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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This Thanks Goes Out To Those Good People And Those About To Be Good People

Many thanks to all that has kicked me down music that I have been looking for. Nice to know that there are alot of very kind folks out there that will take the time to help someone out when all you know them is from the iternet. Special thanks goes out to Longy who has kindly helped me out with loads of stuff. Appreciated mate, even though you support the wrong club. Same goes for S! over at 13th Floor Vendetta (who has not been active of late). It just stokes me out to hear something that I have been obsessing over or just wanted to hear. Thank you.

Oh the title? It is again a play on the Supersuckers....This Goes Out To All The Good Fuckers, And Those About To Be Good Fuckers.....

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

HELP ME AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARRRRRRRGGGHH

I am desperately looking for the Not Listening Ep by Snuff. Does anyone have this???????? I love this band and I have never been able to find it. For those that don't know, in the early 90's I was a massive fan of many bands coming out of the UK...Leatherface, MC4, Senseless Things, Perfect Daze, Sink, Red Letter Day, and of course Snuff!!!!! Please someone has to have this single!!!!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Leatherface-The Stormy Petrel

Been a fan of them since I bought Compact And Bijou. My alltime fave is Mush....that album is perfection personified!!!!! Which brings me into 2010 and here we have Leatherface once again plying their trade. Well what can I say???? This is the best stuff they have done since The Last....The Stormy Petrel is worthy of your time folks. Seek it out and buy it!!!!!!!

Christ On Parade-Sounds Of Nature

Oakland hardcore 1985. Much more influenced by Crucifix than The DKs.....They were a stalwart of the punk scene from around 1985-1989.....brutal stuff here, much different than alot of my other stuff. Noah from COP would go onto play in Neurosis too. COP have done some reunion shows here and there. Enjoy

Monday, April 19, 2010

Now For My Political Rant!

I have noticed alot of political extremism in my country lately. Alot of hate and alot of intolerance by others.. Let me explain. I am a liberal that I am a borderline socialist. I believe in live and let live...I believe in hearing someone out and making intelligent comments and having HEALTHY discourse. I graduated with a Poli Sci degree and I understand history and politics, and realize that during times like these...the crazy people come out and man have they. I am nearly a socialist but also believe in free market to a degree (that folks, is a moderate) and for me I straddle it at times. On the day of the Oklahoma City Disaster anniversary, I am looking back and shaking my head. You see, in 1998 my band was on tour with Peter and The Test Tube Babies and one of our tour stops was Oklahoma City. When we drove into Oklahoma City I wanted to see where the building was blown up. We did see it....As we passed, the van fell silent. We all knew the story behind the vacant lot...It was blown up. The next year we passed through with our band on our first solo US tour...again we passed by and a memorial had been erected. Again silence....Silence because of sorrow for those that lost their lives.....Fast forward to 2010 and now we have a rise in "patriot groups" and the Tea Party. Our Govt. has propped up the banking system due to Bush's BS deregulation and we have a health care system that will have the government helping flip the bill. What we have had is death threats, African Americans in Congress being spat on and being called N******!! What The Fuck is that. We also have malitia's sprouting up again...What are they going to do....fight the US Army???? Crazy folks. .......Hey lets start a militia and all ten of us will start a revolution....sure.....Unfortunately each day it seems that there are more sprouting up to defend "us" against the Federal Government. I love the folks from The Tea Party...what a bunch of wacks. One comment that I heard on tv was a women, and I am paraphrasing here..."The Fed's do not have the right to spend money on things that I do not want them to". Ummmm did you take any Govt. classes in school. You vote these folks into office and they make decisions for all of us. Get a fucking clue fuckwit, you pay taxes for the good of our Nation. Our taxes pay for many things....not just what you (self important cunt) wants. I believe in dissent....But healthy dissent. I also believe in respecting others....what I have seen from the right and the far right is utter contempt towards others that do not believe in what they want.


This Goes Out To All The Good Commentors and Those About To Be Good Commentors!!

