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Monday, December 28, 2009

Strawberry Blondes-Fight Back

Well after a tip from my buddy El Diablo at Nice N Sleazy, I went out and bought this little gem. For those that like Rancid or my old band The Forgotten, then you will dig this. Anthemic choruses, stinging guitar lines and great gang vocals. Though at times it comes a little to close to Rancid at times, it is still enjoyable and with time these kids could be something special. I have been waiting sooo long for a UK band to come along and start a revolution. Could they be the one????

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Whipping Boy

One band from the early '80's hardcore scene that always scared me/left me in awe were Whipping Boy. Fronted by a couple of guys from the posh college Stanford they were THE real deal. Big dudes that did not take shit from anyone. I remember when the Misfits were playing the Sound Of Music in SF. Jerry Only took off his bass and wacked a kid in the head. All the guys from Whipping Boy wanted to kill The Misfits that night. The cops had to escort the Misfits out of the Tenderloin Dist. club. The reason for this post is that I am desperately looking for the album The Third Secret Of Fatima. It has been somewhat of a long and winding search for me. Does anyone have this????????????

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas All

Just wanted to wish all that visits here a Merry Christmas. I know this holiday is a consumer driven BS thing, but the part that I have always liked is having friends and family around and enjoying others company. Get drunk, smoke some pot and eat to your hearts content.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Joe Strummer

Well yesterday was the day music died. Yep it was the anniversary of the death of one time frontman of The Clash, and Mescalleros, Joe Strummer. To say that The Clash changed everything about the way I viewed and approached music is an understatement. I loved The Clash and still do. 1979 was my introduction into all things punk and The Clash were atop of that world. RIP my man. We all miss you.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Request-Generation X-Idol Generation

I saw a request for this the other day and I have completely forgotten who asked or when. I will post this release this weekend for the request.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Rich Kids Prt. II

I just bought on iTunes two Rich Kids Peel Sessions. To say that those two releases are awesome is an understatement. Two notable things about the releases.....One is: Lovers and Fools is completely different. More straight ahead and VERY rocking. I actually like this version better. The second thing is Here Comes The Nice. Wow!!! Why did we have to settle for a live recording to be the "B" side for such an awesome song. Really, it is that damn good. For those that don't know. UK Punk from 1977-'79 is my favorite music of all time. Hands down. Heck, I even rate The Rich Kids and The Professionals above the Sex Pistols too. Just a funny thing with me. If you did not know, The Buzzcocks and The Jam are two of my all time faves, so maybe that is why I dig The Rich Kids and The Professionals so much. If you guys can, please check out these versions from Peelie, they are that good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Rich Kids

One last thing here.....With the Rich Kids reforming for a one off, I have to mention that Only Arsenic is one of my altime favorite songs. May Steve New gain better heath

What I Have Been Listening To This Week

1.The Pretenders-The Pretenders II
2. The Abrasive Wheels-Black Leather Girl
3. Peter and The Test Tube Babies-Mating Sounds of South American Frogs
4. The Adicts-Life Goes On (really like this one alot)
5. Plain Wrap -Magnetic Shoes (from the Flipside Vynil Fanzine #2)
6. Generation X-The Idol Generation
7. The Upsetters-Eastwood Rides Again
8. UK Subs-Brand New Age (man I forgot how much I love this album)
9. UK Subs-Another Typical City 12"
10. The Fits-Fact Or Fiction (these guys are great!!!!!!!!!!!)

Just thought that I would share. Have a great weekend one and all.

The Price

Dunno about how many know of these late '80's-early '90's pop punkers but man did they make some damn good music. Their 12" and two songs on the Underground Rockers Comp. put out by Link were top notch poppy punk. Am I on an island with this one? I think they were awesome.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

SF Underground #2 7"

Here we have the wonderful SF Underground #2 7" ep that has four awesome bands from the San Francisco area. Here we have The Spikes and I think their only release ever. Great snotty 1977-ish punk, The Lewd who had just moved down from Seattle, Washington who would go on to some notoriety with their Kill Yourself 7" and there American Wino Lp. I saw them a few times in the early 1980's and they were awesome. The real deal. Society Dog starts side 2 and they are just plain awesome! In fact, I was just listening to them (real loud on my stereo!) and that inspired me to post this. Jonathin Christ would start Code Of Honor with Mike Fox a little later. Next up we have The Undead with good ole Sid Terror from San Jose on vocals. If you have ever seen Sid during his younger years, he was a the spitting image of good ole Sid Vicious. The cover photo is of The Sound Of Music in the Tenderloin Dist. in SF. VERY seedy and just a plain rough area. I saw some bands play there. I always liked The On Broadway more. Awww San Francisco punk rock. Nothing like it. In fact, on Facebook (yes I belong), their was a thread about us older folks wondering if the kids of today would ever experience what it was like playing in these old Vaudeville theatre's that were throughout the city. Places like The Elite Club (The Fillmore), On Broadway, The Mab, The Sound Of Music, Temple Beautiful, and more later day places like Great American Hall, Bimbo's etc. And speaking of The Sound Of Music, the last time I drove by it, the place was a stripper joint. COOL!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Slip-Commitment Lp

