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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Top 10 Of 2012

Lists lists lists.....I debated with myself back and fourth over whether to do one or not. In the end I decided to, whether you like my choices or not. In fact, 2012 turned out to be a fantastic year for new releases and I am glad to have been able to hear a lot of great stuff. Oi! sure had its moments as did punk from the UK and US and Canada. Without further ado, here is my list and why And for the top spot it is................... 1. Bruce Foxton/From The Jam-Back In The Room What can I say....this is a perfect album. Yes I am a massive Jam fan and was gutted when they broke up in 1982. Listening to this album has brought back many memories of why I loved The Jam so much. If you have not heard this and you are a Jam fan, please do as soon as possible. From The Jam have been touring for the last five years or so and have not disappointed. I really hope they continue releasing new stuff like this. 2. Classics Of Love-Self Titled There debut Ep was fantastic and hinted at great things, but wow, when I got this I was clearly BLOWN away. Mixing hardcore, punk and some ska, this album still gets regular spins at my home. For those that dig Op Ivy, this is for you. 3. CH3-Land Of The Free This was actually a single but I have all the bonus tracks and that is what I am basing this on. CH3 have always been one of my alltime faves from the whole LA/OC early 80's hardcore scene and still are. Such a great comeback album that CH3 released a few years was it good. Throw in a killer cover of The Nils classic Scratches and Needles and you could just tell that CH3 were still tops at their game. about they have topped that? This collection of songs show you how real hardcore/punk is all about. This is damn good. 4. Cockney Rejects-East End Babylon Title of the movie about our famous East End lads. After the dreadful Unforgiven I had given up on these herberts. Maybe I was a bit premature here. Wow is this a great album. All the trademark Rejects hallmarks are here. Shouted terrace chants, muscle of guitar sound, and the typical aggro you'd expect. Welcome back lads, great album! 5. The Stranglers- Giants Another band that I had written off in the 90's. Norfolk Coast was a nice return to form and boy am I a sucker for JJ's bass line rumblings. Nice to see that back for sure. Then Came Suite XVI and holly crap. Nirvana! Having Baz take over vocal duties cinched the deal. The comes Giants! Another fantastic release by a band that is still as relevant today as in 1977. Not as manic as Suite...but man that rumble of the bass, the swirling keyboards...gets me everytime! 6. Bob Mould-Silver Age Holly crap! Where did this come from. For those that have longed for Husker Du or Sugar again, well here it is. I am not a big fan of solo Bob Mould but this album harkens back to his other two bands. Fucking fantastic. Love it!!!!!! 7. DOA-We Come In Peace Another strong DOA album. Still relevant today as in 1977. The pioneers of hardcore once again deliver. Nice duet with Jello too! 8. OFF!-Self Titled This is what hardcore sounds like. Like a time capsule to 1981. Short one minute songs. Pissed off fury. Any kid that wants to know what true hardcore sounds like needs to listen to this to understand. Wish more bands had this blue print. 9. Madness-Oui Oui Si Si Ja Ja Da Da The return of the nutty boys. Yes I am a big ska, rocksteady, bluebeat, early reggae and two tone nut. This is a fine return to form by Madness. Love this album. If I had more time to digest it, it might have been further up the list. Great album for sure!! 10. Toy Dolls- Album After Last One I have always love The Toy Dolls since Dig That Groove. Saw them at the On Broadway (defunct venue in San Francisco above The Mabuhay Gardens) with Toxic Reasons....great night until I got arrested....anyway this is another album that is a return to form. Decca's Drinking Dilemma is friggen hilarious. In fact check out the video on Youtube. Decca told me he loves this BTW (for those that do not know, Decca was the drummer of The Angelic Upstarts and has played in Crashed Out and now plays with Tony Van Frater of Red Alert and The Cockney Rejects called The Moscow Mules). I always have a place for this band! Honorable mentions: The Adicts-All The Young Droogs Swingin' Utters- The Librarians Are Hiding Something Bad Brains-Into The Future Argy Bargy-Hopes Dreams Lies & Schemes Guitar Gangsters-The Class of '76 Hugh Cornwell-Totem and Taboo The Saints-King Of The Sun Joey Ramone- Ya Know Killing Joke MMXII PIL-This Is PIL Magazine-No Thyself Amebix-Sonic Mass Well there you go. I am sure I have missed some but these are the albums that made me smile this year. Merry Christmas to all