Folks, as much as you see other blogs asking for folks to comment, I want to wade in and ask for the same. Doing this is a pain in the fucking ass. At times I would love to just fold this up and say Ba-Bye! But I keep telling myself to just keep going. Besides, where is our poor ole Angry going to post stuff at anyways???? He is the Dave Vanian to my Capt. Sensible....Me being the clown and Angry being the serious music lover spreading the word out to all. WE both post alot of stuff and it is alot of work. Think about it...writing something about a release, posting pics, reviews, heads up on new stuff, etc. It is a pain in the ass to do. For those that don't know, I have a interview coming from my friends Charles and Dave from San Jose from their band called Executioner....Dave was very kind enough to spend some time answering many questions abou their history. They were MY Discharge, Broken Bones, English Dogs, Abrasive Wheels, and Motorhead, but also like a little brother band of Crucifix.... A great story that will be quite lengthy but a great read nonetheless. They have a release coming out on Patac Records and I ask all of you to buy it! More to come!!!!!

Oh.....and who can tell me where I got the title of this post from...The Winner will get a request up in 24 hours if you can tell me. It also has to be something that I have...or maybe Angry's!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Request and Repost-Frontline

I don't own any Lifeline stuff but here is Frontline with their lone Ep and a track from the Rat Music For Rat People. Also, Angry has asked for this, so here you all go!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Help Out A Poor Soul # 5,000,000!!!!! The Woundz

I am desperately looking for The Woundz debut cassette release from 1980 and an Ep in 1981??? I really really need to find this. Can someone out there please help me!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

CD Presents Up and Running Again..Good or Bad..Dunno. It Depends On Who You Ask

Well well well....CD Presents are back in business. I thought something was up when I saw The Avengers "Pink Album" was re-released. I was browsing Apples iTunes when I came across The Circle Jerks live at The Fillmore in 1982...(just to let you know, The Fillmore was called The Elite Club during that time). The reason I was looking for The Circle Jerks is because they have recorded a smoking version of The Slave by The Germs. So here is what I lifted off of CD Presents Facebook page and the releases scheduled. Pretty damn cool me thinks.

