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Saturday, May 9, 2009

UXA-Illusions Of Granduer

Early Mabuhay Gardens band from San Francisco. I always felt that they were a lessor Avengers. Not bad, but never as good as them. Led by Dee Dee Detroit they were around for a year or two in San Francisco, moved to NYC. Had their guitarest (and boyfriend to Dee Dee) die. Long period of inactivity, then they move to LA and jumpstart again, with I think the drummer of Total Chaos, release another album, and then nothing. Still this is an important piece of history. I have included Some of their Tooth and Nail comp. tracks and from the Miners Benefit gig that Loud and Fast Rules movie came from. Enjoy

Here is more to add, and it is better than my awful writing.

"This actually reminded me of VKTMS only a bit brasher, and L7 only of course a bit more dated sounding. U.X.A. which stands for "United Experiments Of America" by the way was led by a lady by the name of De De. U.X.A. really only exisited in the very early '80s before they called it quits, so this is pretty much it for their original discography. Later De De went on to form the De De Troit Band, then De De Troit, then the Cotton Ponys before recently reviving U.X.A. with all new members...but anyhow back to the music. It's certainly got that pop feeling throughout and is easy enough to listen to which in a way was it's major flaw. I kind of wanted something a little more biting but at the same time it's just one of those "fun" albums that is good for occasional use. I guess their sloppyness was the biggest downfall, sometimes it can be endearing, but not here so much. The lyrics are pretty non-impressive, and the music is kinda samey which is also sort of a deterrent, but when you consider the timeline it's actually rather innovative and it is worth a listen or two. Especially if you are a fan of later female led punk bands."



  1. yuo cant image how it makes me happy to find this record here. gracias! sorry my bad english!

  2. Used to see these guys in LA during the very late seventies/early eighties. Live shows were sometimes very sloppy or sometimes very very good. One gig at some little bar in the valley with the guitarist from the Mau Maus was the best live 20 minutes of punk rock I ever saw in my life, and I saw just about everybody back then. Highly recommended. Thanks for posting.

  3. Love Them. They are still around, and I saw them in 2009. Dee Dee looks the smae, and they are tighter than ever.

    Back when I was a kid I used to see them all the time at clubs in and around Holly. I once interviewed them at Hollywood laundromat, with a girl friend of mine for our punk rag 'The Instigator.' Where are you now Anna? I miss you. Thanks for the memories and DL.