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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bruce Foxton/From The Jam-Back In The Room

Christmas day is here.....after a wait that seems like a friggen eternity, From The Jam have released their debut album...I am VERY biased so to say that it is a 10 out of 10 will have to be taken with a grain of salt....yeah it really is that good though. Find it under Bruce Foxton...dunno why...Paul Weller from The Jam, and Style Council as well as Steve Cropper from Boooker T, as well as Ray Davies from the legendary Kinks make appearances on this album. So happy to see my heroes record a tremendous album! Track One: Ride, a nice soaring instrumental that sets the pace nicely for the album Track Two: No. 6, this has been on constant rotation for the last week. Nice hammond organ playing as well as hooks to die for! Track Three: Don't Waste My Time, sounds like a Style Council song mixed with some classic Jam moments. Nice horns and Russel really stands out with some great guitar parts. Track Four: Window Shopping, reminds me of Sound Effect era meets Funeral Pyre territory. Some cool psychedelic playing in this. Track Five: Glad I Found My Tears, possibly my favorite on here. Haunting and sooo cool. Track Six: The Wide Open Road, another instrumental (bookends for A side to start and the B side???) reminds of The Who...I could see this on Quadrophenia...riding your scooter along a seaside town, blaring this song...not a care in the world! Track Seven: Find My Way Home, Bruce is singing this one, a tad Wilco style playing with the slashing style.....maybe Weller? Good but not the best song on here. Track Eight: The Gaffa, Boogie woogie going on here. Man Russel sounds like Paul here...or is it Paul? Track Nine: Drifting Dreams, moody, nice texture, sublime. Just beautiful. Russel was such a great add to this band. Track Ten: Coming On Strong, Reminds of some of The Jam's better moments. Have to admit the drumming on this album is damn good too. Track Eleven, Reflection, one of the more upbeat rockers here. Another Bruce sung song. Love it, kinda reminds me of The Gift era Track Twelve: Senses Of Summer, Reminds me of Rubber Soul, White Album era of The this song!! Norwegian Woods???? Overall this is a great album. Sure there will be comparisons, but who plays on this would you expect anything less. Yes it does sound like The Jam and to my ears that is NOT a bad thing. Sound Effects meets The Gift in 2012. Please buy this, you will not be disappointed.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Here is a cool treat. This was offered for a time on the Time and Matter site for The UK Subs, Here you have Charlie and Co. going through The Epliletics Tube Disasters....this is very cool.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Out Of Action

Sorry for the lack of posts computer has been acting strange of late. My screen went black and I thought that it had bitten the dust. Today I turned it on and it is working. If this continues then I will repost a few requests here. The False Prophets and Shattered Faith come into mind here. If I go on another prolonged absense then it is the computer again. I will be buying a new one in the next few months. Just wanted to add that.