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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Top 10 Of 2012

Lists lists lists.....I debated with myself back and fourth over whether to do one or not. In the end I decided to, whether you like my choices or not. In fact, 2012 turned out to be a fantastic year for new releases and I am glad to have been able to hear a lot of great stuff. Oi! sure had its moments as did punk from the UK and US and Canada. Without further ado, here is my list and why And for the top spot it is................... 1. Bruce Foxton/From The Jam-Back In The Room What can I say....this is a perfect album. Yes I am a massive Jam fan and was gutted when they broke up in 1982. Listening to this album has brought back many memories of why I loved The Jam so much. If you have not heard this and you are a Jam fan, please do as soon as possible. From The Jam have been touring for the last five years or so and have not disappointed. I really hope they continue releasing new stuff like this. 2. Classics Of Love-Self Titled There debut Ep was fantastic and hinted at great things, but wow, when I got this I was clearly BLOWN away. Mixing hardcore, punk and some ska, this album still gets regular spins at my home. For those that dig Op Ivy, this is for you. 3. CH3-Land Of The Free This was actually a single but I have all the bonus tracks and that is what I am basing this on. CH3 have always been one of my alltime faves from the whole LA/OC early 80's hardcore scene and still are. Such a great comeback album that CH3 released a few years was it good. Throw in a killer cover of The Nils classic Scratches and Needles and you could just tell that CH3 were still tops at their game. about they have topped that? This collection of songs show you how real hardcore/punk is all about. This is damn good. 4. Cockney Rejects-East End Babylon Title of the movie about our famous East End lads. After the dreadful Unforgiven I had given up on these herberts. Maybe I was a bit premature here. Wow is this a great album. All the trademark Rejects hallmarks are here. Shouted terrace chants, muscle of guitar sound, and the typical aggro you'd expect. Welcome back lads, great album! 5. The Stranglers- Giants Another band that I had written off in the 90's. Norfolk Coast was a nice return to form and boy am I a sucker for JJ's bass line rumblings. Nice to see that back for sure. Then Came Suite XVI and holly crap. Nirvana! Having Baz take over vocal duties cinched the deal. The comes Giants! Another fantastic release by a band that is still as relevant today as in 1977. Not as manic as Suite...but man that rumble of the bass, the swirling keyboards...gets me everytime! 6. Bob Mould-Silver Age Holly crap! Where did this come from. For those that have longed for Husker Du or Sugar again, well here it is. I am not a big fan of solo Bob Mould but this album harkens back to his other two bands. Fucking fantastic. Love it!!!!!! 7. DOA-We Come In Peace Another strong DOA album. Still relevant today as in 1977. The pioneers of hardcore once again deliver. Nice duet with Jello too! 8. OFF!-Self Titled This is what hardcore sounds like. Like a time capsule to 1981. Short one minute songs. Pissed off fury. Any kid that wants to know what true hardcore sounds like needs to listen to this to understand. Wish more bands had this blue print. 9. Madness-Oui Oui Si Si Ja Ja Da Da The return of the nutty boys. Yes I am a big ska, rocksteady, bluebeat, early reggae and two tone nut. This is a fine return to form by Madness. Love this album. If I had more time to digest it, it might have been further up the list. Great album for sure!! 10. Toy Dolls- Album After Last One I have always love The Toy Dolls since Dig That Groove. Saw them at the On Broadway (defunct venue in San Francisco above The Mabuhay Gardens) with Toxic Reasons....great night until I got arrested....anyway this is another album that is a return to form. Decca's Drinking Dilemma is friggen hilarious. In fact check out the video on Youtube. Decca told me he loves this BTW (for those that do not know, Decca was the drummer of The Angelic Upstarts and has played in Crashed Out and now plays with Tony Van Frater of Red Alert and The Cockney Rejects called The Moscow Mules). I always have a place for this band! Honorable mentions: The Adicts-All The Young Droogs Swingin' Utters- The Librarians Are Hiding Something Bad Brains-Into The Future Argy Bargy-Hopes Dreams Lies & Schemes Guitar Gangsters-The Class of '76 Hugh Cornwell-Totem and Taboo The Saints-King Of The Sun Joey Ramone- Ya Know Killing Joke MMXII PIL-This Is PIL Magazine-No Thyself Amebix-Sonic Mass Well there you go. I am sure I have missed some but these are the albums that made me smile this year. Merry Christmas to all

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Swingin' Utters-The Libararians Are Hiding Something

Another great release by the re-energized Utters! Both songs are in the same vein as their last full length. I spoke to John that last time they played in Santa Cruz and he told me that they finally are back to being a cohesive unit...meaning that they have rehearsal space and the time and commitment to write songs and fully develop what they are doing. Well judging by all the touring they are doing and how they have been releasing new material, it sure seems this way. 2012 is beginning to look like a good music year and this single will be in my top 10 at the end of the year...easily!