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Monday, May 25, 2009

Rancid - Let the Dominoes Fall

Just a little post to say how amazing this new Rancid lp is. They never cease to amaze me in coming up with the catchiest damn tunes around. 2009 has been another banner year for great releases and it's only early in the year. I won't post it here but I'm sure you will be able to find it in the internet world. Along with the new Rancid other notable great highly recommended releases have been the newest ones from Green Day, Nofx, New York Dolls and the Parasites. What a great year for music so far.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

This Is Your Captain Speaking # I Have Lost Count Post

Well you all know that my external hardive took a shit. Now my laptop is at the doctors and is getting fixed. The Doctor told me it should be a few weeks before the patient comes home. $400 to fix my little buddy.

In a seriousness, as soon as my computer comes back I will be posting more stuff. Sorry for the quiet time here folks. Hopefully Angry can fill in the spots until I return!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

URRR This Is Your Captain Speaking #3

Now my computer is on the fritz. Not as major as my other woes. Just wanted to let you all know that I will be back in action soon. Thank god Angry posted some stuff.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Anti Flag-The People Or The Gun

Ok before anyone accuses me of liking "new school" punk because I like Anti Flag and Green Day, keep in mind that Green Day started around 1988 or so and Anti Flag in the early 1990's. Ok? There!

The People Or The Gun is a quite nice return to form here. I did not care for their last one too much, but this is right back to their shouty, politico, fast punk. So far two bands in the last few weeks have put out some nice quality stuff. Next up is Rancid, and I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Green Day 21st Century Breakdown

Well I have had the chance to listen to Green Day's newest effort. With every release Green Day has done, I have always awaited them like a little kid. Just like when I was a teenager awaiting a new Jam, SLF, Clash lp. What are my impressions? This is real good. Though I think that this is something that the more you listen, the more it grows on you. Albums like that have "classic" written all over it. They have pulled out all of their influences on this one. They visit The Who, Kinks, to The Jam, Clash, Buzzcocks and Dickies. Absolutely a winner. Nice one Gilman boys!!

UXA-Illusions Of Granduer

Early Mabuhay Gardens band from San Francisco. I always felt that they were a lessor Avengers. Not bad, but never as good as them. Led by Dee Dee Detroit they were around for a year or two in San Francisco, moved to NYC. Had their guitarest (and boyfriend to Dee Dee) die. Long period of inactivity, then they move to LA and jumpstart again, with I think the drummer of Total Chaos, release another album, and then nothing. Still this is an important piece of history. I have included Some of their Tooth and Nail comp. tracks and from the Miners Benefit gig that Loud and Fast Rules movie came from. Enjoy

Here is more to add, and it is better than my awful writing.

"This actually reminded me of VKTMS only a bit brasher, and L7 only of course a bit more dated sounding. U.X.A. which stands for "United Experiments Of America" by the way was led by a lady by the name of De De. U.X.A. really only exisited in the very early '80s before they called it quits, so this is pretty much it for their original discography. Later De De went on to form the De De Troit Band, then De De Troit, then the Cotton Ponys before recently reviving U.X.A. with all new members...but anyhow back to the music. It's certainly got that pop feeling throughout and is easy enough to listen to which in a way was it's major flaw. I kind of wanted something a little more biting but at the same time it's just one of those "fun" albums that is good for occasional use. I guess their sloppyness was the biggest downfall, sometimes it can be endearing, but not here so much. The lyrics are pretty non-impressive, and the music is kinda samey which is also sort of a deterrent, but when you consider the timeline it's actually rather innovative and it is worth a listen or two. Especially if you are a fan of later female led punk bands."


The Flyboys-Crayon World 7"

The Flyboys.....From LA. This is their first 7" after that they released an Ep on Frontier (home to The Adolescents and Suicidal Tendencies, amongst others). I really do not know too much about these guys other than the fact that their Ep was made into a split with the Orange County band China White which I always felt was a mismatch due to The Flyboys being a little more "New Wave"????? Anyways I have to credit this to Kill By Death Blog, as this is where the files came from. Due to my lack of ability to post stuff, I have resorted to this. Hope they don't mind because I really like that blog ALOT.

Dag Nasty-Trouble Is 12"

Dag Nasty has always been a favorite for me. From the moment I heard the album Can I Say, I was hooked big time. After Dave Smalley, Peter Courtner took over vocals, and Doug Carrion from The Descendents was added on bass at some time. The band ended up sounding a tad different and had their releases put out on Giant which was a pretty big label at the time. In fact Government Issue released some of their later day stuff on that label too. Here is Dag Nasty's Trouble Is 12" The best part of the release for me is their wicked cover of 12XU. Nice!


Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Well I have some bad news today. Seems to be, that if I have Best Buy recover the music files on broken external hardrive it will cost me $1000. Yep that is right! $1000. I have 100 gigs of music on there and that was my quote. All is not lost though, I found a program that will upload my iPod to an external hardrive for $65. First I need to purchase a new external hardrive for around $130 or so, and I will be back and running. Hope it works! Hopefully Angry will be posting some stuff soon.

Also, I just wanted to mention the new NY Dolls album, Cause I 'Sez So. It is kind of mellow and different from what you would expect from a Dolls album. It is however quite good. Keep in one, and I mean NO ONE can match the first two NY Dolls albums. They were that good. Just wanted to say. But this is 2009 and I am digging this one!