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Monday, March 30, 2009

Here We Go Again-And No It Is Not The Dolly Parton Song

Travis Criscola, guitar player of the Cute Lepers passed on. Fucking damnit! 24 years old too. Apparently mixing alcohol and pills just don't do it. I drink and take mild sleeping pills to make it until morning quite alot. Makes me want to re-think that one. Anyways, I have lost alot of friends over the years and it always comes as a shock and something that you will never get used to. Funny how, when I pulled the plug on my old man, it did not faze me at all. Hell I even worked that night. Bastard! I really like The Briefs, but man I love The Cute Lepers!! This is a bummer. Oh well....RIP Travis!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

CH3-Last Time I Drank I Though Of You Lp

Well it has been rather quiet on my part this weekend. Been ripping some stuff as well as doing some home stuff. Channel 3 from the Los Angeles area has always been rather a big favorite of mine. Their early stuff on Poshboy were a nice mix of Clash inspired American Hardcore that I dug. Their 2nd album After The Lights Go Out remains one special album to me. After that release the band had some lineup changes and Jay Lansford joined from The Stepmothers. If anyone is familiar with Jay's writing abilities you will know that the cat can write some pretty good tunes. With his influence, CH3 became more Clash and Alarm inspired, as well as reaching back into past influences, like the song Lord Of The Thighs that CH3 covers on this album by Aerosmith. Don't let that put you off, it is actually quite good! This album was released on Enigma which in the mid to late '80's had some pretty cool bands like Agent Orange, TSOL, The Effigies, and some others.


TMZ-No I Don't Watch It!!

Just thought it was funny that evertime that I am surfing channels, there is one dude that looks like Jeff Spicolli from Fast Times At Ridgemont High. Each show he has a different t-shirt on by a different band. Examples would be The Adolescents, Social Distortion, Motorhead, etc. Just thought it was cool that the guy is flying the old school thing.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Another One Gone

Just found out today that Bob Noxious passed away last Christmas. Shows you how out of things I am. Bob was the singer of The Fuck Ups. I posted their wonderful FU 82 Ep a week or so. The top photo, I think is the Tool and Die in the Mission Dist. A dive of a venue in a basement. I remember that you had to take some rickety stairs to get down there. Tough neighborhood too! I just wanted to share this for whoever cares.


Friday, March 27, 2009

Angelic Upstarts-Solidarity 12"

For me, I have had a love affair with The Upstarts since 1980 or so when I bought the Backstage Pass album that feartured them, along with SLF, UK Subs, The Rejects and Manufactured Romance (whom I have a whole cd of their stuff to show off sometime!!!) and I think Cyanide too. Well anyways, it is funny how much Angry and I parrelel with our taste. We both love The Angelic Upstarts Still From The Heart, but when the singles were coming out for the album Reason Why I was stoked. 42nd Street, Woman In Disquise, etc. Masterpiece folks!! I have always had a soft spot for this 12" because this was the one that confirmed to me their greatness would continue and a return to form was happening. 1983 was a fun year for me. Not only did I see The UK Subs, Anti Nowhere League, but also PATTB and of course The Angelic Upstarts.. I LOVE THE ANGELIC UPSTARTS!!!!!

45 Grave - Phantoms EP

Ok kids, here is another post as the weekend is here. My job has me working more, and making the same amount. My bosses also want my co-workers and I to put in 10 hours a day and 14 on Mondays. I am in sales so I kind of wonder WTF! Oh well. Fuck my bosses.
Here we have a wonderful little ditty that came out in 1983. If you are not familiar with 45 Grave, then here is a little history. Formed with ex-members of The Bags, Consumers (who's All My Friends Are Dead, I posted a month ago), and The Germs, 45 Grave were ghoulish Hollywood band that flirted with Death Rock or for our UK counterparts, Goth. Alongside TSOL, who changed image as much as music, Christian Death, and The Super Heroines, 45 Grave were part of a little musical movement within hardcore in the Los Angeles area. Fronted by the ever impressive Dinah Cancer (Get it?), they were instantly popular and were a mainstay in the Hollywood rock scene up until around 85-87??? Hope you like this. I know I do.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A mention

I have to admit, I have a soft spot for Towers Of London. Dunno why! Mix Guns And Roses, who's Appetite For Destruction I rate as one of the greatest rock albums this side of Never Mind The Bollocks and welll The Sex Pistols and you get TOL. I remember when The Manic St. Preachers came around and how they were media darlings and of course the build them up and tear them down brigade got a hold of them. Oh well. Another band I dig right now is Sonic Boom 6. Mix rap, dub, hardcore and you get one interesting band. These guys and gal can play. They are the real deal. Just my 2 cents.