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Swingin' Utters-The Libararians Are Hiding Something

Another great release by the re-energized Utters! Both songs are in the same vein as their last full length. I spoke to John that last time they played in Santa Cruz and he told me that they finally are back to being a cohesive unit...meaning that they have rehearsal space and the time and commitment to write songs and fully develop what they are doing. Well judging by all the touring they are doing and how they have been releasing new material, it sure seems this way. 2012 is beginning to look like a good music year and this single will be in my top 10 at the end of the year...easily!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Onslaught-Shadow Of Death

More on the heavy side of things than what I usually post. Onlslaught started our in the early 1980's playing bills alongside The Varukers, Discharge, English Dogs, Broken Bones and others. I first became aware of them by reading MRR and if anyone had spiky hair like those bands I mentioned then I liked them. The first record I got was in 1985 entitled Power From Hell. Not as punkish as I would have liked but still pretty high on the whole doom and thrash area. Years later this little gem was released which contains their early demos from 1983-1984 and boy are these good. Like the bands I mentioned above you get the same great quality tunes. Enjoy!

GLM- Chemical Landslide

Who is GLM???? How about calling them The Lurkers! Yes that is correct. Pete Stride, Esso and Nigel More have gotten back together to form Gods Lonely Men or GLM. I have the album and I strongly suggest that you pick it up. Not bad at all and a little darker than their prior work back in the late 70's to 1982. The vocals might bug me a bit and I got to thinking why not have Arturo sing? Oh well, again, this is pretty good. Go to their site and check out some tunes and buy this thing!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Re-Post Request

By request here is a repost of Odds and Sods

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cockney Rejects-East End Babylon

Ok readers most of you know that I am a huge Cockney Rejects fan. Love them! Been a fan since 1980 to be honest. Loved everything they did from Greatest Hits Vol. 1 all the way to The Wild Ones. Out From The Gutter was a nice return to more of their punkier days which I really liked, but man Unorgiven was a stinker. Well here we are today and we have East End Babylon. What can I say...this thing rocks!! This is the good ole Rejects that we expect. Loud guitars, chanted group vocals etc...seems that they have pep in their step once again. The only thing that bothers me a bit is Jeff's voice seems to have seen better days. That is just a minor complaint though. Go out and find this, it is a great album!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bruce Foxton/From The Jam-Back In The Room

Christmas day is here.....after a wait that seems like a friggen eternity, From The Jam have released their debut album...I am VERY biased so to say that it is a 10 out of 10 will have to be taken with a grain of salt....yeah it really is that good though. Find it under Bruce Foxton...dunno why...Paul Weller from The Jam, and Style Council as well as Steve Cropper from Boooker T, as well as Ray Davies from the legendary Kinks make appearances on this album. So happy to see my heroes record a tremendous album! Track One: Ride, a nice soaring instrumental that sets the pace nicely for the album Track Two: No. 6, this has been on constant rotation for the last week. Nice hammond organ playing as well as hooks to die for! Track Three: Don't Waste My Time, sounds like a Style Council song mixed with some classic Jam moments. Nice horns and Russel really stands out with some great guitar parts. Track Four: Window Shopping, reminds me of Sound Effect era meets Funeral Pyre territory. Some cool psychedelic playing in this. Track Five: Glad I Found My Tears, possibly my favorite on here. Haunting and sooo cool. Track Six: The Wide Open Road, another instrumental (bookends for A side to start and the B side???) reminds of The Who...I could see this on Quadrophenia...riding your scooter along a seaside town, blaring this song...not a care in the world! Track Seven: Find My Way Home, Bruce is singing this one, a tad Wilco style playing with the slashing style.....maybe Weller? Good but not the best song on here. Track Eight: The Gaffa, Boogie woogie going on here. Man Russel sounds like Paul here...or is it Paul? Track Nine: Drifting Dreams, moody, nice texture, sublime. Just beautiful. Russel was such a great add to this band. Track Ten: Coming On Strong, Reminds of some of The Jam's better moments. Have to admit the drumming on this album is damn good too. Track Eleven, Reflection, one of the more upbeat rockers here. Another Bruce sung song. Love it, kinda reminds me of The Gift era Track Twelve: Senses Of Summer, Reminds me of Rubber Soul, White Album era of The this song!! Norwegian Woods???? Overall this is a great album. Sure there will be comparisons, but who plays on this would you expect anything less. Yes it does sound like The Jam and to my ears that is NOT a bad thing. Sound Effects meets The Gift in 2012. Please buy this, you will not be disappointed.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Here is a cool treat. This was offered for a time on the Time and Matter site for The UK Subs, Here you have Charlie and Co. going through The Epliletics Tube Disasters....this is very cool.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Out Of Action