Here is our one and only album. Too bad we decided to make such a BAD cover. Well by the time this album was being recorded, Rancid was recording And Out Comes The Wolves. Musically both of our bands were heading in the same directions without even knowing it. I think this pissed off Lars, though he never said that. Commitment is much more of a varied effort and we were not afraid to stretch ourselves at all. In fact I think this album was/is better than anything that The Forgotten had recorded. The difference between Slip and The Forgotten was that Slip had problems touring because of drugs and instability with drummers. With The Forgotten we had great record labels behind us and the willingness of all four members to hit the road and work hard. I enjoyed playing in both bands a great deal, but always felt that we left allot on the table in Slip. Live.....we were THE BEST in San Jose. No doubt! I know that sounds cocky and if you know me, then you would know that I am not a cocky person. We would draw all types of folks to our shows. We were fun and very energetic on stage. We had personality and we were not afraid to show it. Media darlings?? Oh yeah. We were in every music publication in the SF Bay Area every month during our 5 year existance. This did lead to allot of petty jealousy from other bands, but we were humble and got along with every band around. We had a true music scene and we would play with just about everyone. We opened many times for Agent Orange, The Dickies, DI, as well opening for Chaos UK, The Adicts, Anti Nowhere League, Goldfinger, The Meatmen, Electic Frankenstein, Swingin Utters, Rancid and many others as well as headlining shows in the SF Bay Area and touring. I am VERY proud of my time in this band. They were my brothers! Oh and the cover? Those are REAL tattoos. I have mine on my arm, the lip tat looked like they hurt too much. Yes I am a wimp. Oh and I forgot to mention that Sean and myself were up all night the night before laying down the basic tracks. We were speeding out of our minds on our first day of recording. Everything that we did that day was done in one take. Ha!
Gordy Carbone-Vocals
Sean Gergonis-Guitars and backup vocals
Ken Helwig-bass, occasional lead vocals, backup vocals
Gabby-Drums, backup vocals

Newtown Neurotics

Have to admit to being a pretty big fan of this trio. I have been reformatting my iPod and had to rip a ton of stuff that I already had on there. Been listening to them all day today. In fact everything from their singles comp. to Beggars Can Be Choosers, Repercussions and Is Your Washroom Breeding Bolsheviks? The icing on the cake was when I discovered that I had the live album Kick starting A Backfiring Nation. Great stuff indeed!!!! Does anyone else rate them???

Friday, November 27, 2009

A Small Request

Does anyone have a copy of the Zero Boys Heimlich Maneuver???? I cannot find it in cyberspace and it is getting REAL annoying!!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

(Impatient) Youth-All For Fun Ep

Released in 1994 on I think Lost And Found is (Impatient) Youth's last Ep. Pretty damn rocking and not too far off from the earlier stuff. They played up at Gilman a few times around the date of this release. Did not see them however....Dumb me! Enjoy!

Monday, November 23, 2009

(Impatient) Youth-Requests

Neil has asked for the (Impatient) Youth All For Fun Ep and if I remember correctly someone asked for their first release the Frontline Ep. Both of those as well as the split with The Mutants which was released in 1978 will be up for those intersted. Unfortunately I do not have the tracks from The Mutants. Again, this band was amazing!!!!!! These will be up tomorrow night, Pacific Standard Time.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Songs Of The Week

Just thought I'd throw out some songs that I have been listening to last week.

1. I Wish It Could Be 1965-The Barracudas
2. Clint Eastwood-The Upsetters
3. Albert Fish-Slip
4. Kicks-UK Subs
5. Do The Rocksteady-The Bodysnatchers
6.. Girl I've Got A Date-Alton Ellis
7. Moving Away From The Pulsebeat-The Buzzcocks
8. Airborne-CH3
9. Sally-The Members
10. Los Angeles-X

These songs have been getting quite a bit of time at the Kennyhel77 Towers!

(Impatient) Youth-Don't Listen Lp

Ok here it is. For anyone that digs The Clash, SLF, or early Social Distortion then this is for you. (Impatient) Youth were from Vallejo, California, which is about 40 miles east of San Francisco. Vallejo is not the prettiest place to be from, and in fact, they are probably the only band I can think of that had any success from there. (Impatient) Youth specialized in tuneful, rocking punk rock. Once you hear them, they are a band where you slap your head and say, where have these guys been all of my life! They were THAT good. Just listen to Praise The Lord and Pass The Ammunition and tell me that is not one of the most catchy punk songs ever. (Impatient) Youth were around from 1978 to around 1982, and then released a pretty good Ep in the early '90's with Billy Martin (guitar, lead vocals) as the only original member. By then he had moved to LA and had his wife at the time playing bass. Maybe I will post that soon.

