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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sad Sad News

A few days ago I found out that Brendan Mullen, the booker for The Masque club in Hollywood in 1977-1978 had died of a stroke. Many of you readers will see a common theme in my music posts. The theme is California punk rock from 1977-1982ish. Well Brendan was born in Scotland and moved to sunny California, stumbled upon a basement in the seedy Hollywood area and originally had intentions to use this basement for rehearsals for bands. Well it turned into an illegal club and basically was LA's answer to CBGBs or The Mabuhay Gardens. If it was not for this mans insight, bands like The Go Go's, Dickies, X, Fear, Germs, Weirdos, Plugz, Dils, and others that I am forgetting would never have had the stage to start out on. Aside from starting LA's first punk club, he also authored We Got The Neutron Bomb, which was a nice book about the early LA punk scene. RIP my man.

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