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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Onslaught-Shadow Of Death

More on the heavy side of things than what I usually post. Onlslaught started our in the early 1980's playing bills alongside The Varukers, Discharge, English Dogs, Broken Bones and others. I first became aware of them by reading MRR and if anyone had spiky hair like those bands I mentioned then I liked them. The first record I got was in 1985 entitled Power From Hell. Not as punkish as I would have liked but still pretty high on the whole doom and thrash area. Years later this little gem was released which contains their early demos from 1983-1984 and boy are these good. Like the bands I mentioned above you get the same great quality tunes. Enjoy!

GLM- Chemical Landslide

Who is GLM???? How about calling them The Lurkers! Yes that is correct. Pete Stride, Esso and Nigel More have gotten back together to form Gods Lonely Men or GLM. I have the album and I strongly suggest that you pick it up. Not bad at all and a little darker than their prior work back in the late 70's to 1982. The vocals might bug me a bit and I got to thinking why not have Arturo sing? Oh well, again, this is pretty good. Go to their site and check out some tunes and buy this thing!