A Small Request

I was wondering if anyone out there has two songs that were bonus tracks for the album We Gotta Get Out Of This Place by The Angelic Upstarts. I have the cd with the regular track listings but cannot find this on the web. If anyone has the two songs, Nowhere Left To Run and Unsung Heroes. If anyone can help me I would be very appreciative!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Vibrators-Vicious Circle

Ok here is something out of the norm for me. When I first started this blog last January, I was just going to post stuff that I liked regardless of region. Well Longy convinced me to maybe do stuff from my area which is the San Jose/San Francisco Bay Area. That was the music scene that I cut my teeth on, but to be honest, my first love of all things punk rock were the bands from The UK between 1976-1979 or so. With that said, there were many bands from that time frame that I absolutely LOVE! From The Damned to The Clash, and of course THE JAM to SLF, Undertones, 999, Siouxsie and The Banshees, Wire, Boys, Adverts, Slaughter and The Dogs, Joy Division, etc. This band is also quite special to me. Yep, The Vibrators! You see I was too young to catch The Stranglers, Penetration etc coming to town, but a band that released stuff that was during my teen to early twenties age time was The Vibrators. I am re-grouping my music on my iPod and have 100 gigs to work through. I came across this gem and wanted others to know how damn good it is. This is my fourth fave Vibrators album ever. With Nigel Bennett from The Members lending second guitar licks on this, it is no wonder it is good. This album is not as urgent as Pure Mania or V2 but is more of a Buddy Holly meets punk rock kinda thing. I love this album! I have had the pleasure of talking to Knox a few times over the years (or should I say accosting usually happens when I am drunk. I find someone from my favorite band and ask a million questions in rapid fire form). Anyways here is Vicious Cirle (No not the Zero Boys!). If you dig The Vibrators please check out The Cute Leppers.....but that is another story! Aside from a few other bands like 999 or the UK Subs, you have to love that The Vibrators have been going at it since 1976!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Maybe The End

The problem has been fixed and it is business as usual

Friday, November 6, 2009

Jello Biafra and The Quantanamo School Of Medicine

Wow. Where did this come from! This is better than the reformed DKs by a million miles. Jello out DK'd the DKs for sure. For anyone that is a DKs fan, I beg you to listen to this. This has been his best stuff since Plastic Surgery Disasters. Top notch stuff indeed. All Hail Jello!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Misfits - Land of the Dead

Now I know that there are those people out there that believe the Misfits could never exist without Danzig and although without him it just isn't quite the same they still make some damn fine records. Take for example the new single "Land of the Dead" I just aquired it and have played it 3 times already it is that good. Both tracks have instantly memorable chorus's that the Misfits are known for. Just had to throw a little plug in for this great new release.

The Adicts-Life Goes On

I really don't think that know one that follows this blog knows that I am a bit of a fan of The Adicts. Well last night I got to hear their newest effort and I have to say that this is brings right back into the limelight here. This album is so good that it stands up rather nicely to their early 1980's output. Yes it is that good. Please do yourself a favor and check this out if you can. Damn fine catchy punk rock by Monkey and the guys!!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sad Sad News

A few days ago I found out that Brendan Mullen, the booker for The Masque club in Hollywood in 1977-1978 had died of a stroke. Many of you readers will see a common theme in my music posts. The theme is California punk rock from 1977-1982ish. Well Brendan was born in Scotland and moved to sunny California, stumbled upon a basement in the seedy Hollywood area and originally had intentions to use this basement for rehearsals for bands. Well it turned into an illegal club and basically was LA's answer to CBGBs or The Mabuhay Gardens. If it was not for this mans insight, bands like The Go Go's, Dickies, X, Fear, Germs, Weirdos, Plugz, Dils, and others that I am forgetting would never have had the stage to start out on. Aside from starting LA's first punk club, he also authored We Got The Neutron Bomb, which was a nice book about the early LA punk scene. RIP my man.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Guitar Gangsters - Badge of Honour

Sorry this isn't a link for the download but just some promotion for a very underated band who I love and I know Kenny does also. Fantastic singalong melodic punk rock. The Guitar Gangsters never cease to amaze me and this new release carries on the tradition. Get over to this site and purchase it now as you won't regret it!



Saturday, September 26, 2009

Let Them Know-The Story of Youth Brigade and BYO

For those that don't know, I am a very BIG fan of the band CH3. Really I mean I love that band allot. Well this album has just been release and contains bands covering other bands that recorded on BYO or covering Youth Brigade songs. It is a pretty cool comp. with the likes of Leatherface, CH3, Cute Lepers, NOFX, Pennywise and such. The reason that I am bringing up this comp. is that I saw a CH3 video on Youtube and they did a video for the song Scratches and Needles that was originally done by the wonderful band The Nils who hail from Angry's neck of the woods in Canada. After seeing this video I have not been able to get enough of this version of the song. In my humble opinion I think the CH3 version is better. Just my thoughts! If this interests you readers, please go out and find this comp. or if you want to hear the song for free, go over to Youtube and check out Channel 3 covering Scratches and Needles. It is awesome!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Teams