Sorry for the lack of posts computer has been acting strange of late. My screen went black and I thought that it had bitten the dust. Today I turned it on and it is working. If this continues then I will repost a few requests here. The False Prophets and Shattered Faith come into mind here. If I go on another prolonged absense then it is the computer again. I will be buying a new one in the next few months. Just wanted to add that.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Well here we have two new released from different sides of the spectrum. Of course we all now Fang...Berkeley hardcore band back and playing again. And then we have Bob Mould, ex Husker Du, and Sugar on the more 'mersh side of things. Firstly, let's talk about the Fang album...this is fantastic. More on cue with Skinheads smoke dope, Berkeley Heathen Scum...Fun With Acid...that's right...back to the old days. This is real good go and get it. Next up we have Bob Mould...errrrmmmmmm Never been much of a fan of Bob's solo stuff. I love Husker Du and Sugar, but his solo stuff really never did much for me. Well this is a nice return to form for Mr. much so, that this sounds like Sugar. This is fantastic!!!!! Please check out both of these releases as they are both awesome!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


well it turns out that I deleted all of my pics in Picassa and it affected my blog. The deal is this. I will not be uploading the photos over again. That would take a year. The blog goes on, just thought I would mention this. Wow....

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pictures Deleted?

What is going on this is becoming a headache!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Does Anyone The Price Table Of Uncles??

Does anyone have this? I was going to play this Ep this morning and I noticed that I have lost it. Errrrrrrrr I tried looking around and it seems no one has posted it. Also if you have their one and only single by them I would be quite happy. The Price were a great band!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tony Sly...NUFAN

Sad news yesterday as the news of Tony Sly has been reported that he passed on. To gain an idea of what this means to me, let me let you know....I am from San Jose..No Use For A Name are too. They cut their teeth at Gilman but were from my hometown. It was the same time that I was cutting my teeht too...I am friends with Rory Koff who has ALWAYS been a fantastic, upfront, great guy and drummer of NUFAN . San Jose is the 10th largest city in the USA...but we are a small town...thankfully (though I live near Santa Cruz now). We take care of our own and appreciate one an other regardless of WHO you Smashmouth and whatever bands.....we have a chip on our shoulder....thanks SF!......When I heard the news that Tony had passed on, it really struck me. 41 years old man......41 years old. Wow. Drugs??? guy and way to smart for that BS...many of my friends are in shock right now. Me too. I never was a big fan of their Bad Religion style punk musings, but I have to admit two things. Soul Mate. One....That song was SOOOOOOO catchy...I still adore it to this day. And secondly, they are from my hometown, and I...or we have ALWAYS supported them regardless. I feel bad for his family and I feel bad for some of my friends, as I know how a loss like this can overcome you. Tony was a great musician and apparently a good husband and dad. The second part of that sentence makes me more sad than the the musical part. I hope that when I pass to the other side that I get 1/1000 of the outporing of grief/respect that he has gotten....truly a great guy. I have not seen San Jo' this bummed for a musician since Scotty Vollmer...and that is no way a dis on Scotty...just an observation. RIP Tony....You will missed.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Jam-Live

This was recorded in San Francisco in 1980 at The Warfield Theater. I saw The Jam two years later on their Trans Global Unity Tour at the same venue. I remember cutting school with two of my classmates and we spent the day poking around San Francisco having fun. The Jam were amazing that night for sure. You see, I love The Clash, but The Jam are my all time favorite band. Never really dug The Style Council much, and to be honest not much of Weller's solo output has done anything for me. I do admit though, that my wife and I saw Weller at The Warfield a few years ago supporting the surprisingly good As Is Now. We walked out half way through his set...boring. Anyways this is a radio broadcast and the sound is great. I have to admit, I really wish I was at this show as the performance is one of the better Jam sets I have ever heard.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cocksparrer-Shock Troops, Live at The Fullham Greyhound

