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Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Enemy Lie To Me

Ok here we go again with another UK band from the whole UK82 punk days reforming. Here we have 3 songs that defintaley up to snuff with their older stuff. I must admit that I was unaware of this band when they were around back in the day. It took Capt. Oi! reissuing most of the catalog for me to hear them. Great mid paced punk similar to what Chron Gen and The Partisans were doing. I really like this single a lot. Make sure you all go out and buy this as it is available on iTunes and other outlets.

And Now A Message From Our Sponsers!

Hey all, I have decided to post less music in the future. The blog is not going away, but kinda changing formats. I have decided to make this more like a zine with reviews, show reviews and interviews. Pretty much everything is out there to find and there is a great community making obscure and out of print stuff available for us to listen to. I hope you all check in when something new happens here and please be gentle on my writing skills as I suck....haha

Monday, February 25, 2013


Holy cow this can possibly album of the year. Somehow, somewhere, The UK Subs have pulled out a bonafide classic! Nothing weak on this baby at all, in fact this album kind of reminds me of Endangered Species....well side 1 really hehe. I have always been a huge Nick Garrett fan and always loved when he played with The Subs because of his inventive style and top notch playing. Well The UK Subs have had a rotating cast of guitar players from Capt. Scarlett to the latest with Jet. Man I have to say that Jet's playing is the best since Nicky by far. That is not to denigrate the others over the years, but Jet just has that something special that makes you stick out more. What can I say about the songs? Implosion 77 is a classic Subs track like I have come to expect from them. The ending with the keyboards is icing on the it! I have been a fan since 1979-1980 and have always awaited each and every UK Subs album with anticipation like a kid in a candy store. Heck, Charlie and Co. stayed at my house during their Mad Cow Fever tour. Lars (Rancid) was a one time Subs guitar player and that is how I met him...sound checking Warhead. We would go on and start a band, and the rest is history for all of us. XXIV ranks up there with any of the fist four UK Subs albums. This is that good. Please, Please, go out and buy this as you are purchasing history!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Does Anyone Have This Release From Pressure?

I have been looking for this forever on the net and cannot find it. They released two 12" in the early to mid '80's. Kinda were part of the whole new wave of bands that came out of the whole UK82 thing...more like positive punk with some gothy vibes. Kinda like Blitz when they released Second Empire. Anyways, I have the song Pressure, but not the two B sides..HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, my You Talk We Talk copy is quite dodgy. If anyone has a good rip of this I would be greatful. Thanks!

For Those That Want

Here you go.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

20 Flight Rockers NYC Sessions or their Ep HELP!

Ex Generation X from the mid 80's and it is pretty good. I have heard a couple of cuts and wow, good stuff. Does anyone have this??????