Nothing better than sitting down and watching your favorite team on their day. Sundays are just awesome. Something about the weather changing to fall, the crisp air and football. As you can see from the picture above, I am a SF 49er fan. My team has won 5 Super Bowls. More than most of your teams. I could care less if your team has won one in the past 5 or so years. My team has 5. I have been a fan since 1969, and I will be for the rest of my time on this earth.
Same goes for my beloved Giants who I had to sit and watch lose last night in the City by The Bay. Tough losing to the Satan loving Dodgers. YOU ARE blue scum. Blue is bullshit. I hate every Dodger fan in existence (well the one's that are SO called friends, and others that are supposedly family that has crossed to the dark side, those folks are barely ok....kidding). I saw many fights last night, allot of pointing fingers, and heckling. Loads of arrests too. Ahhh what a way to spend a Saturday night huh. I have been a fan of my SF Giants since 1969 too. 1969 was the year that I was taken to Candlestick Park and had the pleasure of being indoctrinated into my teams. I will be a fan of my Giants until the day I die. I love my team.
Today is dedicated to my 49ers making a clean start and back to greatness. I love my teams!
If you don't like this post or don't like my teams, well then you too can fuck off.

Edit: both my teams won today. The SF 49ers beat the best team from the Conference and Div. In fact, for those that don't know, The Cardinals were in the Super Bowl 9 months or so ago. They are good, real good. My team beat them on great defence and some timely plays. I am on my way to enjoy my Sunday night, have a little drink and some dinner and reflect on how well both my teams did today. You see, as I told you earlier, I love my teams.

On the music front, their will be some new posts coming down in the near future. I have changed jobs, and I am adjusting to a whole new schedule. I am back to working in my old hometown of San Jose, which I am thrilled about. Be patient, Angry and I have some cool stuff in store for ya!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Stratford Mercenaries

Found this on the web this morning and I have playing this all morning long. Yes all morning long. Some of you may know who Stratford Mercenaries are. This band consisted of Steve Ignorant, the drummer of Lack Of Knowledge-The Buzzcocks, and I think the guitar player from Dirt? Well if you think this sounds like Crass you will be mistaken. Cutting edge punk here for sure, and at times it reminds me of Sham 69. No shit really. My old band supported The Stratford Mercenaries in San Francisco around 1997 or so. I really did not watch to much of the gig for some reason. I do however remember loading out to head home and Steve Ignorant was hanging about outside and he complimented me on our band and how well we played that day. Wow! That was real cool. Well, search this out, it is worth the efffort. If you cannot find it, and someone wants me to upload the tracks, let me know.

Monday, September 7, 2009

An Absolute Killer Record Label - Sing Sing Records

Sorry I haven't had much time to post lately but soon you will see some stuff from Angry! Just wanted to mention an absolutely killer reissue label called Sing Sing Records that a friend of mine turned me on to. Incredible Powerpop/Punk reissues that I'm sure many that visit this blog will be blown away by. The quality of these releases is unbelievable with great reproductions of the original 7" sleeves (and yes they only do vinyl reissues so pull out that old turntable if you have retired it) Please visit their site and you will be amazed........

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Angry Samoans-Fuck The War Ep

Released in 2006 this is the most recent Samoans release. Aside from Metal Mike and drummer Bill Vockeroth, I am not sure who plays on this. This is much better than some of their other later stuff. This release has a re-recorded version of Gas Chamber. Typical, snotty garagey punk from this long standing band. Love this!! This is probably my last post of the day. Anyways thanks for checking out the site!

The Tools- #3 Ep

The third and final Ep by The Tools. Released in 1981 just before they broke up. Mike Fox would go onto start both Sic Pleasure and Code of Honor, both legendary hardcore bands from San Francisco. This release is a tad more rock and new wavish in a way. Please don't let this sway you, this Ep is damn good. One of the songs Asexuality In The 80's was on the SF Underground Comp. though this is a different version than that one. I have a few other Tools releases on here. Search them out and listen to them. They are all good!

Social Task-1979 Studio Recordings

Don't know too much about Social Task. What I do know is that they were from Orange County and a couple of the members went onto play in the band China White. China White were part of the whole OC hardcore scene and they released an Ep on Frontier Records, home to The Circle Jerks, Suicidal Tendencies, etc. Social Task were more punkish in sound than China White. This stuff is good!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lack Of Knowledge-Sentinal 7"

Does anyone have this???? I cannot find it and would love to hear it. I have been listening alot to their Univited 7", Grey Ep and Sirens Are Back lp and just love them! Big on the Joy Divsion style sounds here. Funny as they released stuff on Crass' label. Kind of like The Mob, UK Decay, and Zounds a little too. Cool stuff. HELP!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Screws-Drink Till I Drop Ep

Ok this was released in 1986 and I have never heard this before until recently. What you get is good mid tempo punk ala The Effigies, Toxic Reasons, Zero Boys and more like The UK Subs. This is awesome! From the state of Texas comes this band. The song Filled With Hate is a bonafide classic IMHO! DL it!!!!!!