Does anyone have this? Nuzz Prowling Wolf posted it awhile back and the files have been deleted. I asked (rather nicely too) if they could re-post, This is becoming a holy grail kinda thing. I am obsessed in finding this. Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Eye Protection

The one and only single by San Francisco's Eye Protection. I really don't know a whole lot about them but that they were kinda a new wavish/punk band. Andy Prieboy was one of the faces of the Mab scene during the heyday. Cool band name for sure

Friday, July 13, 2012

DOA- We Come In Peace

A new DOA album. I have been a massive fan of theirs since the early 80's. I always thought they were at their best with Randy Rampage and Dave Gregg. This album has some spunky rockers on here and a splattering of punk/reggae stuff played surprisingly well. They do Toxic Reasons War Hero in a punk/reggae style and it works quite well. Jello Biafra guests on We Occupy and that comes out quite nice as well. General Strike makes an appearance once again, but this time done in an acoustic style. Well worth your effort to seek out. Stand out track for me is Lost Souls...moody and cool as heck!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers - Unreleased Max's Kansas City 1979

Here is another gem for you. This was recorded at the infamous Max's Kansas City in 1979. Yes their already is one live album from 1979 there but this was intended for release too. This is a great sounding boot. There is also a couple of unreleased songs on this. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers-Yonkers Demos

I am a huge Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers fan. Even his solo stuff rules supreme! Here we have the demos recorded in Yonkers with Richard Hell on bass. So yes you do get Love Comes In Spurts as well as Blank Generation. This boot is a reall good sounding one. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Music Ruined My Life

Big props to Music Ruined My Life.... Those Ramones shows are AWWESOME!!!!! Always a consistent blog and they always deliver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Cockney Rejects- East End Blitz and Pieces: Cockney Rejects Rarities 1980-2012

I got this today as a little gift over the internet from a blogger that many of the readers might know, though I won't divulge who. This is a freebie that is available in The UK by the fantastic punk mag Viva La Rock. This cd has demos, some cuts from The Unforgiven...uggghh, a track off of Kings Of Street Punk and TWO yes TWO new tracks. Those two tracks smoke! I have a feeling Lars has a hand in this because it sounds more like their early 1980-81 stuff than anything they have done recently. Is this a teaser for a new album??? Well this is completest out there. I have a lot of Rejects stuff but this had a few demos on here that I have never heard of. Strange One comes to mind. I think it might have been a demo for The Power And The Glory. It has that Professionals sound to it. It rocks! Oh and there is a much cleaner version of England I Miss You too. Much better than any mp3 version that I have heard. Edit: Here is a link on how to get the cd. This comes with a subscription to Viva La Rock magazine. I will not post a link to the music as this is new.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Newtown Neurotics "Never Thought" 12" HELP!!!!!!!

Does anyone have this???? I just stumbled upon this on Discogs and I have to have it!!!!! Please someone help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Avengers

Went to see The Avengers last night with my wife and Greg Oropeza (Ribzy fame) in Santa Cruz. The Avengers were/are one of the greatest bands to come out of the whole SF 1977'ish punk scene by a mile. Yes they opened for The Sex Pistols at Winterland and have their place in history but seeing them now has more purpose. What I mean much longer will they or other bands like X going to play? It kind of makes me sad to think that there just not that many bands of this caliber out there anymore. Last night was pretty darn special. Not only did I get to see them in a SMALL venue, but I got to meet the band, play drum ears are still ringing...Well the drummers snare kept sliding down and would not stay up. The night was fantastic, the company was great and I have one huge hangover.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dag Nasty-Dag With Shawn

Some of you fine readers might know that I am a HUGE Dag Nasty fan. Well for some unknown reason I am just getting around to getting this. Yes I know this has been around in bootleg form for sometime....but sometimes I am lazy. Anyways this is with Shawn Brown who lasted about 6 months with the band. Most of you will know that Dave Smalley ex-DYS took over vocals and the band exploded. When I bought Can I Say I was hit over the head with a 2 megaton bomb. That album was one of the most intense albums I have ever bought. Shawn would later go onto fame and fortune singing for Swiz which were another DC outfit that played around in the mid to late 80's.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Guitar Gangsters, Peter and The Test Tube Babies, Cocksparrer and Rancid

That is me in the middle with two Guitar Gangsters

Well luck would have it that a Guitar Gangsters/Peter and The Test Tube Babies show would fall on a Thursday and then on Friday would be local openers (that is San Jose bub!) NOise! and Factory Minds opening shows for Cocksparrer and Rancid.

