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Monday, December 28, 2009

Strawberry Blondes-Fight Back

Well after a tip from my buddy El Diablo at Nice N Sleazy, I went out and bought this little gem. For those that like Rancid or my old band The Forgotten, then you will dig this. Anthemic choruses, stinging guitar lines and great gang vocals. Though at times it comes a little to close to Rancid at times, it is still enjoyable and with time these kids could be something special. I have been waiting sooo long for a UK band to come along and start a revolution. Could they be the one????

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Whipping Boy

One band from the early '80's hardcore scene that always scared me/left me in awe were Whipping Boy. Fronted by a couple of guys from the posh college Stanford they were THE real deal. Big dudes that did not take shit from anyone. I remember when the Misfits were playing the Sound Of Music in SF. Jerry Only took off his bass and wacked a kid in the head. All the guys from Whipping Boy wanted to kill The Misfits that night. The cops had to escort the Misfits out of the Tenderloin Dist. club. The reason for this post is that I am desperately looking for the album The Third Secret Of Fatima. It has been somewhat of a long and winding search for me. Does anyone have this????????????

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas All

Just wanted to wish all that visits here a Merry Christmas. I know this holiday is a consumer driven BS thing, but the part that I have always liked is having friends and family around and enjoying others company. Get drunk, smoke some pot and eat to your hearts content.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Joe Strummer

Well yesterday was the day music died. Yep it was the anniversary of the death of one time frontman of The Clash, and Mescalleros, Joe Strummer. To say that The Clash changed everything about the way I viewed and approached music is an understatement. I loved The Clash and still do. 1979 was my introduction into all things punk and The Clash were atop of that world. RIP my man. We all miss you.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Request-Generation X-Idol Generation

I saw a request for this the other day and I have completely forgotten who asked or when. I will post this release this weekend for the request.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Rich Kids Prt. II

I just bought on iTunes two Rich Kids Peel Sessions. To say that those two releases are awesome is an understatement. Two notable things about the releases.....One is: Lovers and Fools is completely different. More straight ahead and VERY rocking. I actually like this version better. The second thing is Here Comes The Nice. Wow!!! Why did we have to settle for a live recording to be the "B" side for such an awesome song. Really, it is that damn good. For those that don't know. UK Punk from 1977-'79 is my favorite music of all time. Hands down. Heck, I even rate The Rich Kids and The Professionals above the Sex Pistols too. Just a funny thing with me. If you did not know, The Buzzcocks and The Jam are two of my all time faves, so maybe that is why I dig The Rich Kids and The Professionals so much. If you guys can, please check out these versions from Peelie, they are that good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Rich Kids

One last thing here.....With the Rich Kids reforming for a one off, I have to mention that Only Arsenic is one of my altime favorite songs. May Steve New gain better heath

What I Have Been Listening To This Week

1.The Pretenders-The Pretenders II
2. The Abrasive Wheels-Black Leather Girl
3. Peter and The Test Tube Babies-Mating Sounds of South American Frogs
4. The Adicts-Life Goes On (really like this one alot)
5. Plain Wrap -Magnetic Shoes (from the Flipside Vynil Fanzine #2)
6. Generation X-The Idol Generation
7. The Upsetters-Eastwood Rides Again
8. UK Subs-Brand New Age (man I forgot how much I love this album)
9. UK Subs-Another Typical City 12"
10. The Fits-Fact Or Fiction (these guys are great!!!!!!!!!!!)

Just thought that I would share. Have a great weekend one and all.

The Price

Dunno about how many know of these late '80's-early '90's pop punkers but man did they make some damn good music. Their 12" and two songs on the Underground Rockers Comp. put out by Link were top notch poppy punk. Am I on an island with this one? I think they were awesome.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

SF Underground #2 7"

Here we have the wonderful SF Underground #2 7" ep that has four awesome bands from the San Francisco area. Here we have The Spikes and I think their only release ever. Great snotty 1977-ish punk, The Lewd who had just moved down from Seattle, Washington who would go on to some notoriety with their Kill Yourself 7" and there American Wino Lp. I saw them a few times in the early 1980's and they were awesome. The real deal. Society Dog starts side 2 and they are just plain awesome! In fact, I was just listening to them (real loud on my stereo!) and that inspired me to post this. Jonathin Christ would start Code Of Honor with Mike Fox a little later. Next up we have The Undead with good ole Sid Terror from San Jose on vocals. If you have ever seen Sid during his younger years, he was a the spitting image of good ole Sid Vicious. The cover photo is of The Sound Of Music in the Tenderloin Dist. in SF. VERY seedy and just a plain rough area. I saw some bands play there. I always liked The On Broadway more. Awww San Francisco punk rock. Nothing like it. In fact, on Facebook (yes I belong), their was a thread about us older folks wondering if the kids of today would ever experience what it was like playing in these old Vaudeville theatre's that were throughout the city. Places like The Elite Club (The Fillmore), On Broadway, The Mab, The Sound Of Music, Temple Beautiful, and more later day places like Great American Hall, Bimbo's etc. And speaking of The Sound Of Music, the last time I drove by it, the place was a stripper joint. COOL!!