In 1979, David Ferguson co-founded CD Presents as a concert promotion company. Ferguson's concert promotion career took an important turn when he was asked to produce West Coast shows for Public Image Ltd. during PiL's first two American tours (1980 and 1982). The 1980 show in Southern California proved not only a memorable event in PiL's career:“At the Sex Pistols' farewell shoot-out in San Francisco two and a half years ago, history hung in the air the night Public Image Ltd. came to Los... (read more)
David Ferguson founded CD Presents as an independent concert production company in 1979, notably producing Public Image Limited’s 1980 and 1982 West Coast tour stops. To the benefit of music history, Ferguson recorded the most legendary shows CD Presents produced, from Bad Brains to Black Flag. Ferguson transformed CD Presents into a powerhouse independent label and recording studio in 1981, eventually recording, releasing or distributing the music of nearly 3,300 bands. CD Presents continues as an active label today, poised to open its vaults to punk fans of all generations, much of the material being released for the very first time.
Avengers/ Live at Winterland 1978:Incredible live recording of one of the most important moments in rock history.Avengers opened for the Sex Pistols at the most infamous performance in Punk Rock history.Bad Brains/ Live at the Fillmore 1982:Bad Brains performs at the legendary Fillmore Auditorium at the beginning of their career, when their punk rock energy was at its fierce height.Greatest live recording ever made of Bad Brains. Never before released.Black Flag/ Live at the On Broadway 1982:Incredible double-live album of two complete shows with, not only Henry Rollins (age 21), but also the legendary Chuck Biscuits (age 17) on drums.Total immersion in the entire early 1980s repertoire performed live in a powerful and pristine recording.Circle Jerks/ Live at the Fillmore 1982:Circle Jerks in the tightest, fastest, live recording ever made of this band. Never before released. Powerful recording quality and overwhelming performance by Keith Morris on vocals and the explosive Chuck Biscuits on drums.Unforgettable live recording of Circle Jerks at the height of their early role as Punk Pranksters.Crucifix/ Live at CD Studios 1982:Studio recording with live energy of great Hardcore-Punk-Anarchy in an atmosphere of controlled fury. Smoke was seen emanating from the mixing board after the session spun out of control. It's a miracle that this tape survived the night. Never before released.Crucifix as you've never heard them before, in a state-of-the-art studio1982.D.O.A./ Live at the Fillmore 1981:D.O.A. and the Godfather of Hardcore Punk, Joey Shithead, fresh off their 1981 tour of the UK, celebrate Halloween without the need for scary masks. Chuck Biscuits on drums with the band he was born to play for. Canada's gift to Punk Rock--now it's your turn to reciprocate!D.O.A. invades America the Beautiful for Halloween, 1981.Flipper/ Live at the Fillmore 1981:Flipper, who was chosen by CD Presents, Ltd. to open for the epic concert with Public Image, Ltd. in San Francisco in 1980, showed on this recording that they created the sound that certain British experimental bands later claimed as their own.Flipper goes fishing for greatness in this live recording, Halloween 1981.Minimal Man/ Safari:The classic album by Minimal Man, re-released after being re-mastered at Skywalker Ranch, revealing a power and depth worthy of 21st Century technology. This album has been out of print since soon after its 1984 release. Virtually impossible to find in any other format.Minimal Man's classic album, available for the first time since 1984.Minimal Man/ Death RattleUnreleased Recordings 1982:Long thought to be lost, unreleased recordings from Minimal Man during his most profound period of fearful and depraved creativity. Not to be missed by true fans of this undeservedly obscure artist.Patrick Miller's Minimal Man, at his nadir of hopelessness for the Reagan-era human race.Moev/ The Early Years 1981-1982:The long out of print Zimmerkampf album, with the equally out of print Rotting Geraniums EP as a Bonus. A comprehensive survey of the early recordings of the influential 1980s Electronica ensemble. Featuring the stunning vocals of Madelaine Morris.Long out of print Zimmerkampf LP, and Rotting Geraniums EP (1981-1982).Mutants/ Live at the Savoy 1981:The mainstay of the early 1980s San Francisco Art-Punk scene. Everyone loved the Mutants--they could play, sing and party until everyone else dropped! This unreleased recording from early 1981 showcases their talents in a beautifully recorded, tight set of their most iconic songs.Never before released 1981 Live performance in San Francisco.Norman Salant/ Sax Talk:The 80s' Saxophone Dance sound at its most intellectually stimulating and professionally