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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dr. Know Best Of

This one is by request for Gobshyte. Dunno too much about Dr. Know. In fact, I never been more than a casual fan. Courtship of Eddie's Father kid singing (the name escapes me right now sorry) was the singer for the first year or so. They did play up here some, but seemed to stay down in LA more. They sure embraced the thrash metal thing in the mid to late '80's for what it is worth. Their bassist and singer moved to SJ in or around 2000 or so. Nice guys, did some drinking with them..they were fun to hang out with!


  1. cheers for this are my hero!brandon cruz was the singers name.last time i saw him he was a contestant on a celebrity version of the weakest link!thanks again mate been trying to replace the c.d for ages

  2. Cheers Gobshyte....anything you need please ask!

  3. Great band. Years ago when I was in a band we used to do a cover of Circle of Fear from Plug in Jesus...their best release.

  4. hey kenny and gobshyte.
    brandon cruz here. broke up the band with me and original bassist ismael hernandez last november. we reunited in 1998. the original guitarist, kyle toucher, is now playing under the name. much more of the metal stuff by the new line up. go see them if they tour.
    thanks for the mention. by the way, danny bonaduce won that game show we did. it was for charity.

  5. This album was the soundtrack of my art school years - 85/86. Thanks for posting.

  6. FAMILY Forever ~ Pico!

    La mirada putos get beat