stunned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Straps- Brave New Anger

Been a Straps fan for some time now....some time meaning that I am 49 and got into them in the early 80's. That is a long time! I own all of their vynil as well as I have their cd that Capt. Oi! put out that had all of their recorded material as well as their excellent and hard to find In Love With The New World Order. This however is a different animal entirely. From what I have had the pleasure of hearing, knocks me off my feet. Interesting note here, I do hear MGE or Black Album era Damned creeping in.....and that is a good thing. Funny that a band exist for so long and all of sudden have a bonafide classic on their hands, not that their earlier material was bad, on the contrary, it was heads and shoulders better than many of their counterparts....legendary stuff really. I will be getting a copy of this as soon as it comes out. This WILL be in my top 10 list this year, no doubt! And that is heady praise since 2013 really seems to be a great year for punky tunes. This will be available by the time Rebellion roles around in Aug. Please get this, you will not be disappointed in the least.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Does Anyone Have Chron Gen's Puppets Of War..The Collection????? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I have really messed up. Saw this available when it was in print but never picked it up as I always thought it was a collection of songs from their career (well it is). Since I did not check the tracklisting I did not know that their unreleased last album is on it. I have a few demos from this but not the album. I am freaking out right now traveling around the internet trying to find this double cd and I cannot find it anywhere for sale. DOES ANYONE HAVE THIS AND IF SO, WOULD YOU PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH ME??????????? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All I want is the second disc with the unreleased album. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Ruts DC Rhythm Collision Vol. 2

To say I am a massive Ruts fan is a understatement. In fact I love most of the UK 76-79 punk bands. LOVE! When I heard that Ruts DC were recording an album and playing out again, I was very happy! Here we have an album of dub tinged punk with the help from Leigh Haggerty of The Price (touring guitar), and some folks from the Alabama 3 and Misty In Roots, as well as others. This is really friggen good!!!! For me, the best song is One Step Forward that Segs sings. In fact, the only minor complaint that I have is that Segs does not sing on more of the tracks...... only TWO! But hey! That is just being a bit picky! This is kinda had to find and I have seen it priced a bit high, but it is worth it!

Friday, May 17, 2013

The Empty's (Ex The Forgotten) Debut!

ahhhhh my bands first gig! I have not stepped onstage in nearly 14 years, it is a long time coming. Back then I was playing bass in a band called The Forgotten. We were riding high with tours, singles, albums, comp. tracks being released, high profile tours and shows. I played bass and back up vocals. Everything was flying high, or so I thought. After putting so much into my prior band, Slip with Gordy (vocalist for both Slip and The Forgotten), I was hitting burn out. I decided to walk away at the most in-opportune time as the band was just about to really take off and be what they are today. Regrets? Oh yeah, some for sure. But hey, I had to move on. I was 35 and finishing college, tiring of living in a shit hole where the band practiced and the world revolved around. I was bartending and just getting the bug to.....well, grow up. Fast forward, and now I am married, have a great stepson, live near Santa Cruz (near the beach) and have a good job (that I hate) and have settled into middle age. I turned my hobby pursuits to other things, mainly outdoor pursuits that I still dig to this day. Backpacking, snowshoing, cross country skiing, etc. Though, there was one thing bugging me. I just cannot get music out of my blood. I am born to play. Well there I was sitting around one Thanksgiving weekend when my wife presented me with a real nice acoustic guitar purchased from our friend Greg Lisher of Camper Van Beethoven. Certified rock guitar!!! All it took was some strumming and the fire was ignited once again. This leads up to the here and now. I now play guitar (rather poorly) and sing (rather poorly) in a band with 3 other unsuspecting bandmates. We're called The Empty's. I would say our sound is akin to The Ruts, Clash, SLF as well as some more modern American punk bands like Swingin Utters, Workin Stiffs, Social Distortion. This is for fun. All smiles and no pretense. The best part is I will be on stage again in July. Smiling my life away! A kid in a candy shop!