executed. If you like the saxophone, you'll love this recording. A snapshot of another time and place for the dance connoisseur.Smokin' Sax-80s Dance.Phantom Limbs/ Train of Thought:Companion album to Phantom Limbs' Romance. Eccentric lyrics, exciting band--a forerunner of the later Indie sound.Re-mastered at Skywalker Ranch. Unavailable since 1985.Phantom Limbs/ Romance:Quirky New Wave lyrics with an exciting early Alternative sound. Fronted by the great-great-grandson of the novelist Joseph Conrad.Long out of print albumre-mastered at Skywalker Ranch.Sea Hags/ Live at CD Studios 1987:Sea Hags recorded during a party at CD Studios, with a certain legendary Metal guitarist at the mixing board, months before they signed with Chrysalis for their major label debut.Lost Sea Hags 1987 recording--found--and re-mastered by Skywalker Ranch.Snakefinger/ Live at the Savoy 1981:Snakefinger (Philip Lithman) in a rare and unique duet performance with Charlie McMahon on Didgeridoo, plays his most iconic songs for an enthusiastic San Francisco audience in early 1981.Never before released Snakefinger and Charlie McMahon duet performance, 1981.Tales of Terror/ Tales of Terror:The long out of print album that invented the sound later to become known as Skate-Rock. Recorded at CD Studios in a way to replicate the Anarchy of a Live Tales of Terror performance. This album was created over a 3-day period of non-stop recording by three alternating engineers and a band that would not give up until the beer and vodka ran out!Skate-Rock is born with this album--out of print since 1984.The Offs/ The Offs First Record:This album, and its album cover, is a unified work of art symbolizing the magic moment when Graffiti and Art-Punk cultures first intersected. The Offs were approached by an erstwhile drummer who did not meet the standards of the band's musicianship, however they asked him to design the record jacket. His name was Jean-Michel Basquiat. Rarely has the excitement of a recording been matched by the visual art that accompanies it. As Glenn O'Brien wrote in his long-ago article about The Offs' First Record debut: "I recommend this album unequivocally. It's on the metaphysical funk Top 40 chart with a silver bullet.""The Offs could be America's greatest unknown band." --Glenn O'Brien, Andy Warhol's Interview Magazine, 1985.The Subhumans/ Incorrect Thoughts:The Subhumans, along with D.O.A., were the Co-Godfathers of Hardcore Punk Rock. The depth and the power of their performance is equaled by the universal impact of songs like 'Slave to My Dick.' The Subhumans' distinctive Canadian point of view is expressed exquisitely by their punk classic 'Let's Go Down to Hollywood (and Shoot People)'.Each song on this early 80s studio album packs a non-stop Punk-Power-Punch.True West/ Hand of Fate:True West, along with Redd Kross, The Bangles and Mazzy Star, led the Paisley Underground scene throughout the 80s and re-united in 2006 to perform internationally. The band and Producer Gary Hobish crafted a shimmering gem of an album at CD Studios. Now available in the digital domain for the first time.Classic album from the Paisley Underground, unavailable since 1987. Re-mastered at Skywalker Ranch.Tuxedomoon/ Live at the Savoy 1981:Tuxedomoon, on the eve of their extended residence in Europe, performed in San Francisco and recorded a powerful survey of their early 1980s' repertoire. This album was mixed at CD Studios in 1986 by a young and upcoming Engineer named Sylvia Massy, who later went on to fame as an Engineer/Producer with Tool, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Johnny Cash, to name just a few. In 2008 the tape was mastered at Skywalker Ranch. Tuxedomoon casts a haunting spell throughout the recording that vividly puts you in a front row seat for their otherworldly musicianship.Vintage 1981 Tuxedomoon performance on the eve of their European era.Twisted Roots/ Twisted Roots:Soon after Paul Roessler concluded his extensive touring with Nina Hagen, he recorded the second Twisted Roots album at CD Studios with Producer/Engineer Gary Hobish. His piano driven vocal stylings lend a quirky and personal tone to a beautifully crafted recording of timeless charm.Unavailable since 1986re-mastered at Skywalker Ranch.Various Artists/ Rat Music for Rat People Vol. 1:The album that introduced American Punk to a new generation (1982)--not least of which was a young Kurt Cobain, who claimed to learn to sing by lip-syncing to cuts from this album by Black Flag and Flipper while he was still in High School. Virtually every band on the album went on to worldwide fame and influence. It is a non-stop replication of the time when every band on the bill, at often half-filled concert halls, would play their hearts out for all the other Punks in town. Those were the days when a Punk audience was mostly made up of other band members--an