Angry and I have quirky taste. We like the underdog album that most people slate. Actually him more than me, but I too like albums that are a tad different. This is so badly disowned by the band that they will not reissue it. I think this is a shame and a crime. I have been a longtime fan of Bad Religion and think that their attitude towards their second album is quite ridiculous. With its folk and prog influences it turned off a good number of punks...Oh well. You judge! I am trying to keep this as incognito as possible so that it does not get pulled by Brett. If you leave a comment, just leave a comment on whether you like it or not without mentioning the title. I will be posting their "comeback" Ep later. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!This is my last post this week. Everyone have a nice week, live life to its fullest and smile.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Crucifix-1984 Ep

One of the most intense bands to come out of the San Francisco scene. Crucifix were more akin to GBH, Dishcharge, etc than many of the bands from around here. If you like early 80's thrash then this is for you. I saw them a few times and loved them. Many of my friends had the same look of mowhawks, big spikey hair and naw! I have to admit that between San Francisco, Portland Oregon, and Seattle the scene's were much more intense.


For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to put my requests on the right side of the page. Instead it at the bottom of the page. Quite frankly, I don't know if that is permanent or not. If you can help me with these small requests that would be cool.

The Fuck Ups-FU82

The glorious Fuck Ups from San Francisco. MRR's most hated band! The first song is White Boy which Bob Noxious sings about walking around San Francisco's Mission Dist. For those that don't know, The Mission District, or The Mission as we say, is a latino enclave that borders the SOMA Dist. and Noe Valley. Loads of gang problems and crime, but with some of the best Mexican food around! MRR black balled The Fuck Ups for this song, stating that they were racist. Noooo they're not! MRR was a bible to alot of us during the 80's, but as I have gotten older have realized that they were dictating their own agenda in the punk scene here. With no voice to air their own views, The Fuck Ups had to play incognito and such. Now I am not saying that Bob Noxious was a saint. Far from that. He was notorious for attacking other lead singers of bands he did not like and he managed to do so to Ian McKaye of Minor Threat at either The Tool and Die or the Mab I cannot remember which. Also I think guitarest Joe Dirt was in Society Dog too. I cannot remember if that is correct or not. If someone knows, tell me. I must check out some of my Ripper fanzines and check up on this. It has been tooooo long. So here it is with all of the controversy. You, my fine readers and DL'ers make up your own mind. I have also included their track on the Mystic Comp. We Got Power for your listening pleasure.

Society Dog-Working Class People 7"

Since I posted their first single, I might as well post their second and final one. Longy was somewhat interested in hearing it, so here it is. I have added as a bonus, their track on the SF Underground Vol. 2 also. Great garagey punk here folks. I keep threatening to post the Code of Honor Beware The Savage Jaw, which I will in time.