Another Year Another Fire

Well I woke up Thursday morning at 5am to the news of another fire in my mountain community. This time though, it is the big one. The two bottom photos were taken 5 minutes from my house. The top three are taken from Hwy 1 along the Pacific Ocean, 10 miles North of Santa Cruz, California. I am a big outdoors guy and I know when things can get bad ie dry vegetation, winds etc. This has the recipie for a disaster. As of today, 8/14/09 the fire is 5% contained. What that means is the fire fighters try to circle the fire and then close in on it until extinguished. The 5% means that they only have a circle around the fire of 5%. My wife and I drove around near the fire to catch a glimpse of it. As we got nearer to the fire, we ran into police that had blocked off roads. What I saw was the slimey news folks set up, and many folks that live in the area with trucks and trailers to try to get back in to get their belongings and pets. Many people live here to get away from the city. They have horses, cows, sheep and pets. Most of these people are good hard working folks. The people that live up here are of a different kind. Very sufficient and don't like authority too much. Many are staying at their homes and taking their chances. Good luck to them. I don't know if that is what I would do. Back to the story though. My wife and I felt it was wrong to be there, because of all the panicked people, who are in a state of shock as to what to do. I don't want to be a voyeur in their misery. We went into Santa Cruz and headed up Hwy 1 to see a different view of the fire. It was pretty intense with big winds blowing the fire towards the coast. As I was heading to work down in Monterey today, I saw probably 50 fire engines heading up Hwy 1 to the fire. My hats go off to them. All I want is for no one to get hurt and I hope that lose of homes is minimal. My area was declared a State Of Emergency today. Sad thing about this fire. Last year we had one in the same area. Though smaller, but it did some good damage. This one is 5 times larger

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Normals 1977-1984 Your Punk Heritage

Never heard this before until this morning. This is awesome!! Punk rock from Louisiana which was also home to The Red Rockers who moved to San Francisco. Just like The Red Rockers, The Normals moved too. But instead of the "go west young man" thing, they moved to NYC instead. Apparently they did not do well there and broke up. This great release can be found at the wonderful blog ISKSP. If you like The Dils, Zeros, Red Rockers then please check this out. I am so glad that I have had a chance to hear this. I cannot believe that this has been under my radar for the last 30 years or so. Wow.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

American Steel-Dear Friend and Gentle Hearts

If there is one album that I can reccomend this year it is this one. Ok, Rancid's new one is amazing (yes I am biased!), Green Day's new one is damn good (yes I am biased!) and Anti Flag's new one is pretty good. But man, this is something else. So far the best release that I have heard this none. One or two of these guys were in Christ On Parade who were MAJOR fixtures on the SF hardcore scene from 1985 until 1989 or so. American Steel is much different than COP. Much more in The Clash vein here. This album is stunning. Plain and simple. I won't post it on here but if you go here...
and DL it you will see. Longy please check this out. They are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

SVT-New Year 7" 415 Records 1979

Ok this might be my last one today. SVT is a strange one. Jack Cassidy might sound familiar to some of you older one's. He played in Jefferson Airplane and then in Hot Tuna. With the punky sounds of North Beach making waves, Jack decided to take one of his Hot Tuna members and one future Huey Lewis and the News member and start SVT. Don't let this fool you, this is quite a good rockin 7" that was released on 415 Records, which was home to The Red Rockers, Translator, Romeo Void, and others. They released another single after this in 1979, an Ep entitled Extended Play and an album I think in 1981. I have a few friends that swear by these guys, and to be honest, this single is good! Didn't I say that a few seconds ago?


The Dead Kennedys-1978 Demos

Sometimes this is refered to as the Cold Fish Demo. 15 songs of The Dead Kennedys demos from 1978. Some of the songs you will recognize and some never made it to the final stages. The sound quality is good and you get a good idea of what they sounded like prior to them becoming the power house that they were from 1980-1983. I bought this on Ebay for $20 or so, you get it free from me. Aren't I nice.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dead Kennedys-Live At The On Broadway, San Francisco, CA

My first post of The DKs. Live at The On Broadway which was above the Mabuhay Gardens in North Beach. I only went to The Mab once but saw many, many great bands at The On Broadway, I guess though that if I were to choose what venue I saw the most bands it would probably be The Farm, but that is another story. Most notable show was at The Elite Club (The Filmore) in around 1982 or '83 with The Dead Kennedys, TSOL, and The Bad Brains and I think.....Bad Posture. I was very drunk that night and the only reason that I know I was there, is tthat my friends to this day, keep telling me I was there and how I acted. Anyways, my old buddy Jeff Rahn who would later sing for The MRR darlings Diesel Queens turned me onto this strange group out in our church parking lot. The name Dead Kennedys and a singer called Jello Biafra who smeared mayonaise and other assorted goods all over him made this band like my UK counterparts have with The Sex Pistols. Kind of a forbidden fruit so to speak. Well at the time I was into bands like Gen X, Pistols, Clash, SLF, Ramones, Damned, Dead Boys, Buzzcocks etc. I was not into US Hardcore that much. Well that did change and now I list the DKs as one of my alltime faves. The On Broadway always holds a special place for me, I cut my teeth as a 16 year old going to shows, speeding, staying out all night in the Financial Dist. awaiting the next train in the morning after walking the streets to take me home so I could get grounded. Usually the grounding would last a night with me popping the window open and heading off for more fun. Those were the days. This show is heavily booted and I relish mine. I was at this show! I just wanted to highlite a great band and a great night for me. I have since seen the Jello-less DKs a few times, and hell..... my old band supported them, but to me, no matter how good East Bay Ray, and Klaus Flouride are, it is not the same. I have taken this from another Blog and for every boot on the web that I have seen, track 11, Bleed For Me does not work!!!!!!!!!!! Don't let that sway you from not DL'ing this, It is a great live document!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Pop-O-Pies White 7"