Well we got tickets to the Cocksparrer-Rancid show and Del of the Test Tubes was kind enough to put my wife and I on the guest list. Well we made it in time to try to order pints but the bar shut down because bands were starting to sound check. And the best soundcheck to my ears was going on. It was The Guitar Gangsters who were criminally forced to be the first band on the bill. Wow! Really.....Well the club was nice enough to let us stay and listen for a little bit and then it was off to get in line. Talked to many cool people in line as we waited and then in we came and off for some pints with Del and the rest of the Test Tubes. The Guitar Gangsters came on and they were just plain awesome! I have to commend Phil Ley for not swatting this stupid drunk kid from Chicago that was pogoing and bumping around. He hit Phils mic and it smacked him in the face. That hurts....I know. Anyways they played a blinder and I was stoked. More beers were consumed upstairs in the dressing room where I ran into old bandmate Lars (Rancid) and TKO booker and fellow employee Dodgy Dave. Novak, and Jim from TKO were there too. It was like a reunion of sorts. Hung out with Del for a bit as the ever so awesome Sydney Ducks were playing. Next up were The Generators who I have seen once. GREAT band!! Reminds me of Black Market Baby meets Sham. Then of course comes The Test Tubes...all the hits were played and again, another great set. New drummer was from Walnut and The Wankers. But hey he is not new but has been in the band for about 10 years. Walnut and The Wankers are Dels brothers band. Great night but we had to get home because the next night was Cocksparrer and Rancid. Well we made it into San Francisco, parked the car. Had a nice Indian dinner. Had some drinks...ran into LOTS of peeps that I knew. Watched Cocksparrer...sang every word and had a blast. Went back down to the lobby, drank some more. Talked to the Stern Brothers, Sab Grey (Iron Cross), talked to many more old friends and left during Rancids set. We were exhausted!! Great night!!!

Social Unrest - Before The FallI

I am sure that those that have visited this blog for awhile knows how much I like Social Unrest. Search through this blog and you will find an interview with Jason Honea that I did sometime back. In my opinion, Before The Fall was their crowning moment. They are back and playing with Cretin back on vocals. They released a rather good 3 song Ep a while back. Go find it! It is well worth listening to!

Red Cross 1979-1982 Boot

does anyone have this boot??? I have two of the songs from comps but would love to have the

Saturday, April 21, 2012


This is out May 8th. If you don't get it then well you are a loser.

Every track that I have heard for this is fantastic. Might be one of the best albums of 2012

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ladies and Gentleman...How Do.....

Hey all, sorry for the lag. Neil over at 13th Floor Vendetta kinda reprimanded me yesterday about not posting stuff of late. Yeah I have not. I have been busy putting together a band, getting better at playing guitar, buying guitars and working a bunch. All during this time, I had sucked. I am on vacation (or holiday for you across the pond) for a 3 day weekend. I have some cool posts up my sleeve as well as some discussion on how friggen amazing the new Stranglers and Killing Joke albums are. Also I was informed my Longy over at Goal Friction that The Members have a new album. Really??? No Nicky Tesco??? I have heard bits and pieces of it and to be honest it is not that bad. I need to hear the whole damn thing before deciding. Also for those damn Damned fans...Rat plays drums on some of the tracks and has been playing live with them. Over on this side of the pond, one of my buddies old bands have gotten back together, Mad Parade. From what I have heard, they have been going down very well with the fans. Just a little fyi for you kids, CH3 are recording a new album. If it is like anything from their last one, it should be a stomper...ohhhhh and before I forget, Fang are releasing a new one. They are playing Oakland for their release party with Battalion Of Saints and DI and other bands...I have no ride to this one as my wife will be in Michigan visiting family. Noooo I am not driving the 60 mile drive by myself. I know I will be drinking and being social...bad combo!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dr. Know Best Of

This one is by request for Gobshyte. Dunno too much about Dr. Know. In fact, I never been more than a casual fan. Courtship of Eddie's Father kid singing (the name escapes me right now sorry) was the singer for the first year or so. They did play up here some, but seemed to stay down in LA more. They sure embraced the thrash metal thing in the mid to late '80's for what it is worth. Their bassist and singer moved to SJ in or around 2000 or so. Nice guys, did some drinking with them..they were fun to hang out with!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Urban Struggle: The Battle Of The Cuckoo's Nest