The Avengers-S/T

The to the DKs they would be probably the second most popular band from that time period in San Francisco. They recorded their first single on Dangerhouse Label out of LA and would release an Ep, have Steve Jones of The Sex Pistols produce some stuff and I think, nick the song Second To None and change the title to 123, open for The Sex Pistols at Winterland along with The Nuns, and have Penelope work with Howard Deveto of Magazine. I saw The Avengers with The Dead Kennedys sans Jello, Flipper, and The Mutants a couple of years ago. That was awesome!!!! We even managed to show up the weekend before at the wrong show and blag our way into the venue and see some bad reggae. Oh well we came back the next week and saw the one of the better shows of my life. The Avengers play out still, Penelope and Greg Ingraham, along with Joel Reader? and another guy. Man they are still good too. The Avengers re-recorded 3 songs awhile back, and I have to tell you that they have not lost one bit of the fire and venom from the early days. It makes you wonder what they could do today,or are they afraid to tarnish their legacy? Here is a compilation of stuff that was released on CD Presents who would also release a few other recordings, as well as The Rat Music For Rat People comps. Paul Rat, the owner of CD Presents did shows around San Francisco and was never known as a trustworthy guy. From what I understand, this recording was obtained with not the best intentions. The Avengers have a cdr available of this compilation for sale on their site if you are interested. I purchased the vinyl back in 1982 or so and the cd around 1989-1990??? Sometimes you can find it on Ebay for some ridiculous prices, probably why The Avengers sell it on their site. Here is a couple of interesting facts for you. Bassist Jimmy Wilsey would go onto play guitar with Chris Isaak who's band Silvertone was a fixture at rockabilly nights at The Mabuhay Gardens, and would gain mega status of course, and Brad Kent who played in DOA played guitar on the song Corpus Christi. Penelope would go onto a successful folk career after The Avengers folded for those that are interested.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Funny How Things Are

Today I am sitting around in my house. For those that don't know where I live, I live in Scotts Valley, California. SV is in the Santa Cruz Mountains between Los Gatos (suburb of San Jose) and Santa Cruz which is on the coast. Lucky me that I live in a town of 14,000 and have the ocean 10 minutes from my house and the 10th largest city 15 minutes away. We live just 60 miles south of San Francisco. I am sitting in my house looking at the big Redwood trees sway from our storm and enjoying some good down time. BUT that is not the reason for this post.

How many times have you listened to something and thought.....Errrrr I love this bands earlier stuff but this just does not do it for me at all! Case in point was The Adverts Cast Of Thousands. I hated this the first time I listened to it. Fast forward to 2008 and I am listening to I Will Walk You Home and something clicks. Now the album is one of my favorites. Just love it! Funny how after so many years you can go back and re-avaluate a release and realize how damn good it is. Well it happened to me again today. Hanging out and listening to The Undertones, I thought you know, I am going to listen to Sin Of Pride. It happened! Much better than I remembered. Keep in mind that it is nothing like their debut or Hypnotized, but worthy of making it more of a focus now.

Now I am asking you folks out there. What album has done that to you?

The Senseless Things-Postcard CV....By Request

Ok.... by request we have Postcard CV. I will let it be known, I am a big time Senseless Things fan. Saw them supporting Blur a long time ago. There were 15 people there to see them. It did not matter to the Seneless Things, they were awesome!! Saw MC4 a few months later in San Francisco and there were even less to see them headline. Too bad. Their (San Francisco) loss, my gain!!! Anyways despite the hippy type cover, this was some of the best stuff coming out of the UK in the late 80's-early '90's. Funny, I remember reading Big Takeover a long time ago, and Jack (the editor) would slag them for playing to fast and losing the plot. You see, Jack has exceptional taste in music, so I was always suprised that he did not warm to them as much as he did with MC4 or Leatherface. His loss, my gain. Bigtime Buzzcocks influence in their early stuff too, and that is more than ok in my book!

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Bags-All Bagged Out '77-'80

The Bags. Another female fronted LA punk band. Some of you might know that the bassist in The Bags also played in Legal Weapon (who I will post some stuff later on), as well as playing in Sisters Of Mercy and more famously the bassist of The Damned on Grave Disorder, as well as being married to Dave Vanian. The Bags released a single appeared on one comp. and then splintered. You can see them in the excellent movie Decline Of Western Civilization, which was filmed around 1980 or so. This comp. came out and disapeared just as fast. It includes their single, comp. tracks, live stuff and some demos. They were another band, like The Weirdos, who had some muscle in their music. Feels like I am on a Death Rock kick here. Love this!!