The Pop O Pies are a strange group. They are one of the more "out there" bands from San Francisco. They started out around 1979 or so and the only constant member throughout their career was Joe Pop O Pie who sang and played guitar. Tongue and cheek lyrics, interesting song titles and plain catchy tunes make this a punk classic! One of the songs on here is a cover song of a VERY famous Sixties psychedelia band. I won't tell ya what the song is because I want you to be surprised. This song was probably the most favorite Pop O Pies song live too. My vynil on this is way scratched, and so I borrowed this from the awesome Blog ISKSP. Go over there and check out some wonderful tunes. That blog is one of the best around!

The Punts-7"

Ok Ok Ok....I just got back from backpacking the High Sierra's for 5 days and had the toughest, yet the most enjoyable hike of my life. My vacation extends to this Sunday and I am hoping for some California sun at the beach.

The Punts? SF New Wave band that featured Bonnie Hayes who would morf this band into Bonnie Hayes and The Wild Combo which this A Side would be featured on their debut album. The song would also be featured in the movie Valley Girl that starred a young unkown Nicholas Cage. You know the typical story, boy from the wrong side of the tracks meets girl from the good side of town. Well it was the new wave LA version. This is somewhat lighter fare in Kennyhel77 land, but hey, I like what I like. I must state again that San Francisco had many different types of bands that formed the embryo of new music, and The Punts were one of them. Anyways DL this and bop around to a nice couple of pop songs.


Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Mercenaries 7"

Ok..all I know is that these cats were from San Francisco and released this gem in 1980. That is all I know. Sooo if anyone would like to fill me in on these guys please do. This is good garagey punk stuff here!

The Detonators-Emergency Broadcast System Lp

Started out in Los Angeles...Long Beach I think? Then relocating to San Francisco, before finally ending up in Eugene, Oregon at the end of their career. What you have hear is hardcore similar to DOA, Toxic Reasons, Kraut with a little Motorhead. I cannot believe that none of their releases have been reissued. Sometimes life is strange. This band is extremely underrated.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Big Boys-Frat Cars 7"

Well here is another Austin, Texas band. Released in 1980 this is their debut studio recorded 7". You see before this, they released Live At Rauls as a split with The Dicks. The Big Boys were insanely popular with skaters around the country which to me was strange, because they did not have the faster, faster play faster approach. The Big Boys Incorporated funk, blues, rock and punk in a very interesting and volatile blend. Vocalist Randy Bisquit Turner was a big dude that would dress in drag and scare the crap outta ya. In fact all of the Big Boys were well ummm big boys. So if you were to get offended by Randy it would be tough luck on ya! For those that know some US Hardcore history. The Bad Brains freaked out in Austin while staying with The Big Boys. You see, Randy was the first openly gay hardcore dude. I guess it did not mix with the Rasta lifestyle. What is it about Austin...MDC, Dicks, Big Boys. Other assorted trivia, the bassist would later turn up in Junkyard with Brian Baker of Minor Threat, Government Issue, Dag Nasty and now of Bad that sure is a who's who in punk huh.
Anyways, I am a big Big Boys fan and it is my pleasure to share this with you. I might even do teh Fun Fun Fun ep sometime.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Workin Stiffs-Dog Tired And More

Dog Tired And More. The Workin Stiffs and The Reducers were both Oi influenced bands that my old band played alot of shows with. Another one for the Santa Cruz connections to San Francisco just like The Swingin Utters. Speaking of them, Kevin the original bassist of The Swingin Utters was the bassist for the Workin Stiffs. Great band!!!


The Dicks-Hate Police 7"

Sorry if I am posting some stuff that some of you have. I have been thinking about posting some Dicks stuff for sometime. While watching my baseball game today (and not the US vs. Brazil game), I turned on some Dicks stuff and remembered that I should post this. From San Francisco via Austin, Texas, The Dicks were a bluesy punk band that were alot different than many of the hardcore bands of the day. Singer Gary Floyd was the only member I think to move to San Francisco and when he did he recruited a whole new lineup with Lynn Perko of Reno, Nevada's Wrecks. She would later move onto Imperial Teen with Roddy Bottum of Faith No More. Floyd would later start Sister Double Happiness which were more of a blues style band than The Dicks. What is it with all of these Texas bands relocating to San Francisco. I mean, you have MDC, Verbal Abuse, The Dicks, DRI and ohhh I cannot rememer...Attitude Adjustment??? Oh well it helped our music scene in the mid '80's.


Not the biggest Devo fan in the world, but truth be told, their first two were pretty damn good. From what I have heard, in their early days they were fantastic live. I do know they played the Mab in '77 and it was big deal. I really hated walking around in 1979-81 and having a car go by and someone would shout Devo and either throw something at you (if you were lucky), or a bunch of redneck jocks would hop out of their car and chase you for a beating. Lucky for me, I was a fast runner.
Ken -Q- Are We Not Men_ A- We Are Devo!.rar

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Units

For those that are interested in collecting stuff. I just heard that The know the one's that played synth punk from SF. The song Warm Moving Bodies....????? Well they released a box set of all of their stuff. Cool!!!

