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Saturday, January 31, 2009

White Flag-Wild Kingdom

My favorite album of 1987 by a mile. Even the cd reissue is hard to find these days. This LA band has been at it for sometime since around 1980.

Dr. Feelgood-Malpractice Lp

Not exactly punk and not well known in N. America. What would Paul Weller have done early in his career if he did not have the influence of Wilko? Just listen to the In The City album and you will know what I am talking about. I have a love and not so much into relationship with Dr. Feelgood. I love their high octane pub rockers but when they get all bluesy on me it makes for some tough listening. BUT when they do fire on all cylinders....look out. Here is there second album for ya!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Dead Fingers Talk Storm The Reality Studios

Alright, here it is, and it's called...Dead Fingers Talk! Ummm I really don't know too much about them. I do that they are hard to find on the net. I think I remember seeing them in the movie Punk In London where they were in a transit van moving down to the Big Smoke. This was released in 1978 and I don't think it was to alot of fanfare. My cd has their singles on here and to be honest I like those better. This is for those that dig The Radio Stars (Longy??) or maybe they sound like The Only Ones to a degree, though I like The Only Ones much better. Anyways, don't let my opinions sway you one way or the other. Find out for yourselves. This was also posted on iskp, but since it is sooo hard to find, I thought that I would post it too.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Green Day Sweet Children Ep

Hi there folks. I have not been around lately due to work and a small vacation. I will make NO bones about it, I love Green Day! Maybe a tad too much at times. You see, I was part of the whole 924 Gilman St. thing back in the late 80's-the late '90's. I played there quite often in the bands I played in and I also saw some pretty damn cool bands. Heck, one of my bands spun off and had Lars joining Rancid after a show we did with them. Anyways, Green Day were awesome when they played in smaller clubs before they hit the big time. Here is there Sweet Children Ep from 1990. You see, Green Day were originally called Sweet Children, just check out the MRR comp. Turn It Around. There they appear as Sweet Children. This Ep is pretty had to find because it was not put out on Lookout but if I remember correctly it was a label either from Minnesota or Wisconsin. Well here it is.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Crime Hot Wire My Heart 7"

ok here we are with the "other" first SF punk band, Crime. This is their first single of the three that they did. Crime dressed up in SF police uniforms, had sirens on stage, and had one of the coolest looks around. They all had pompadoors and just looked plain wierd. Love them. This is for those that are into The Electric Eels, Dead Boys, Pagans and NY Dolls. Rough, raw rocknrol the way that it is supposed to be played. They have reformed and broken up many times over the years and to be honest, I have never seen them. One of the members went onto Crucifix if you believe that one! Anyways it gives me great pleasure to post this. If anyone wants me to post their other two singles and/or San Francisco's Doomed, let me know.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Request To Angry!

I used to own The Asexuals "Dish" album back in the day. One day I sold the damn thing. I just was doing some work on my Asexuals catalogue and I saw the cover of the Dish album and allot of memories of that came flooding back. I need to hear this again. Sooooooo Angry???? Oh and some Vacant Lot too.
Oh and for all those that have left comments and words of encouragement, and help (Longy) thanks! We finally have this down and running. Obviously I cannot keep pulling out obscure San Francisco '77 era punk so I might stretch things to include 80's hardcore more as well as my first love, UK '77 era punk, and maybe some prime cuts from UK 82 stuff. Unlike Nation On Fire, I don't thieve. This will come out of my collection.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Today Is The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life part ll

Well here we have it. A new President in my country. Will it be meet the new boss same as the old boss. What this new President brings is hope. Hope for peace, hope for a new beginning, hope for life to get better. Let there be hope for all those that have lost their jobs, let there be hope for those that are losing their homes or are on the bubble of losing their homes. Let there be hope that our economy rebounds, and what I mean by that is not being greedy selfish bastards. I know Capitalism breeds this, but there is nothing wrong with having a kinder, gentler way of going about business. I could go on about my financial problems, but I'd rather dwell on the positive. Today is a wonderful day. Congratulations Barrack and good luck, for you have one of the most difficult jobs in one of the most difficult times in the history of The USA, and I do not envy that. Bye Bye Georgey Girl....piece of crap.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Nuns S/T 7"

Ok here we have the first release by San Francisco's Nuns. This 3 song 7" is I think the first for 415 Records which went onto release many other SF bands and they actually gained some prominence by releasing stuff like The Red Rockers, Translator (Everywhere That I'm Not), and Romeo Void. Along with Crime, The Nuns were considered one of the first punk bands from The City (A term we use in the Bay Area when we refer to SF). Anyways enjoy this little dittie!

