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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Workin Stiffs-Dog Tired And More

Dog Tired And More. The Workin Stiffs and The Reducers were both Oi influenced bands that my old band played alot of shows with. Another one for the Santa Cruz connections to San Francisco just like The Swingin Utters. Speaking of them, Kevin the original bassist of The Swingin Utters was the bassist for the Workin Stiffs. Great band!!!


The Dicks-Hate Police 7"

Sorry if I am posting some stuff that some of you have. I have been thinking about posting some Dicks stuff for sometime. While watching my baseball game today (and not the US vs. Brazil game), I turned on some Dicks stuff and remembered that I should post this. From San Francisco via Austin, Texas, The Dicks were a bluesy punk band that were alot different than many of the hardcore bands of the day. Singer Gary Floyd was the only member I think to move to San Francisco and when he did he recruited a whole new lineup with Lynn Perko of Reno, Nevada's Wrecks. She would later move onto Imperial Teen with Roddy Bottum of Faith No More. Floyd would later start Sister Double Happiness which were more of a blues style band than The Dicks. What is it with all of these Texas bands relocating to San Francisco. I mean, you have MDC, Verbal Abuse, The Dicks, DRI and ohhh I cannot rememer...Attitude Adjustment??? Oh well it helped our music scene in the mid '80's.


Not the biggest Devo fan in the world, but truth be told, their first two were pretty damn good. From what I have heard, in their early days they were fantastic live. I do know they played the Mab in '77 and it was big deal. I really hated walking around in 1979-81 and having a car go by and someone would shout Devo and either throw something at you (if you were lucky), or a bunch of redneck jocks would hop out of their car and chase you for a beating. Lucky for me, I was a fast runner.
Ken -Q- Are We Not Men_ A- We Are Devo!.rar

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Units

For those that are interested in collecting stuff. I just heard that The know the one's that played synth punk from SF. The song Warm Moving Bodies....????? Well they released a box set of all of their stuff. Cool!!!

L7-Self Titled Debut

I remember playing with these gals back around 1989 or so. I think their second album had just came out. We opened for them at a big nightclub that held 1000 folks in Santa Clara called One Step Beyond. I saw The Buzzcocks (original members) there twice in 6 months, Dickies, Ramones (probably 3-4 times!), Adolescents, The Smithereens, English Dogs, Red Hot Chilli Peppers prior to them being huge. Does anyone remember the cocks in the socks thing. It was there, and I was there. The club has since long closed. Funny enough, I moved into a house a few blocks from it and well....that is another story. Back to the gig, the impression that left with me after the gig was, that they were awesome. Girls that rocked! Anyways here is their first album before the whole grunge thing started. They were a pretty big staple in the Hollywood club scene.


Alley Cats-Nothing Means Nothing Anymore 7"

From LA came The Alleycats. Early punk band that played many of the usual haunts around Los Angeles at the time. They were a 3 piece band that quickly evolved into a more "safe" sound once they started recording albums. I really don't know too much about them, other than this single was pretty damn good. One story I read was that they used to gig at Madam Wongs in downton LA. The audience got a little to crazy because of the music. The owner decided to stop booking punk acts because it seemed that punk audiences could not handle females in bands. Ie X, Alley Cats, Avengers etc. They started booking New Wave bands ala Plimsouls, 20/20 etc. What ever.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Quiet Time Is About To End

Man has it been quiet around here huh? Well that is about to change! My laptop is on its way back from the doctors and we should be in commission shortly. Sorry for the quiet folks, it will change this coming week!

Ps Angry is correct about the new Rancid album. I think this is their best since .....And Out Come The Wolves. Damn good!

Dunno if any of you watch the Food Network, but my old bands singer was on an episode with Bobby Flay. Gordy did a hell of a job and is a natural. Hope this leads to something. We all know that punk rock does not pay the bills.