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Friday, February 26, 2010

The Swingin Utters

Ok ok, let me put it this way. They are one of my favorite modern American punk bands of alltime. My old bands, Slip and The Forgotten played tons of shows with these guys. Kind of funny that a small mountain range seperated our two bands. One living in the 1oth largest city (us in San Jose) and them (living in Santa Cruz). A half hour drive is the driving time between us two, but with if you live here you know that it is a world apart, both in attitude, and sanity. We're the valley folks and they are the beach crowd. Oh well. Funny that now, I live where they came from, and my bandmates all reside still in SJ. I just wanted to post a couple videos these guys. They were awesome. The first one is the Cocksparrer classic I Got Your Number, and truth be told, one of my favorite Cocksparrer songs ever. The second is Reggae Get's Big In Smalltown which is from their first release. Please check them out, they are a great band!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tales Of Terror

Tales Of Terror from Sacramento, CA. Sacramento is 2 hours east of San Francisco and is directly down Hwy 80 to get there. Tales Of Terror were a popular band that played all the usual haunts around SF between 82-86 or so. This album came out on CD Presents and in my opion is a bonafide classic. Take The Stooges, some Black Flag, mix it with some Sonics and you get the idea here. Pre grunge???? Could be! Anyways this is not in print, and has never been put on cd or anything. Check this out and leave a comment!


Monday, February 15, 2010

The Crowd-Big Fish Stories

Here by request is The Crowd's Big Fish Stories that was released on Flipside Records. This sucker has been out of print for ever. The files were given to me and I cannot remember who gave them to me. If you object to me sharing this, please drop me a line and this will be taken down. Shame that they have not reissued this, though to be honest it really is not that good. Not as manic as the Beach Blvd. tracks or as well written as their A World Apart. But it deserves to be heard and have you judge. If any of you are interested, they have released a couple of great cds over the last 10 years that are definately worth seeking out.


A Small Reuquest ...Once Again

Does anyone have Rudi's The Band That Time Forgot Lp that was released on Last Years Youth Records???? I would love to hear a few tracks that I don't have from my two cds of theirs. If anyone could help me out, I would be very appreciative!! Rudi were awesome!!!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

You Make The Request!

Hey readers, I was wondering. Instead of me posting something from the SF Bay Area punk scene, why don't you request something from my area?????? I still have loads of stuff to post but I thought it would be kind of fun for a request this time.