audience that had not yet viewed Punk as a fashion statement. The variety of musical styles mirrored the diversity of the audience. If you close your eyes and listen closely you'll be able to feel what punk was like when all were welcome and no one quite knew what lay ahead.Fasten your seatbelts! Punk Blasts Off!1. DOA "America the Beautiful"2. DOA "Fucked Up Ronnie"3. FLIPPER "Life"4. CIRCLE JERKS "Live Fast, Die Young"5. BAD BRAINS "How Low Can a Punk Get?"6. BAD BRAINS "Don't Bother Me"7. CRUCIFIX "Steel Case Enclosure"8. BLACK FLAG "Scream"9. TSOL "Weathered Statues"10. TSOL "Sounds of Laughter"11. AVENGERS "Cheap Tragedies"12. DILS "Blow Up"13. DILS "Century" (Unreleased)14. DILS "You're Not Blank" (Unreleased)Various Artists/ Rat Music for Rat People Vol. 2:A worthy successor to the first Rat Music album. This album explores the Hardcore Punk sound of Texas and the West Coast. This volume contains the Butthole Surfers' first recording, contributions from the Minutemen and other great mid-1980s Punk bands.Hardcore Punk Rules!1. BUTTHOLE SURFERS "Butthole Surf Theme Song"2. BIG BOYS "History"3. BIG BOYS "The Seed"4. PERSONALITY CRISIS "Case History"5. MINUTEMEN "Fake Contest"6. JFA "Middle America"7. TALES OF TERROR "Skate or Bate"8. FANG "They Sent Me to Hell C.O.D."9. MDC "Pay to Come Along"10. MDC "(R)Evolution in Rock"11. DICKS "Legacy of Man"12. DRI "Madman"13. DRI "Sad To Be"14. THE WHITE LIE "Postcard from Dachau"Various Artists/ Rat Music for Rat People Vol. 3:As the 80s progressed, the Punk sound turned more and more in the Metal direction. Bands like Corrosion of Conformity went on to huge, mainstream-Metal success. To this day the Adolescents carry on the tradition of these bands for a powerful and disciplined Hard Rock sound. This album was recorded and released in 1987, just as a new evolution of various genres of Metal took the lead in the Indie/Alternative music culture. CD Presents, never forgetting its commitment to musical diversity, included Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper's bright yellow love letter to Nancy Reagan, amongst the twang of Heavy Metal on all sides.Punk opens the Metal door...1. DI "Ballroom Blitz" 2. DI "Going to Lebanon"3. CORROSION OF CONFORMITY "Bound"4. DOGGY STYLE "Janitor Man"5. RAW POWER "We Shall Overcome"6. ATTITUDE "Big Time"7. NAKED RAYGUN "Rocks of Sweden"8. VERBAL ABUSE "Fun Fun Fun (With My Machine Gun)"9. VERBAL ABUSE "The Lights Went Out" (Unreleased)10. MOJO NIXON & SKID ROPER "I Ain't Gonna Piss In No Jar"11. WHITE FLAG "Loaded", "Kitchen Disaster"12. SACRILEGE "Party With God"13. ADRENALIN OD "Sightseeing"14. FRONTLINE "Survive"15. ADOLESCENTS "All Day and All of the Night"Various Artists/ Rat Music for Rat People Vol. IV:A worthy successor to the legendary Rat Music for Rat People, Volumes 1, 2 and 3--Volume IV is a selection of Unreleased Recordings that highlight some of the best songs from other CD Presents full albums of the artists contained on this release.All previously unreleased recordings from CD Presents' favorite bands of the 80s and 90s.1. THE AVENGERS “I Believe In Me” 2. DWARVES “Fuck You” 3. CIRCLE JERKS “Wild In The Streets” 4. CIRCLE JERKS “Just Like Me/Put A Little Love In Your Heart” 5. BAD BRAINS “Banned in DC” 6. BAD BRAINS “Riot Squad” 7. BLACK FLAG “Scream”8. BLACK FLAG “Wasted” 9. FLIPPER “Sacrifice”10. D.O.A. “I Hate You”11. VERBAL ABUSE “The Lights Went Out” 12. SEA HAGS “Dead And Gone” 13. MUTANTS “Furniture”14. TUXEDOMOON “Jinx” 15. SNAKEFINGER “Picnic in the Jungle” Various Artists/ Savoy Sound Wave Goodbye:The best of the San Francisco Avant-Garde music scene, in the early 80s, that inspired both visual and performance art. Some of the bands, such as Tuxedomoon and Snakefinger went on to worldwide fame. Others remain a trifle obscure, but are worth the effort to explore their performances.Art-Punk in San Francisco, 1981.1. TUXEDO MOON "Music #1"2. TUXEDO MOON "Jinx"3. SLEEPERS "Zenith"4. SLEEPERS "Theory"5. ULTRA SHEEN "Inferno/Raceway"6. CHARLIE MCMAHON "Journey Home"7. SNAKEFINGER "Who is the Culprit and Who is the Victim"8. MUTANTS "Furniture"Various Artists/ Tribute to the Avengers:Few bands from so long ago have continued to influence important bands of the 21st Century, such as Pearl Jam and Green Day. Listen to these recordings and the Avengers' live performance opening for the Sex Pistols in 1978 and you will understand why so many have found this band unforgettable.NOFX, the Dwarves and other great Punk bands tell the Avengers what they really think of them.1. NOFX “Open Your Eyes” 2. NY LOOSE “Cheap Tragedies” 3. PARASITES “No Martyr” 4. DWARVES “Fuck You” 5. LETHAL GOSPEL “Uh-Oh” 6. RAMONAS “Second to None” 7. CYNICS “Corpus Christi” 8. CIRCUS LUPUS “We Are the One” 9. JAWBOX “Thin White Line” 10. PAIN TEENS “Amerikan in Me” 11. TEENGENERATE “Desperation” 12. SUPER SNAZZ “Car Crash”

