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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Abrasive Wheels-Black Leather Girl

I just wanted to mention a few points here. This blog on my part has been pretty much West Coast punk rock. I have exhausted myself with posting as much SF stuff as possible. I took Longy's advice from the awesome Punk Friction blog about doing something different. I heeded his fantastic advice and did so. Unfortunately I need to move on because aside from the original punk stuff from my area, I have to post other stuff. I will be still showcasing stuff from my area, but I need to focus a little bit with other releases. You see, I grew up listening to many West Coast punk rock ala CH3, Social Distortion, X, Flipper, DKs, etc but I, and many of my friends listened to loads of UK punk too. To be honest with you all, I was a skinhead ( and always will be!).....I listen to loads of rocksteady, bluebeat, and ska. I also listen to ALOT of Oi! and truth be told, loads of UK 82 stuff and believe it or not...Anarcho stuff including Crass. Skinheads listening to that rubbish?? Well yeah. You see, about 5 years ago, I figured out that Anarcho had some fantastic bands. Ie Zounds, The Mob, Conflict, Omega Tribe, etc. I will be showing off some of my skill with bands not usually associated with me. For me, it is a pleasure! I love Peter and The Test Tube fact, I am their tour manager in January 2011 when they come here. I love GBH, Exploited (ducks!), Broken Bones, Discharge, English Dogs, Chron Gen, Blitz, The Business, 4 Skins, Partisans, as well as UK Subs, SLF, Undertones, Protex, Rezillos....and on and on.....You will see that I am not some dumb kid talking about the leather and studs crowd and can barely write a sentence, like some other blog which I will not mention. Here is the deal. Black Leather Girl was an amazing album. Gone were there thrash of When The Punks....and now you get a more measured experience...This album, as well as Chelsea's Evacuate, and Peter and The Test Tube Babies Mating Sounds, and Reason Why by The Angelic Upstarts were my life in 1983. I love this album and I really love the single Sonic Omen...This period was so amazing for this band. They were awesome. Saw them in I think 1983???? In SF. Ladies and Germs....The Abrasive Wheels...with bonus tracks! Enjoy, and please comment germs!


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Swingin Utters Brand New Lungs

Just wanted to let you all know that this is out. This is a fantastic little Ep!! They also have an album coming out and are playing some dates to support it. This Ep is more like their More Scared days.....I have been listening to this band since the mid 90's and this release is up to snuff like all of their other stuff!

Naked Raygun Is Releasing New Stuff

Just bought single one and two....If you are a Naked Raygun fan then you will know what to expect. Great singalong punk from these Chicago stalwarts. Both singles are great. Seek them out and buy them. They are also available on iTunes too. Seriously, this stuff kicks major butt!!!!!


Saturday, June 12, 2010

World Cup and The Hand Of God

Welllll how diddy doo. England scoring their goal in the first few minutes just about killed me! Nice to see Green do his "hand of god" impersonation.....All kidding aside, it was a good match. England played well enough to win, but they just could not finish off The USA. One thing to note, The US had 60 minutes of possession......If these two teams face each other again....(can they?) I have a feeling that the result will be different....But for today, it was a moral victory!