The Consumers All My Friends Are Dead

Here we have Los Angeles based Consumers. They were around a short time and released this great snotty punk album.

The Breakouts No More 12" Ep

And here is the 12" Ep entitled No More that was released in 1983. A little more on the hardcore side but I feel that this was their strongest release! Enjoy folks.

The Breakouts All We Wanna Do 7"

And here is the second 7" that was released in 1980. Enjoy!

The Breakouts In Vagueness Deals 7"

What we have here is the debut 7" from The Breakouts released in 1979. They were a SF area punk band that bridged the gap between the original SF punk scene and the burgeoning hardcore scene. Basically that is all that I know, besides that they played with my friends The Faction at some shows. They released one more single, then a cool 12" Ep in 1983. From that Ep the song Junkies would later be covered by GBH on their Punk Junkies album. That is how I found out about this awesome band. I will post there second single and their Ep after I get back from breakfast on the Santa Cruz wharf. The weather has been in the 70's and just amazing. Ahhhh California, ya gotta love it!!!!

The Avengers Zero Hour

Ok here is a small request! I got the Outlaws lp by Red London but I am still looking for Pride and Passion, so if anyone can help with that, I would be greatful!

BUT, the reason for the post is that I am looking for Zero Hour by The Avengers. I cannot find this for sale (though I am still looking damnit!), so I reaching out to the world to see if someone has this. Please!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

the Futureheads This Is Not The World

Just got the 2008 release of The Futureheads This Is Not The World. I had a nice list of best releases for '08 and if I had gotten this last year, it would have been in my top 10. What you have is the best of what The Jam, Chords, Vapors could do. Not that this is steeped in nostaglia or a new Mod Revival but just good, catchy, power poppin punk rock. Definately not for the spikey hair, dog on a rope crowd here, but for those that dig good music. I should make a disclaimer on what I just said. I do dig music like that but I also like music that has a crafted melody and such. Maybe that is why my favorite bands are like The Damned, Clash, Pistols, Buzzcocks, Adverts, Boys, THE JAM, Chords, etc. Anyways if you come across this album, buy it!!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Red London Request

For those that follow this blog I have two requests. Not many of you know, but I am a big Red London fan and I am missing two releases that I would love to get my hands on. The two are Pride and Passion and Outlaws. If you could PLEASE help me out with these two requests I will die a happy man.

The Controllers Tooth & Nail Comp. Tracks

The Controllers were the first band to play the legendary Masque Club in downtown Hollywood in 1977. Started by Scottsman Brendan Mullen this club was what CB's or The Mab were to the Hollywood scene. A scene that would spawn bands like X, Fear, Dickies, The Germs, Go Go's, Middle Class, The Plugz etc. It would be a pivotal proving grounds for these bands to craft their craft. Pure friggen legend. The Tooth and Nail comp. besides having The Controllers, had The Middle Class, The Germs, and The Flesheaters and from SF, Negative Trend. Released on Upsetter Records by Flesheaters Chris D. this is a legendary comp. I just my file hosting over to Media Fire, so if something goes wrong let me now. I am an idiot.

On a side note, I met the drummer Mad Dog Carla at a show in Orange County around '97 or so. We were supporting The Crowd that night. Carla was/is a complete nutter and then some. Either that or something of the chemical variety was going on. Anyways she was alot of fun to hang out with, and totally blown away that I knew who she was.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Dils-Les Dils Ep or sometimes called The Made In Canada Ep

The third and final Dils single here. Much slower in pace and actually in my opinion their best. You get a small prelude as to what Rank N File would be become. Rank N File is a personal fave of mine too but that is another band. Often called The American Clash, for good or bad that is what we have. Hell they even opened for The Clash at The Temple Beautiful or as the religious folks would remember, that is where Jim Jones had People's Temple and you all know what happened with that one......Anyways that venue was around for a small time and hosted some cool shows from what I heard. I was too young to go to those so that is what it is. From San Francisco via Carlsbad (near San Diego) comes The Dils!