This is a nice little doc that lasts almost 9 minutes about the Cuckoos Nest in Orange County 1981. Neil over at 13th Floor Elevator will dig this for sure

Monday, February 20, 2012

Classics Of Love

The album of the year?????????? Could very well be. I know that it is February but this is sooo damn good. Some of you might know who Jesse Michaels is...if not well he is the singer of Operation of our Gilman mainstays back in the day, and a band that would spawn Rancid. Well if truth be told, this reminds me of Op Ivy mainly because of Michaels voice...But some of the stuff actually sounds like what Op Ivy did when they were playing a hardcore song. Mix some Clash, SLF in there to and you have a fair idea of what this sounds like. Recommended!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Naked Raygun Single #3

Yeaaaa FINALLY...for shits sakes....this sure took long. This is just classic riffs, great sing a long moments....Just buy it...Neil?????

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Toy Dolls- The Album After The Last One

Well I just got my hands on this one yesterday...This is really good too! Much more like their early 80's stuff than from recent years. Well recommended I say! Now how about a US tour as I have not seen The Toy Dolls since 1983

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Farmcore...A Movie About The Farm in San Francisco

I have been looking for this movie for some time and I found it today. I am providing the link to part one, as it comes in multiple parts.

For those that don't know about The Farm, I will give you some history. Of course San Francisco had The Mabuhay Gardens, and many other punk clubs like The Elite Club, Sound Of Music, and many smaller places...many did not last too long. Above the Mab was The On Broadway. The On Broadway was the place to see many locals bands as well as many out of town bands coming through. Angelic Upstarts, PATTB, etc. That lasted until 1984 or so and then The Farm opened it's doors to punk rock. Discharge, English Dogs, Bad Brains and just about everyone else played here when they came through the Bay Area. I went to many shows here between 1984-1987. You always had to be quick on your toes because of the police cruising around looking for kids drinking or you had the cholos looking for stupid suburban white kids that were invading the Mission District...truly scary. Anyways watch this, it is real cool. I know 13th Floor Vendetta will dig the Scream footage...
Oh BTW, the beginning of the movie has DI starting out there set...somewhere up front is ME.....

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Beltones-On Deaf Ears

Old labelmates of The Forgotten...we played a few shows with them and to be honest I have forgotten all about them until recently. This is their debut release on TKO Records and boy is it good. Think early Skrewdriver (Non racist incarnation) , SLF and The Clash or more like what The Swingin Utters do. Do yourself a favor and check out these boys from Florida. Nice cover of Suzi Is A Hearbreaker by the Newton Neurotics!

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Stranglers-Giants

Hi dear readers....I was going to touch on the whole Megaupload thing but I feel the other blogs have done a good job of that. Just wonder how long Mediafire and Rapidshare will go on.

BUT that is not the reason for the post! Nope! Many of you may know that I love UK punk...especially from the period of 1976-1979. The Stranglers are one of my favorite bands bar none! With that said, I really enjoyed Norfolk Coast and loved Suite XVI....I have been reading reviews of their new one entitled "Giants" and from all the gushing press I have read, this could be one of their best. I am excited like a kid on Christmas Eve...This comes out March go and buy it!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Request For TSOL 4 Song Demo

This was requested by Pete, so here ya go!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The 'Tone By Request

Here's all the stuff that did not make it onto Wide Eyes And Nonesense for magoo! Thanks again Chris for hooking me up. Much appreciated. Folks, do yourself a favor and check out this band. They were amazing.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

I FUCKED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How could I forget this?????????????????????? This is the album of the year by a million miles. Sorry Johnny, Darius, and Greg....By far this is short of amazing, and I never use the word amazing (until today)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Civilized Society? Violence Sucks

Dunno much about this band. Who was in it, what other bands they played in etc.....I am not going to pretend that I am so expert on them as I really don't know a whole lot other than they released Scrap Metal before this. This is great Anarcho Punk done with dual male-female lead vocals with some metallic flourishes going on. Pre-curser to Grindcore?? Dunno. This album is well written and just plain rocking. Man I am a sucker for female singers ala Beki Bondage, or bands like Los Cherees, Icon AD, Rubella etc.