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Thursday, March 18, 2010

RIP Alex Chilton And Bruce Roehrs of MRR

Two in one day. Damnit, damnit damnit!!!!!!!!!!! I never met Alex, but was always stoked on his music. The Letter by the Box Tops was a kennyhel77 fave for a long time. Big Star was a band that just about every late 80's Alt Rock band dug.

However, the second person that passed today, I knew. Bruce was a huge music fan that would be at almost any SF punk show. Dude was cool as hell!!!! He wrote for MRR and had a column where he would write about The Forgotten and all of our buddies in other bands, Alot! Bruce was a fun person to have a pint with and shoot the shit. What I love about his photo is the total defiant look, I will miss him. RIP Bruce!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Really Red-Crowd Control 7"

This did not come in a picture sleeve, so I thought I would just give the scan of the record the way it looks with the white sleeve and record poking through. Really Red were from Texas, and I think Houston to be specific??? This single bridges punk into hardcore. This band was quite briliant. Great lyrics, nice guitar playing etc. They were soooo much more than alot of the other hardcore bands that came out in the early 80's. Jello Biafra was a big fan. DL this and leave a comment.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Forgotten

Went to see my old band in my new town. Had many beers and saw some great bands last night. First up were Hounds and Harlots. I think they are from San Francisco but I am not sure. Nice guys and a band that will be packing them in pretty soon. I really like their set alot. Here's to hoping that I see them again!! Next up were The Disciples from the Oakland area??? Sammy from Fang is there lead vocals for this 5 piece and they were pretty damn good. Mix some blues, thrash, rocknroll and you will have an idea of what they sound like. Another band that will be packing them in sooner than later. Los Dry Heaves are from the Watsonville area and they are a mix of Oi and thrash ala Agnostic Front or Discipline. This was the second time that I have seen them and they were amazing. Some songs are sung in Spanish and this just lends to their stage show. Tight, fast agressive punk rock the way it is supposed to be played!! Lastly we had my old band The Forgotten up. They played alot of stuff off the self titled album, some stuff in between and some off of their great newish album. The crowd had thinned somewhat by the time they went on, but the guys soldiered on and played a good set. Why do venues have bands go on at 1pm???? No clue. Oh the pic above is Gordy and myself taken with my 3 megapixel camera phone. You'd think that after all these years, these damn things can do better than this. I look fat!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Couple Of Releases That Should Make You Pay Attention

I got both of these over the last week and I have to say that they are both damn fine rockin albums. The Vibrators one reminds me at times of stuff off of their first two classic albums mixed in with alot of my favorite mid to late '80's stuff. Dunno if Nigel Bennettt is playing on this or not. He has was in the band in the mid to late 80's. If you don't know who Nigel is, he played in the Mighty Members...speaking of them, they have been gigging again. I have heard from some very trusted sources that they have not been too hot. No Nicky Tesco! Don't take my word for it, judge for yourself.
The other release is the new Vice Squad release. This is just plain friggen hot. Love this album alot. The first day that I got it, I played it 4 times in a row. It just blew my mind away. I still have been playing it a few times a day. I think this is there best since Stand Strong Stand Proud. Just love this fact I really dig both alot. Go out and buy these, they are sooo worth it!!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Blondie-We Three Kings

Taking the cue from the awesome blog It's A Shit Thing, I went over and downloaded this FREE single over at Blondie's band page at

This is upbeat, rockin and man does Debbie sound better than ever. I am a massive Blondie fan. I have been for 30 years in fact. Go download this right now, you will not be disapointed. It is up for a short time, so get it while you can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I just have to add that Clem Burke is one of my alltime fave drummers too. Also if you want to go over to It's A Shit Thing, they have put up the video for it. Pretty cool. Oh and Debbie, for a lady her age, STILL looks awesome!!!

Also, as I was telling our friends over at It's A Shit Thing, if Blondie records anything like this on their new album that they are working on, then I will be just stoked! This has the energy of Blondie of old!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New DOA Album

For what it is worth I am a HUGE DOA fan. HUGE! I knew that they were in the studio recording their follow up to the awesome Northern Avenger. I just did not know that the album will be out in May. How cool is that! Anyways us over at Days Of Our Youth are waiting breathlessly for this to come out. Speaking of DOA, Sudden Death is re-releasing Let's Wreck The Party on March 16th. Out of all the DOA albums in the 1980's, this album is probably my least favorite of theirs. Oh well. I am going to purchase it again and see if my opinion changes. While I was visiting Sudden Death, I came across a little note on there telliing of the passing of Franco, bassist of MDC. I have never been a huge MDC fan but I have seen them a few times over the years. The first time was in 1985 opening for DOA in San Jose. Franco was there rocking out for MDC at that gig. RIP.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Canada Vs. USA Hockey

Well some of you might know this. Angry lives up north in Canada and I live in sunny California (USA). Our two countries share a sport together, aside from our border. HOCKEY! I was going to email Angry and give him some props with his country beating mine in overtime, but I thought this would be better. That had to be one of the better hockey games I have watched in a long time. Canada played great. Though, if I were coaching them 4 years from now, I would pick younger, faster players. The USA team was much faster and I think more skilled. However Sydney Crosby made their statement with a game winning goal. I was devastated!!!! Anyways, props to Canada for such a great game and taking the gold. The US team has nothing to be embarrassed about.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Minus One

I just came across this by accident. Apparently there is a cool label that is putting out some cool stuff here. I just wanted to let you know that Minus One finally got their stuff re-released. Some of you might remember them from one of Thrasher's Skate Rock Comp.'s. Apparently they were from the SF area. I never saw them and I dunno who did? But what they hey! If you like early 80's punk akin to Agent Orange then this can be up yer alley. This label also has a JFA live album and a new Agression one coming too.