L7-Self Titled Debut

I remember playing with these gals back around 1989 or so. I think their second album had just came out. We opened for them at a big nightclub that held 1000 folks in Santa Clara called One Step Beyond. I saw The Buzzcocks (original members) there twice in 6 months, Dickies, Ramones (probably 3-4 times!), Adolescents, The Smithereens, English Dogs, Red Hot Chilli Peppers prior to them being huge. Does anyone remember the cocks in the socks thing. It was there, and I was there. The club has since long closed. Funny enough, I moved into a house a few blocks from it and well....that is another story. Back to the gig, the impression that left with me after the gig was, that they were awesome. Girls that rocked! Anyways here is their first album before the whole grunge thing started. They were a pretty big staple in the Hollywood club scene.


Alley Cats-Nothing Means Nothing Anymore 7"

From LA came The Alleycats. Early punk band that played many of the usual haunts around Los Angeles at the time. They were a 3 piece band that quickly evolved into a more "safe" sound once they started recording albums. I really don't know too much about them, other than this single was pretty damn good. One story I read was that they used to gig at Madam Wongs in downton LA. The audience got a little to crazy because of the music. The owner decided to stop booking punk acts because it seemed that punk audiences could not handle females in bands. Ie X, Alley Cats, Avengers etc. They started booking New Wave bands ala Plimsouls, 20/20 etc. What ever.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Quiet Time Is About To End

Man has it been quiet around here huh? Well that is about to change! My laptop is on its way back from the doctors and we should be in commission shortly. Sorry for the quiet folks, it will change this coming week!

Ps Angry is correct about the new Rancid album. I think this is their best since .....And Out Come The Wolves. Damn good!

Dunno if any of you watch the Food Network, but my old bands singer was on an episode with Bobby Flay. Gordy did a hell of a job and is a natural. Hope this leads to something. We all know that punk rock does not pay the bills.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Rancid - Let the Dominoes Fall

Just a little post to say how amazing this new Rancid lp is. They never cease to amaze me in coming up with the catchiest damn tunes around. 2009 has been another banner year for great releases and it's only early in the year. I won't post it here but I'm sure you will be able to find it in the internet world. Along with the new Rancid other notable great highly recommended releases have been the newest ones from Green Day, Nofx, New York Dolls and the Parasites. What a great year for music so far.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

This Is Your Captain Speaking # I Have Lost Count Post

Well you all know that my external hardive took a shit. Now my laptop is at the doctors and is getting fixed. The Doctor told me it should be a few weeks before the patient comes home. $400 to fix my little buddy.

In a seriousness, as soon as my computer comes back I will be posting more stuff. Sorry for the quiet time here folks. Hopefully Angry can fill in the spots until I return!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

URRR This Is Your Captain Speaking #3

Now my computer is on the fritz. Not as major as my other woes. Just wanted to let you all know that I will be back in action soon. Thank god Angry posted some stuff.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Anti Flag-The People Or The Gun

Ok before anyone accuses me of liking "new school" punk because I like Anti Flag and Green Day, keep in mind that Green Day started around 1988 or so and Anti Flag in the early 1990's. Ok? There!

The People Or The Gun is a quite nice return to form here. I did not care for their last one too much, but this is right back to their shouty, politico, fast punk. So far two bands in the last few weeks have put out some nice quality stuff. Next up is Rancid, and I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Green Day 21st Century Breakdown

Well I have had the chance to listen to Green Day's newest effort. With every release Green Day has done, I have always awaited them like a little kid. Just like when I was a teenager awaiting a new Jam, SLF, Clash lp. What are my impressions? This is real good. Though I think that this is something that the more you listen, the more it grows on you. Albums like that have "classic" written all over it. They have pulled out all of their influences on this one. They visit The Who, Kinks, to The Jam, Clash, Buzzcocks and Dickies. Absolutely a winner. Nice one Gilman boys!!

UXA-Illusions Of Granduer

Early Mabuhay Gardens band from San Francisco. I always felt that they were a lessor Avengers. Not bad, but never as good as them. Led by Dee Dee Detroit they were around for a year or two in San Francisco, moved to NYC. Had their guitarest (and boyfriend to Dee Dee) die. Long period of inactivity, then they move to LA and jumpstart again, with I think the drummer of Total Chaos, release another album, and then nothing. Still this is an important piece of history. I have included Some of their Tooth and Nail comp. tracks and from the Miners Benefit gig that Loud and Fast Rules movie came from. Enjoy

Here is more to add, and it is better than my awful writing.