The Vibrators-On The Guest List

Track listing: View From My Cadillac featuring Walter Lure (The Heartbreakers) 2nd Skin featuring Chris Spedding Automatic Lover featuring Ty Segal Every Dog featuring Brian James (The Damned) Prisoner In The Mirror featuring Wayne Kramer (MC5) Turn Up The Heat featuring Tomomi Nabana (Detroit Seven) Rain To Town featuring Hugh Cornwell (The Stranglers) Baby Baby featuring Campino (Die Toten Hosen) Birdland Is Closed featuring Ross The Boss (The Dictators) One More featuring Tony Lovato (Mest) My Stalker featuring Eddie Spaghetti & Dan “Thunder” Bolton (Supersuckers) Rock 'n' Roll Clown featuring Bill Davis (Dash Rip Rock) The Ohio featuring Nicky Garratt (UK Subs) Whips And Furs featuring Leonard Graves Phillips & Stan Lee (The Dickies) Long Beach Police featuring James Donovan & Lome Behrman (The Dead Tricks) Voodoo Eye featuring Mickey Finn (Cold Blue Rebels) With quests like this, how could this not be incredible! IT is!!!! This is their best album since Guilty. Sure, Buzzin' and Energize were both fantastic albums. Yes the cover albums, especially Garage Punk were fun. But nothing can compare to this. This just oozes with energy and your classic Vibrators sound. Love it!! I have been a fan since I bought Guilty as an 18 year old kid exploring all the punk rock I could find. After that, I went out and got Pure Mania and V2, and the rest is history. Been a fan ever since. The 80's were ok to The Vibrators as they churned out album after album of pop rock that had some punk overtones...somewhat like what Chelsea did during the mid 80's. What you get today though, is a different animal. This group has awakened from their slumber and have made an album that is so crisp, new and in your face, that this ranks with their best stuff. My only issue is, do we need another version of Baby Baby and Whips and Furs? Love those two songs, but really? Aside from the nitpick, this is top notch stuff. GET IT!!!!!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bishops Green Self Titled 6 Song Ep

Where in the heck did this come from. Wow! The first moment I heard this was like having the room spin around like a drunk with no ability to comprehend. Top notch stuff here. Instantly memorable and catchy as hell. Literally this has not left my turntable all day. Love it! Never heard of them? Neither had I, but let me tell you, all of the guys come from other bands, most notably the bassist Brian McCallum who did time in SNFU and Death Sentence. But I gotta tell you, those bands have nothing in common with Bishops Green. I hear tons of Cocksparrer here with some later day Partisans, and The Business. Not many band can pull it off what Cocksparrer do,due to lack of understanding rock n roll and melody. Well these guys do. Everything is so well played, and melodic. Instant sing along is what we have here. I look forward to more of their stuff. I am a huge fan in one day. Love it!!!!!!! Buy this you will not be disapointed one bit!

Zero Boys Vicious Circle Bonus Tracks

Does anyone have the bonus tracks that The Zero Boys did for Vicious Circle....meaning the stuff that has Toys From The attic etc.??????

A few things here......

Gobshyte, do you still need the Flesheaters No Questions Asked LP??? Someone requested that I re up White Flag's Eternally Done...done this weekend. Let me know what else others would like re uped.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hey all, I have been away and for some reason, my email notification has been going to an email account that is no longer being used. With that said, Gobshyte, yes I do have the Flesheaters album and will post it for you this evening. Sorry for the delay. Others, thanks for the comments, I promise to be more up on things. I have changed my email notification settings and I am back in the loop.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Wire "Love Bends"

Just some FYI for you all to hear. Wire is scheduled to release an album of unrecorded songs from 1979-1980. The album Change Becomes Us will be released later this year. But, in the meantime here is a legal download of one of the songs, Love Bends. It is great BTW!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Defects-Politicophobia