The Rezillos No. 1 Boy

Townsend Records has the new Rezillos track No. 1 Boy available to download. This is their first song released since 1979. You ask if it is good? Yep it is. A tad slick but it is sooooo catchy. I would have posted this, but this is the first day that the DL is available and I believe the artist should benefit. Especially a band so amazing as The Rezillos!

Ahhhh East LA Plugz. The first Latino punk band. Played many early gigs with the likes of X, Fear, Go Go's etc. They released two albums, and had songs appear on the Repo Man soundtrack. Charlie Quintana would go onto drum in Social Distortion for their Sex Drugs and Rock N Roll album. Best version of La Bamba since Richie Valens did it way back when. This was released on Slash Records

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Flower Leperds

Ok one more here before I call it a day. This one is quite cool. The Flower Leperds hail from LA and had been around a few years prior to ex-Adolescents Tony Cadena joining. They recorded a fantastic Ep for Mystic and then kind of went stale. Tony joins and Things Start Moving (an Adolescents song). This cd is a career round up from time that Tony joins them. If you like The Stooges and adding a little doomish goth/metalish stuff then this is for you. Me? Love it!!!


Ok I am a veteran Blog vistor to many great sites. I always will leave a comment if someone posts something that ruled my world. So if you come across something on this site that you have never heard before.....leave a fucking comment damnit. My wife thinks that I swear too much and she does not like me swearing on this thing. Fuck that.

The Cockney Rejects-The Wild Ones

How many out there know that this is one of my favorite albums? Yep The Cockney Rejects go hard rock in 1982. Must have been all the hanging out with the guys from UFO or Iron Maiden huh (aren't they all Hammer fans too?). From what I remember reading, Gal Bushell gave this an outstanding review in Sounds back in the day, so I guess my taste is good huh?? Or not. Well I will say this, that their version of Motorhead is quite fantastic, and IMHO I would have loved for them to follow more in that vein, but this album is soooo good I will forgive this small issue. The opening track The Way Of The Rocker just plain scorches!! Some reading this might be shrugging their shoulders asking WTF! But hey this is Kennyhel77, and I like what I like damnit. So there!

Ruts DC Animal Now Lp

Well I am going to go down a different path here. For those that don't know, my favorite music is UK punk from '76-'85 or so. One band that is one of my favorite's of alltime are The Ruts. But you know, if you look at Blogs you see The Crack, and Grin and Bear It posted elsewhere. Well why waste your time with those albums when others have them out there. For those that don't know, Ruts DC started after the OD of Malcom Owen, the singer for The Ruts. The other three soldiered on and added the DC at the end. A new beginning? Yeah sort of. No other band could boast such fantastic musicians as The Ruts. They could go from reggae to punk to jazzy interludes better than anyone. The Clash? SLF? Nooooo way. As much as I love those two bands it is not possible. The only band that compares are The Bad Brains from the good ole USA, and that is high praise indeed. Well here it is plus some extra songs from singles and demos. If anyone wants, I can post their Rhythm Collision Dub or their Weak Heart single too.


And here is the debut Ep by TSOL that was released on the prolific Posh Boy label in 1980

TSOL Weathered Satues Ep

This one is for Gram77 over at Talkpunk. An introduction of sorts for him. He DL'd the new TSOL album and I told him that it should not be the deciding factor if he likes them or not. TSOL.....Legends from Orange County, well not OC really but Long Beach which borders OC. No band has changed music styles, looks, names...oh everything as much as TSOL. They are awesome! That is all I can say. Most of you will have this recording but I wanted to throw on for Gram. This is there Weathered Statues Ep which is quite different than their debut Ep and Dance With Me lp. Enjoy Gram

The Vktms-Midget EP

One of the lessor known female fronted San Francisco punk bands which is too bad, they were great. Of course San Francisco had The Avengers, The Mutants, and UXA and maybe The Nuns to a degree. The Vktms were around for the time that bridged the orignal punk scene and what was to become hardcore. Here is their Midget Ep for your listening pleasure

Negative Trend

Negative Trend. What can I say about Negative Trend. Future bassist for Flipper, Rik L Rik sang for them for a little while, performed in the short movie Loud Fast Rules which featured UXA, Avengers, Mutants too. Great snotty punk here for you listening pleasure. From San Francisco of course.

