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Monday, May 30, 2011


My page tells me to sign in...when I click on it to sign in, I am already signed in. I cannot post in the comments section nor can I comment on other blogs. I repeatedly will try to sign in and Google keeps bringing me back to step one...what is going on here??? Any thoughts?

Ok, thanks for the replies...I cannot even use the comment section to reply to anyone. I just emptied my cookies, and as Longy mentioned, I signed in at the bottom (how's it going Longy!) and both have not worked. Others are having this problem too, so it must be some kind of Google thing. On my page it say to sign in, when I do, I am already signed in. This is confusing the hell out of me.


  1. If you're using firefox, clean all the cookies and try it.

  2. Quite a few have had the same problem Ken including me! Try going right to the very bottom of your page and clicking "blogger" and try signing in that way. It worked for me anyway!

  3. im having exactly the same problem too!


  4. Have you tried with more than one browser?

    If you have and that fails to work I'd suggest posting your symptoms on the google help forum, someone there should be able to assist.

  5. had this problem a few days ago and i'm using firefox and it works fine.