Well a welcomed treat! I have been a big Defects fan since 1983 when I purchased Defective Breakdown on WXYZ Records (labelmate Anti Nowhere League also debuted with their So What single and We Are The League around the same time). Funny that I even picked this up, as I live in The States and just picked this up their debut way back then on a lark because of their album cover. Since being schooled by Guy Trelford (co author of It Makes You Want To Spit!) I have gained a whole new appreciation for NI punk, but I always keep coming back to The Defects. Maybe they were peers and I relate more to them for that reason, but hey, that is not a knock on Rudi, The Outcasts, Protex, etc. as I love those bands too. After the sample offers of the two singles Relevator and Hill Street comes an album that is shockingly as good if not better than many of their counterparts treading the reformed band circus. This is a real, in your face "modern day" punk album for sure. Sure you still have the trademark Defects sound, but they have improved it and modernized it, so what you get is not a "nostalgia" tour, but fantastic return of a band that should get more love in this world. This album is stunningly good, actually it is a great album, and will be in my top 10 albums of the year......easily. Favorites include, Relevator, Guilty Conscience (my fave!), Metal Walls, which returns to their earlier sounds, and believe it or not, their two dub songs, which seem to be a bookmark of sorts. Please do yourself a favor and head over to iTunes, or Punkarama Records and pick this up, this deserves to be played over and over and LOUD! I love it!!!!!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Epic Problem- All Broken 10" Ep

Wow! Can I please pick my jaw off of the floor? This is some serious damage here kids. Just for reference, Mackie, bassist for Oi! greats Blitz plays guitar on this. I am sure that this is/will be tiresome to them at some point, but I am using that as a small reference here. Epic Problem do not sound one bit like Blitz...nope not at all. What do they sound like? How about a very good MODERN day punk band. You definitely hear some Leatherface in there, maybe a tad of Rancid with the duel shouty vocals and maybe some early Anti Flag???? This is just some serious kick butt speedy, shouty punk rock here. Production, playing, songs.........everything is here for the taking. I cannot find a single complaint, this is that good, and to my jaded 48 year old ears, that is a good thing. Please get this as this is one of the better things I have heard this year!!!! Boy I wish there were more than 6 songs though....sigh

Sunday, March 3, 2013

New Sham 69

Heard a demo of the song Once A Punk, Always A Punk from the original '77 punk band led by Pursey, Sham 69. It sounds great and from what I have heard a new single will be available for download next week. Also and album is in the works!!!

Epic Problem

For those that read......I am not sure how many of you readers know this or not. I am a huge Blitz fan. Been since the moment I bought All Out Attack back in the early 80's. I have the skull painting that is on their Voice Of A Generation lp on my arm...yes I love Blitz. This brings me to this new band called Epic Problem. Who is Epic Problem? Well they are from the Manchester area, so that might give you a hint....Noticed that I mentioned Blitz? That should give you a hint too. Epic Problem is Mackie from Blitz' new band. Mackie played bass in Blitz, but in Epic Probem, he is playing guitar. They don't sound much like Blitz but that is ok with me....Why? Because they have this Leatherface thing going and to my ears, that is a ok too as I am a huge Leatherface fan. Epic Problem put their twist on modern day punk and do it very well. They have a 7" out and a 10" that is just about to come out. Here are the links, go to those links, and dig this band as they are really, really good.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Enemy Lie To Me

Ok here we go again with another UK band from the whole UK82 punk days reforming. Here we have 3 songs that defintaley up to snuff with their older stuff. I must admit that I was unaware of this band when they were around back in the day. It took Capt. Oi! reissuing most of the catalog for me to hear them. Great mid paced punk similar to what Chron Gen and The Partisans were doing. I really like this single a lot. Make sure you all go out and buy this as it is available on iTunes and other outlets.

And Now A Message From Our Sponsers!

Hey all, I have decided to post less music in the future. The blog is not going away, but kinda changing formats. I have decided to make this more like a zine with reviews, show reviews and interviews. Pretty much everything is out there to find and there is a great community making obscure and out of print stuff available for us to listen to. I hope you all check in when something new happens here and please be gentle on my writing skills as I suck....haha