Friday, January 9, 2009

7 Seconds Skins, Brains and Guts Ep

From Reno, Nevada comes the mighty 7 Seconds. Still making tunes to this day, and in fact their new one is quite good too. Like alot of other bands they changed their sound in the late 80's. Some call it maturing some call it selling out. Dunno what I'd call it. Stuff off of Soulforce Revolution, New Wind, etc were ok but nothing like The Crew, or Walk Together, Rock Together. Anyways, 7 Seconds was churning out quite a bit of material in the early 80's so I guess after awhile you progress. I love this band to death and here is a mighty fine Ep. The West Coast's version of Minor Threat???

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New TSOL Album Free to Download

One listen through and if is definately different. I am kinda sick right now so my pay attention skills kind of suck. Just wanted to spread the word

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mad Parade A Thousand Words

Ok, if there is one band that I would beg you to check out, these guys are it! I grew up on a healthy dose of Southern California hardcore ala Social Distortion, CH3, TSOL, Agent Orange, X, etc. But these guys spoke to me more than any of those bands. Why? Because they were into the same stuff I was...The Clash, Damned, Pistols, Buzzcocks, SLF, Ruts, etc. Fast forward to 1997 and I am on a long tour. We play the Whiskey A Go Go and I find out that Mad Parade is on the same bill. NO WAY. NO FUCKING WAY. Well they were awesome that night and a tad pissed that my band had the support slot. What The Forgotten playing over the mighty Mad Parade. True! Anyways we exchanged phone numbers, actually toured the west coast with them and became friends with them. When I left The Forgotten it was pretty interesting the amount of offers I had to join or start bands. I was burnt and did not want to play music. Well one offer did come in that will make me smile for the rest of my life. I was asked to join Mad Parade as their new bassist. If only they lived up here. I am not a Southern California guy and just could not do it. Though, I wll list this as one of my greatest honors EVER. Mike (the drummer) or as I call him Action Jackson has stayed at my house, and we have become friends, even though his idea of Baseball teams sucks. He likes The Dodgers and I like The Giants. For my English pals that would be like a Chelsea or Millwall supporter hanging out with a West Ham supporter. Hmmm. Anyways enough of wasting your time, here is their second album! Oh and don't let the Glammish cover fool you. This is great melodic punk that everyone should here. And please go see them...They are amazing!!!!

The Tools Smoked Filled Rooms 7"

Here is the debut single. I might post the SF Underground 7" too. Not sure yet. Anwyways some good ole SF punk! Again as I stated in my other post, Mike Fox would start Code Of Honor as well as one of the best record labels ever Subterranean Records.

The Tools Hard Wark 7"

Here we are with the Hard Wark 7" from The Tools. The Tools? Well Mike Fox (yep their are two Mike Fox guitar slingers in the Bay Area at the same time in two different bands-Los Olividados) would go onto form Code Of Honor who were quite poplular around '81-82. Much less hardcore than Code Of Honor, The Tools were a pretty cool punk band that lasted about a year or so before disbanding.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Tuxedo Moon No Tears 12" 1978

Here we have something a little different here. Synth punk from Tuxedo Moon. Led by the charismatic Winston Tong who was a local performance artist this is their first ep. They were dark, brooding and just under the spell of heroin. Totally different than the DKs or Avengers but just as important. This was released in 1978 and the last song on it No Tears is a personal fave of mine. DL it and let me know what you think

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Coming Up

From me at least!

Tuxedo Moon No Tears EP
Society Dog 7"
No Alternative Cd
and more. Right now I am in a hometown mood, but that will change. I love 1977 era UK punk and I have quite a collection to share and itching to do so!