"This actually reminded me of VKTMS only a bit brasher, and L7 only of course a bit more dated sounding. U.X.A. which stands for "United Experiments Of America" by the way was led by a lady by the name of De De. U.X.A. really only exisited in the very early '80s before they called it quits, so this is pretty much it for their original discography. Later De De went on to form the De De Troit Band, then De De Troit, then the Cotton Ponys before recently reviving U.X.A. with all new members...but anyhow back to the music. It's certainly got that pop feeling throughout and is easy enough to listen to which in a way was it's major flaw. I kind of wanted something a little more biting but at the same time it's just one of those "fun" albums that is good for occasional use. I guess their sloppyness was the biggest downfall, sometimes it can be endearing, but not here so much. The lyrics are pretty non-impressive, and the music is kinda samey which is also sort of a deterrent, but when you consider the timeline it's actually rather innovative and it is worth a listen or two. Especially if you are a fan of later female led punk bands."


The Flyboys-Crayon World 7"

The Flyboys.....From LA. This is their first 7" after that they released an Ep on Frontier (home to The Adolescents and Suicidal Tendencies, amongst others). I really do not know too much about these guys other than the fact that their Ep was made into a split with the Orange County band China White which I always felt was a mismatch due to The Flyboys being a little more "New Wave"????? Anyways I have to credit this to Kill By Death Blog, as this is where the files came from. Due to my lack of ability to post stuff, I have resorted to this. Hope they don't mind because I really like that blog ALOT.

Dag Nasty-Trouble Is 12"

Dag Nasty has always been a favorite for me. From the moment I heard the album Can I Say, I was hooked big time. After Dave Smalley, Peter Courtner took over vocals, and Doug Carrion from The Descendents was added on bass at some time. The band ended up sounding a tad different and had their releases put out on Giant which was a pretty big label at the time. In fact Government Issue released some of their later day stuff on that label too. Here is Dag Nasty's Trouble Is 12" The best part of the release for me is their wicked cover of 12XU. Nice!


Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Well I have some bad news today. Seems to be, that if I have Best Buy recover the music files on broken external hardrive it will cost me $1000. Yep that is right! $1000. I have 100 gigs of music on there and that was my quote. All is not lost though, I found a program that will upload my iPod to an external hardrive for $65. First I need to purchase a new external hardrive for around $130 or so, and I will be back and running. Hope it works! Hopefully Angry will be posting some stuff soon.

Also, I just wanted to mention the new NY Dolls album, Cause I 'Sez So. It is kind of mellow and different from what you would expect from a Dolls album. It is however quite good. Keep in one, and I mean NO ONE can match the first two NY Dolls albums. They were that good. Just wanted to say. But this is 2009 and I am digging this one!


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Really Red-Modern Needs 7"

Really Red were really good. Actually fuckin damn good. Really Red hailed from Texas and man, I have to admit, there must be something in the water, because if you look at the bands that came from Texas like, MDC, Big Boys, Hates, Dicks, Offenders, Rhythm Pigs, as well as DRI and Verbal Abuse (who located to SF and found fame and fortune) then you know what I am talking about. This is the first release by Really Red. This band was none. I will be posting more of their stuff when I am up and running again.


Well I took my external hardrive to the doctors today and the news was not good. I have to send it to another place to have my files extracted from it and transfered to a new external hardrive. What does that Mean for the fine readers of Days Of Our Youth? No new posts until my new external hardrive arrives. Sorry for this folks, and trust me, I did not want to spend $350 but I have to do what I have to do. So RIP my crappy hardrive and here's to hopping the next one works better.

Upcoming when I am up and running:

(Impatient) Youth-Don't Listen lp.....this was a request from my buddy Dave
The Dwarves-Come Clean lp

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tilt-Play Cell

Here we have a band that was a staple of 924 Gilman in the early 1990's. Fronted by one of the best female punk singers of alltime, Cinderblock, Tilt were just plain awesome! Imagine Janis Joplin fronting a punk band and you will get it! This release was on Lookout I think and then they moved to Fat. I always thought that they had a little X in them too.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dropkick Murhpys-Tessie

A little insight here. I am a baseball fanatic. I am an avowed SF GIANTS fan. Have been my whole life. Same goes for my SF 49ers. If you don't like my teams, then, well who gives a fuck. Either you like sports or you don't. I do. Red Sox fans are obnoxious and loud. It seems that they are all over the USA like Yankee fans. All smug and thinking that there choice in teams make them a special little person. Good for you! Me, I support a team that has not won a World Series since the 1950' fact they have not won one in since they moved to San Francisco from NYC. Man 50 years is a long stretch! We have been close though, versus the Angels we were a few innings away of winning one. That would have been awesome to see, because sometimes I don't think it will happen in my lifetime. Well back to The Red Sox and there annoying, self important fans. Every game they sing the Neil Diamond song Sweet Caroline in the middle of the game. Just watch the Jimmy Fallon movie Fever Pitch and you will know what I am talking about. Tessie, the song from this post is another one. Though, The Dropkick Murphys do a fantastic version of it, so I will let them off of the hook. My team has I Left My Heart In San Francisco by Tony Bennett whenever my beloved Giants win a game. A nice way to end a fun afternoon at the yard. Though, this does not happen enough. Anyways here it is.

Oh and if I ever see another stinkin Red Sox fan with a tattered Red Sox cap strolling around, I just may swat the f...!