Monday, February 25, 2013


Holy cow this can possibly album of the year. Somehow, somewhere, The UK Subs have pulled out a bonafide classic! Nothing weak on this baby at all, in fact this album kind of reminds me of Endangered Species....well side 1 really hehe. I have always been a huge Nick Garrett fan and always loved when he played with The Subs because of his inventive style and top notch playing. Well The UK Subs have had a rotating cast of guitar players from Capt. Scarlett to the latest with Jet. Man I have to say that Jet's playing is the best since Nicky by far. That is not to denigrate the others over the years, but Jet just has that something special that makes you stick out more. What can I say about the songs? Implosion 77 is a classic Subs track like I have come to expect from them. The ending with the keyboards is icing on the it! I have been a fan since 1979-1980 and have always awaited each and every UK Subs album with anticipation like a kid in a candy store. Heck, Charlie and Co. stayed at my house during their Mad Cow Fever tour. Lars (Rancid) was a one time Subs guitar player and that is how I met him...sound checking Warhead. We would go on and start a band, and the rest is history for all of us. XXIV ranks up there with any of the fist four UK Subs albums. This is that good. Please, Please, go out and buy this as you are purchasing history!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Does Anyone Have This Release From Pressure?

I have been looking for this forever on the net and cannot find it. They released two 12" in the early to mid '80's. Kinda were part of the whole new wave of bands that came out of the whole UK82 thing...more like positive punk with some gothy vibes. Kinda like Blitz when they released Second Empire. Anyways, I have the song Pressure, but not the two B sides..HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, my You Talk We Talk copy is quite dodgy. If anyone has a good rip of this I would be greatful. Thanks!

For Those That Want

Here you go.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

20 Flight Rockers NYC Sessions or their Ep HELP!

Ex Generation X from the mid 80's and it is pretty good. I have heard a couple of cuts and wow, good stuff. Does anyone have this??????

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Rudi- The Band That Time Forgot

Rudi! Just as good as SLF and The fact they were better than a lot of bands in England at that time. Such an underrated Northern Irish band! They existed from 1977-1982. Had a song on a Good Vibrations Comp. as well as the wonderful single Big Time too. They went onto sign to the Jamming label that The Jam's Paul Weller had set up. In fact they toured with The Jam too! This is pretty darn hard to find on the net. This features a few demos and some radio sessions that are not on their Radio Sessions cd. Enjoy!

Black Flag To Reform

Just wanted to touch base on this. No this is not the FLAG that is performing at Punk Rock Bowling in May, but Greg Ginn and Ron Reyes of Black Flag of old and the drummer of Gone. Apparently an album an shows are to come. I am interested to see if it is the sludge that came out after Slip It In. Maybe it will be Grateful Dead inspired jams that bored a lot of people. We shall see.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Help With Some Undertones...An Anthology

Well I feel like a cheap ass asking for music....BUT I was wondering does anyone have An Anthology by The Undertones? Namely disc 2 which has demos. That is really what I want. I am broke and need this badly. I would not be able to purchase this for a month as I am paying off music equipment right now. There is a song on disc 2 Do The Fast as well as a live set at The Lyceum that I would love to hear. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Help with some Pere Ubu Please!

Does anyone have Pere Ubu's Terminal Power as well as the debut album The Modern Dance??? I am want to check them out before purchasing these. Also if anyone has Rocket From The Tombs The Day The Earth Met Rocket From The Tombs....Thanks!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Vicious Circle (Pre-TSOL) Practice Tape Lp

Holy smokes Batman, there is a Santa Claus! For those that don't know about Vicious Circle then I will give you a small introduction. Formed by the guitar player from The Klan, with Jack and Todd later of TSOL, as well as a bassist that went onto play with Social Task came Vicious Circle. They were a famous OC punk band that battled there way around Orange County fighting everyone and playing music. They were together not that long so photos, video, and recorded music is scarce. In fact so scarce that I have NEVER seen anything released by them..bootleg or official release. Well that is about to change! There is an lp coming out that has a practice tape recorded and it will have a dvd accompanying it with an interview of Jack. This is so cool!!!!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Subculture-Herbert Street To The 100 Club

Well well is another band brought back from the dead, and what a welcomed return too I might add. I just came across this cd the other day and of course I had to get it. Forget the Capt. Oi! split with ABH, this cd is a comprehensive release with their old stuff, a few unreleased gems, few live songs and a couple of new songs. IT IS GOOD! And yes, the have a sound similar to The Rejects and to my ears that is a good thing as many of you know that I have been a long time Rejects fan. Seek this out and get it, you will not be sorry! They are back and gigging too! Oh and they have a new Ep available