Monday, March 16, 2009

RIP Jonithin Christ 1958-2009

Death just sucks! I know that it is part of life, but man, when othes that are your contemporaries leave, it just hits home more. Jonithin was the singer of Code Of Honor a great hardcore band from San Francisco. I posted some Tools stuff earlier if you remember. Mike Fox would go onto leave The Tools and start Sic Pleasure and Code Of Honor. I saw Code Of Honor a few time at The On Broadway and always thought they were pretty good. Their ablum Beware The Savage Jaw is an album I highly rate. In fact, funny enough I have been thinking about putting it on this blog the past few days. Anyways another one gone. RIP Jonathin

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Senseless Things Girlfriend 7"

To all my good friends out there that visit here. I have made some requests for stuff and everyone has been soooo kind in helping fill in some holes within my music collection, I just wanted to let you all know how much I appreciate it! I have one more....and this one is very important to me. I am looking for the Senseless Things Girlfriend B/W Standing In The Rain single. Does anyone have this???????? I am desperately running out of ways to find this single.


Sweet Baby-It's A Girl

Ok this is my last post probably for the week due to work BS. I have been thinking about posting this for sometime and I am going to do it now. Sweet Baby hailed from the San Francisco area in the late '80's. They were the first big time band that came out of the 924 Gilman St. scene. For me, I have very fond memories of that venue. I played many gigs their with my first band Breakdown, then onto Slip and then The Forgotten. I played some amazing gigs there and I will always remember Gilman St. with happy memories. Sweet Baby were before Green Day. Back then, Green Day were called Sweet Children and the ep Turn It Around had just come out from MRR. Sweet Baby were the OG dadies of Pop Punk at Gilman. Mix The Ramones with garage rock and you might have an idea of how Sweet Baby sounds. Drummer Sergie Loobkoff would go onto playing guitar in Samiam with one of the guys from Social Unrest . Anyways enough meandering. Give this a shot, if you like Ramonesy style punk.


Hey folks, this is it for me today and I just wanted to leave a little post about a new band of old guys. The Dipsomaniacs hail from Sunderland and have some members of some bands that you might have heard of. Like Red Alert, Red London, The Pits, and of course the mighty Leatherface. I got this the other day and I have to say, that it is real good. You can check it out at

Just wanted to pass this along.

The Weirdos-We Got The Neutron Bomb 7"

The Weirdos. What can I say about one of the greatest bands to come out of Los Angeles in 1977. In my opinion they were one of the best to come out of the whole Masque scene. Out of all the bands that were plying their trade in the late '70s in California, The Weirdos were a band that could have been in the UK and would have stood shoulder to shoulder with the best. That is no disrespect towards my UK brethren, but these guys were amazing. Here it is folks!

The Descendents-'Merican Ep

Nice Ep here by the mighty Descendents. 4 songs and on the 4th it has a hidden track, so really there is 5 songs. The title track is a play on how my state and some here seem to think that you have to be white to belong here. California borders Mexico and alot of our labor comes from Mexico. They are hard working folks that do jobs that some of us don't want to do. More power to them I say. Anyways, this is about as political as The Descendents will ever get. This Ep is great! The song Here With Me is a bonafide Descendents classic and ranks up there with their best. These guys have been going since 1978 in one incarnation or the other with Milo the singer and Bill Stevenson on drums, who I believe is one of the best drummers around. If you like this please check out All, essentially the same band but with a different singer. Anyways, if it is either The Descendents or All, both bands are the originators of American poppy punk. BUT please don't think that they have anything to do with the crappy stuff you hear that is considered modern day punk.

The Price

Another request here. I have only heard one song by The Price and that was on a Released Emotions (Great late '80's label). Does anyone have stuff by them? I just have the song Standing In Your Way and it is fantastic!!! Help!

Leatherface-Compact And Bijou

Remember buying this at a defunct record store in the Mission Dist. of San Francisco, it was the one that MRR had started, I just cannot remember the name. It was Slip's first show and I was with Lars (Rancid) who was our guitar/singer. I remember him looking at me and this ep and I am sure he was thinking WTF is that! Anyways, this was my introduction into one of the greatest bands to come out of the UK since I can remember. Leatherface along with Senseless Things, MC4, Perfect Daze, The Sect, The Manics,The Price, etc had a nice little scene going. I remember just going nuts trying to find everything they had.