Monday, April 12, 2010

False Prophets Request

A request for False Prophets Implosion album by Sedated. Well I have to admit that I have never heard them before except for their appearance on the NY Thrash Comp. that Roir put out in the early 80's. I never paid much attention to them and that is my loss. Since finding this, I have went out and found the rest of their releases. If you like hardcore with imagination, flair, and a penchant for writing great songs that are a little out of the hardcore norm, then this is for you. I dig it. I can remember seeing pics of Stephan (singer) in MRR back in the day with these LONG finger nails...always thought that was odd. George Tabb who wrote for MRR for many years was their second guitar player and played with them for some years. They had a term for their music along other bands like Letch Patrol, Roach Motel, etc. and I cannot remember what it was called. Oh well....Here ya go Daz!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Angry's Springtime Collection

Here we go again....... Decided to throw another compilation together. I tend to like downloading compilations from blogs as I rarely make them for myself but am always making them for others. I just always like to hear other peoples idea of what songs should compliment each other and hopefully find some new great tracks that I am unfamiliar with. Hopefully others around blogland feel the same way. 33 people downloaded the last one so I guess it is worth it although very few comment...... Hope you enjoy this one and as always with my compilations even though it takes forever everything is tagged properly and volumes are all leveled off using Nero Express.


Angry’s Springtime Collection
The Wildhearts – My Baby is a Headfuck
Abrasive Wheels – Breadline
Shot Baker – Just In Case
Cock Sparrer – Suicide Girl
Descendents – I’m Not a Loser
Dead Kennedys – Police Truck
TSOL – We’re Together
Angelic Upstarts – Two Million Voices (BBC Session Version)
Charlie Harper – Barmy London Army
Common Rider – Castaways
Death on Wednesday – If You Want
Lemmy – Thirsty and Miserable
Manic Street Preachers – Under My Wheels
The Lurkers – Move On (BBC Session Version)
The Normals – Almost Ready
The Damned – Lively Arts (Radio Session Version)
The Dictators – Stay With Me
The Gas – Definitely is a Lie
The Nomads – Demolition Girl
The Peawees – I’m Depending on You
Stark Naked and the Fleshtones – I Broke Her Heart
The Cure – I Just Need Myself
Tuff Darts – Here Comes Trouble
Blag Dahlia – The Wicked
Big Drill Car – Hospital Song
The Briefs – Come Dancing
The Bouncing Souls – Badass

Saturday, April 3, 2010

GBH - Perfume and Piss

Just a little promo here to let people know that this new GBH record is amazing. Maybe their best since the City Baby days (and that's saying alot!) This will be in Angry's cd player lot's this summer!!!!! Order it now.......

Friday, April 2, 2010

Help Me Help Me Help Me Motherfuckers!!!!!!!!!!

I cannot find this damn thing! A friend of mine, posted the vid for the song I Live In The City and I remembered how much I dug that song. The band is The Humans and the ep is called Play. Does anyone have this???? Look, I know that it is new wavish, bandwagon jumping shit, but I dig I Live In The City!!!!! It is one of those things where it is going to bug the shit outta me until I hear the ep. Please help this grumpy, fat, old soul!!
Oh and they are from Santa Cruz, so they are local yocal!