The Mutants Fun Terminal

My last post of the day. Between Angry and myself I think you all have enough to thumb through for a week. BUT, here is The Mutants Fun Terminal that came out (well for a few days) back in 1982. The record appeared and disapeard practically in one day. The artwork has always been something that I admired ever since I saw it. I always thought that the arcade on the cover was from the one next to The Mab on Broadway but from what I read, it was in Oakland where the singer lived. Anyways I got this at The Mab reunion. I literally cut in front of 100 people to buy this. I know I know that was not cool. But I had been looking for this for 24 years damnit!!!! And was it worth the wait. I love this album to death. The cool thing about the early San Francisco punk scene was that there was a mood of anything goes. The Residents, Pink Section, The Contractions, DKs Tuxedo Moon (who's No Tears song gets me going every time much to the consternation of my wife) to performance art like RE/Search, Target Video. It was a real honest to goodness scene full of artists, druggies, drunks, musicians and everything else. THAT my friends, is the reason why I love rocknroll so much. Without further ado, ladies and is a friggen great album!!!!

Dirk Dirksen

Ok I went to The Mab a few times when I was younger but mostly spent time at The On Broadway which was above The Mab. This was around 1981-1984 or sooooo?? Anyways Dirk MC'd The On Broadway too. He was an intersting character.

Read on:

Dirk Dirksen, the godfather of San Francisco punk rock and the often abrasive ringmaster of the North Beach punk emporium Mabuhay Gardens, died unexpectedly in his sleep Monday night. He was 69.

Mr. Dirksen presented acts such as the Dead Kennedys, Devo, the Ramones, Flipper, the Mutants, the Nuns, Black Flag, the Go-Go's and literally thousands more in the 10 years he operated the Broadway nightclub, fondly known as the Fab Mab.
Mr. Dirksen, who called himself "the pope of punk," was known for peppering audiences and performers alike with abuse and insults.
"I'm sorry to see you're that easily pleased," he told the crowd at the end of one band's performance. "You should try and show some intelligence and sophistication and not just accept any slop that's thrown in your trough."
He turned to the musicians, who were trying to stalk off the stage, thinking he was not going to let the band have an encore.
"I'll give you one," he said, "but only because the next group is an absolute pimple in the armpit of progress. Now everybody, please pay attention because it's time to play 'People Are Stupid.' "
"He was super obnoxious onstage," said Penelope Houston of the Avengers. "He would stand there with that little dog under his arm, being a target for whatever they wanted to throw. At the same time, he loved all those people. In a way, they were his family."
The dog's name was Dummy.
Mr. Dirksen once estimated that his nose had been broken seven times during his years as a nightclub impresario.
Among the highlights of the Mabuhay's annual calendar was always his birthday celebration, where each year he dreamed up a different mock torture for himself -- flogging, beheading, etc. One year he had himself burned at the stake.
Mr. Dirksen, who operated the Dirksen-Malloy Productions video firm since leaving the nightclub business in 1984, also worked with the children in the Mission Recreation Center, across the street from where he lived, teaching cooking and helping resolve disputes. He hosted the various Mabuhay reunion events, including a Fillmore Auditorium show last April with members of the Dead Kennedys, the Mutants and Flipper, or the Contractions' recent reunion at the Café du Nord. Only last weekend, he attended the show by the Mutants at Lennon Studios.
Born in Braunschweig, Germany, in 1937, he followed his father, a professor of aerodynamics, to this country in 1948. The family eventually settled in the Los Angeles suburb of Downey. He served in the Army as a public relations expert and made his show business debut in 1957, producing an all-night live television remote from a Wilshire Boulevard auto dealership featuring neophyte and amateur entertainers called "Rocket to Stardom." An unknown Lenny Bruce once appeared on the 12-hour weekly broadcast.
He attended San Jose State but dropped out to open a surfing business in Santa Cruz. He worked as a producer on an ABC-TV series about surfing and served as tour manager with acts such as Ray Charles, the Supremes, Iron Butterfly and the Doors. He also managed the 1968 presidential campaign of comedian Pat Paulsen.
He moved to San Francisco in 1974 and, two nights later, stumbled into the Mabuhay Gardens. He started presenting late-night events at the club featuring Les Nickelettes, an all-female guerrilla comedy troupe. Whoopi Goldberg made an early appearance at the club.
When punk rock emerged on the scene, Mr. Dirksen immediately began to book the unruly bands. He presided over his impolite empire with an enduring patience and a sly smile. Robin Williams once described comedy hell as "opening for the Ramones at the Mabuhay Gardens."
"He was a father figure to me and a lot of other punks," said Kathy Peck of the Contractions. "Louie of the Vktms said we thought he hated us, but he loved us."
Mr. Dirksen produced the recent video documentary on the Mutants and had been involved in video production since leaving the Mab, including a long-running, late-night San Francisco cable access show called "Cosmos S.F."
He underwent heart surgery in 1990.
He is survived by his longtime partner, Damon Malloy, and two sisters, Molly Dirksen of Bethesda, Md., and Theodore Ernst-Dirksen of Los Angeles.