Guitar Gangsters-Prohibition

This band just gets no respect. I don't know why either. Great tunefull, melodic punk rock. Played extremely well with everything that you'd expect from any of your heroes. These guys have been going at it since the late 70's in different bands together. The Guitar Gangsters started around '87 or so and have been at it since. This is their first release and I think Mick from The Business played drums on some or all of the tracks. Good ole Micky, spent an evening with him at a Cocksparrer show in San Francisco. Nicest guy one would meet. Anyways, this album is about as perfect as perfection can be.

The Effigies-Body Bag 7"

Ok I lied yesterday and I am going to post some more here. I do have to start a paint project and I have my baseball game on today (San Francisco Giants!!!) and etc. Anyways, here is The Effigies out of Chicago. Between Kraut, Black Market Baby, Toxic Reasons, Zero Boys and some others, this is what I would describe as meat and potatoes punk. Something that is in the water in the midwest. The Effigies blended Gang Of Four, Killing Joke with some muscular sounding guitar playing. With each release they would expand their sound and songwriting. Kind of like what Naked Raygun who like The Effigies hail from Chicago. In fact, family too! Here is there first single.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Late 80's UK Punk

Just wanted to throw this out there. Some of my favorite bands are MC4, Senseless Things, and Leatherface. Is anyone looking for any of their stuff???

THE Lazy Cowgirls-Somewhere Down The Line

Ok here is my final one for today. I know that Angry has some coming down the pipeline too. You know how work is, and this could be it for me this week. The Lazy Cowgirls....Yep THE FUCKIN LAZY COWGIRLS!!! I am not sure how many of you out there have heard of them, but they are a treasure that is missed. Mix The Saints, Heartbreakers, NY Dolls, with a little country twang ala Hank Williams and that is what you have. Damn they were good. I got to see them once and I was purely blown away. From the midwest and transplanted to the Los Angeles area around the mid 80's, these guys were the last great hope for awhile! Anyways, this is their second to last album??? A tad more subdued here, but all you have to do is hear Somwhere Down The Line or But It's Alright Now and you will want to smash up your house. My wife caught me doing just that and I got into trouble and had to leave for awhile. Ken is a bad boy, don't mix alcohol and sleeping pills. Give this a try, it is THAT good!

Killing Joke-Almost Red

Firstly, I want to credit Kill Your Pet Puppy for this post. This is a hard to find release and the only place that I could find it at was there. I have always been a big fan of Killing Joke and this release is no exception. Dig it! Anyways if you'd like go over to Kill Your Pet Puppy and check out there stuff, it is an amazing blog.
I just wanted to highlite this great release so here it is. Hope they don't mind!!!

MIA-After The Fact

A little history here folks. MIA came from Las Vegas, Nevada, land of sin. They released two fine hardcore statements: Last Rites and Genocide and the amazing album on Alternative Tentacles entitled Murder In A Foreign Place. The band breaks up and Mike their singer moves to Orange County. You know The OC, land of babes, surfing, skating, and some of the best punk rock bands around. He hooks up with Mark from No Crisis and a couple of others and they release Notes From The Underground which in my HUMBLE opinion was quite good. After that release MIA cameback to the studio to record After The Fact. This is my favorite of theirs by far. For those that care, I am a big The Momma's and The Poppa's fan. MIA do a great version of California Dreamin'. I am a sucker for good harmonies I guess. A year of so after the release they broke up. Mark and the bassist (who's name escapes me) start Big Drill Car who would have some success on Cruz Records who were a subsid of SST. Mike would go onto run a popular niteclub in Costa Mesa. A few years ago when in Chicago, Mike slipped on a icy parkinglot and hit his head on the pavement and sadly passed away. It is always tough when you hear of your peers dying. I am 45 and I realize that dying in your 40's is just way too early.
This is dedicated to all my friends who have passed on over the years.