The Zeros Getting Nowhere Fast 7"

The Zeros third single and probably my favorite of the three

The Zeros Wild Weekend 7"

Here comes The Mexican Ramones. Yep The Zeros!! Originally from San Diego they played around the LA area before relocating to San Francisco. Another band that played The Mabuhay Gardens (see a theme here?) they released a few awesome singles before disbanding. Zeros Javier Escovedo had a brother named Alexandro that played in The Nuns and later Rank N File with the Dils guys so San Francisco probably was not that foreign to him. Great band, and I wished I had seen them.

(Impatient) Youth S/T Ep

Here is (Imaptient) Youth's self titled Ep. They're from Vallejo, California which is about 40 minutes east of San Francisco. Another one of the bands that got a start at The Mabuhay Gardens. They started in around 1978 and released 3 eps and a compilation album. Most recently or actually in the '90's they had moved to LA and started the band again. They played Gilman St. in Berkeley a few times and released a pretty good Ep entitled All For Fun. Worth tracking down if you can find it. This band was more like The Dils with a nice Americana kind of sound. Damn fine band here. Actually one of my alltime faves from The SF Bay Area.

The Sleepers Seventh World Ep

Led by the enigmatic Ricky Williams who at times was institutionalised for being a mental case. Another of the bands that started out at The Mabuhay Gaardens. Ricky would also go on to sing for an early incarnation of Flipper, though from what I understand did not last too long. Though, Ricky is no longer with us (seems to be somewhat of a trend here huh), he is well remembered frontman. The Sleepers did release an album entitled Painless Nights. This album was released in 1981 and had a more Joy Division sound to it. Enjoy the Ep.

The Offs California Skapunk Pioneers

Whoa don't let the title fool you. This is not some skapunk crap like Sublime, Suicide Machines or anything like that. This is more like The Members, Ruts, Clash etc. Led by the late Don Vynil. The Offs were regulars at the Mabuhay Gardens. This mini album has their singles and comp. tracks. If you liked the bands that I mentioned above you will dig this too. They later moved to NYC and made another record entitled Our First Record which I think came out on 415 Records home to The Red Rockers, Translator, and Romeo Void. Much more funkier and really losing it's edge, it is a weaker affair. I might post it for the hell of it one day.

The Mutants New Dark Ages 7"

Never got to see The Mutants back in the hey day of 1977-1979. They were arty types from San Francisco that shared bills with The DKs, Negative Trend, Offs, Dils, etc. Their album Terminal Funzone was extremely hard to find. Well I did get a chance to see them a few years ago at a Mabuhay Gardens reunion show that also had Flipper, The Avengers and DKs. The funny thing about that show is my wife, buddy of mine and myself went the week earlier to see them and it was the wrong show. After much huffing and puffing on my part they let us in and lo and behold there is a reggae band playing. Hmmmm. Well we came back the following week and saw the real deal. Oh and The Mutants...they were awesome. Think a more punked up B-52's. Fronted by three singers (one guy and two girls) and with two guitars, bass and drums there definately alot going on. But it works. Just check this out.

Los Olividados Listen To This

This is the bands cd not the one that Alternative Tentacles released. Let's get that straight right away beofre Jello comes at me. This is the mother of all San Jose punk bands bar none. They were amazing. With Mike Voss singing he could channel the best of Iggy or Stiv no doubt about it. This band should have been huge and I just cannot figure out why. They never released anything except appearing on a few comps. So here is the cd that the band pressed up for a reunion show in the late '90's

Welcome Angry

Hi all, I just wanted to introduce and welcome my pal Angry to the site. Angry hails from a town near Toronto, Canada. He probably knows more about music than I do, and has a larger collection for sure! Anyways, Angry will be checking in from time to time posting some of his personals faves here. I just wanted to extend a warm welcome out to the man!


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Drunk Injuns Frontside Grind Lp

Ok I promised some stuff from when I was younger and here is one. The Drunk Injuns were the alter ego of Los Olivdados. Both bands featured the same lineups but with different singers. Now for the confusing part. Mofo sung for the original Los Olvidados but was told by Thrasher Magazine that he could not work for them and be in a band at the same time. So the boys got a new singer for Los Olvidados and started The Drunk Injuns. The Drunk Injuns had to conceal their identities so they wore masks that looked like they came from Indian burial sites. Both bands are very similar in sound only that Mofo is a strange combo of Ian Curtis and Dave Vanian in terms of singing. This album was released in 1987 and I am not sure if it is a compilation album or re-recorded songs with a few new ones. Must ask Ray (the bassist in Los Olividados, Drunk Injuns, The Faction, and others) this the next time I see him. Mike Fox who is the guitar player played in The Dwarves for a few years in the '90's and also did around 6 shows as a fill in guitarest for The Forgotten when Craig left. San Jose homeboys and some of the best punk rock to come out of San Jose ever. Oh and Los Olvidados is spanish for The Forgotten. More useless facts to bore you with.
This has been re-upped with a better rip and the second to last track now does not skip

The Damned Fun Factory Ep

The Damned. What can I say about them. They're one of my all time favorite bands. Just saw them live in October and they delivered as always. Their new album is quite good, so go out and get the Damned thing. Anyways this ep was done during the recording of Strawberries and never really released. This came out in the early '90's and the B side tracks are Capt. Sensible doing some fine songs.

Red Alert There's A Guitar Burning Ep

There's A Guitar Burning was the last Ep that Red Alert recorded before breaking up in the mid '80's. At the time the head honcho at No Future was urging the bands to go more for a "futuristic" sound. Blitz was already doing this with their New Age single and I guess Red Alert followed suit with this Ep. The title track is the one I like the most outta this. Some may like this Ep and some might not.

Blitz New Age 7"

Here is Blitz' last single and the song that appears on UK/DK video. I make no bones about this song. This is my favorite by a mile. I am a massive Blitz fan and loved all of their stuff but this is the cream of the crop for me. Yes I do the lyrics are of the throw away variety but who cares.

Rose Of Victory

Here we have Rose Of Victory's Suffragette City single. This was done I think when Blitz was splitting into two (Ha ATV references) and possibly as a Blitz single first. Well I like this one as well as Second Empire Justice by Blitz Mk ll, This does not get a lot of love out there so I thought I'd post this.

Friday, January 2, 2009


Tomorrow I will post two albums that are pretty damn hard to find. Some will hate them, some will like them. The first is Chelsea's album Underwraps which featured onetime Clash member Topper Headon on a song. The second will be a cd that I just got tonight by Dead Fingers Talk entitled Storm The Reality Studio which is more of a different thing that is more akin to The Only Ones or maybe The Cortinas slowed down a tad. Maybe even think Bowie with Ronson playing.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Dunno how much I can keep up on here with my Rapidshare maxing out. I might be a tad aggresive deleting links and such. But don't worry, if you see something on here that has an inactive link, let me know and I will re-up for you.

DRI Violent Pacification Ep

Here we are with DRI's Violent Pacification Ep. San Francisco via Texas hardcore/crossover. Never got a chance to see them, but they were pretty big in the scene around '84-'87. Seemed all of the bike messengers dug them too.

Dag Nasty All Ages Show Ep

When this came out I remember MRR completely dissing this because it was too lightweight for them. Well fuck MRR, this was a fine Ep, with a great cover of The Ruts classic, Staring At The Rudeboys
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Today Is The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life

Hi folks. Dunno who is going to read this but I just wanted to introduce my blog to you all and tell you what I am going to do. I grew up in the hey day of hardcore here in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am a former musician that has played punk rock for about 20 years so I think that, or at least hope that I have some knowledge to share. I am going to try to focus on stuff from where I grew up, and some stuff that alot of you out there might have missed. Anyways, sit back, grab a beer, and listen to some great music.