The Faction- Corpse In Disquise 7"

Ok now for a little introduction. The Faction started around 1981 or so. Steve Cabellero played bass and was better known as a pro skater. The Drunk Injuns and Los Olividados go into hybernation and Ray joins them on bass, moving Stevie to 2nd guitar. Actually, let's back up here. All members skate....and skate alot. Well you know the California lifestyle of surfing and skating, etc right. Well The Faction hail from San Jose, California and that is where I spent my entire life up until two years ago. Now I live in Scotts Valley which is between San Jose and Santa Cruz and the ocean. I digress. Anyways when Ray joined the band, The Faction became more than the little brother band to both Los Olividados and The Drunk Injuns. To my ears they also changed sound and became a tad heavier? The Faction were probably San Jose's most known band until the mod influenced Odd Numbers and my band The Forgotten came around. They only toured once across the USA with The Drab, who's guitar player Sean and I would start a band called Slip with Lars in his pre-Rancid days. Gordy would take Lars' place and Gordy and I would start The Forgotten. Convulted and interesting. Well I would get to know Ray quite well over the years, because he was our soundman at the bar that I bartended at for ages. All of the guys are great people and The Faction were my faves from San Jose. Oh and Longy, the singer Gavin from The Faction bleeds West Ham........And in fact RIP Robert (Hammer fan, and dear Bro').

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Second Post Here

For those that don't know, I dig Oi and UK82 stuff to Anarcho stuff. I was thinking about posting stuff that associated with any 3 of those scenes. You know from Zounds, The Mob, Omega Tribe, Icon AD or the 4 Skins, Blitz, One Way System, or dunno maybe some Screaming Dead. Just some thoughts. Leave comments and let me know. I don't wanna be a copy cat of Nation On Fire.

Punk Friction

Funny how you strike up friendships with others. I have been until recently a member over at Talkpunk for the past 5 years or so. One of the original members and before that I was buying boots from Paul at his site Punk 77. I have met some fantastic people over the course of time such as a certain NI punker that has turned me onto so many fantastic NI bands it is crazy. Another would be my partner in crime here. Angry has more knowledge and enthusiasm about music than I can have in 20 Kennyhel77 bodies. Which brings me to our brother blog site Punk Friction. Even though Longy has shit taste in footie (him being a Chelsea FC fan)....(wink!) and me being a casual to ardent West Ham fan at times makes for fun. I know the pride you take in your teams because we have it here in the states and I live and die with my teams....PERIOD!!!!. The only difference is we don't have the ICF here.......Anyways, I just wanted to give thanks and say how much myself, and I am sure Angry too, for the help and encouragement the man has bestowed on us. It is appreciated!!!! So go over there and find some cool stuff. From Spear Of Destiny to Elvis Costello to The Wall and over to Sham, the man has good taste!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Bodies-S/T LP

Ok here is my 3rd attempt to post this damn thing....don't ask!!! The Bodies were a band that my old band used to play with alot. Along with The Bodies, Swingin Utters, Reducers, One Man Army, The Forgotten, The Randumbs, Workin Stiffs we had a nice little scene going on here. This is The Bodies debut album. I will upload their debut Ep if anyone is intersted.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Motorhead-On Parole

Here is a suprise for you all. I bet that you did not know that I am a huge Motorhead fan. Yep I am! Seen them many times and I have to say that they have rocked everytime that I have seen them. This is there On Parole album recorded with Larry Wallis on guitar from the Pink Fairies. Maybe all of you punk rockers might know that name. He is the one that wrote Police Car that The Members covered. Anyways, this is not as good as the album Motorhead, but this is more of a historical kind of thing. This was recorded and then, only released after Motorhead had gained some fame. I like it, not love it. Check it out!

A Plea For Help...Once Again! This Time It Is Red Alert- Blood, Sweat N Beers

Help once again. This might be my last ask for help here. Ummm Dunno how many folks that visit this site know, but I am a HUGE fan of early 80's UK Oi. From The Cockney Rejects (not really Oi) to Red London..I love it!! I have one glaring need and I just cannot find a cd or a blog that has this album on their blog. The band is Red Alert and the album is Blood, Sweat 'N' Beers. This is their first comeback album from 1992. I have been quite lucky with getting my requests ie The Contractions-Rules and Regulations 7", Red London's Outlaws album and Pride and Passion ep. For me this is just important to have. WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE TAKE PITY ON ME!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Help With A D.I. Single

For the life of me I cannot believe that moron me lost this single! I am looking for Surfin' Anarchy B/W Uncontrollable Urge. Yep that Devo song! Does anyone have files for this???? Help!!!