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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Guitar Gangsters, Peter and The Test Tube Babies, Cocksparrer and Rancid

That is me in the middle with two Guitar Gangsters

Well luck would have it that a Guitar Gangsters/Peter and The Test Tube Babies show would fall on a Thursday and then on Friday would be local openers (that is San Jose bub!) NOise! and Factory Minds opening shows for Cocksparrer and Rancid.

Well we got tickets to the Cocksparrer-Rancid show and Del of the Test Tubes was kind enough to put my wife and I on the guest list. Well we made it in time to try to order pints but the bar shut down because bands were starting to sound check. And the best soundcheck to my ears was going on. It was The Guitar Gangsters who were criminally forced to be the first band on the bill. Wow! Really.....Well the club was nice enough to let us stay and listen for a little bit and then it was off to get in line. Talked to many cool people in line as we waited and then in we came and off for some pints with Del and the rest of the Test Tubes. The Guitar Gangsters came on and they were just plain awesome! I have to commend Phil Ley for not swatting this stupid drunk kid from Chicago that was pogoing and bumping around. He hit Phils mic and it smacked him in the face. That hurts....I know. Anyways they played a blinder and I was stoked. More beers were consumed upstairs in the dressing room where I ran into old bandmate Lars (Rancid) and TKO booker and fellow employee Dodgy Dave. Novak, and Jim from TKO were there too. It was like a reunion of sorts. Hung out with Del for a bit as the ever so awesome Sydney Ducks were playing. Next up were The Generators who I have seen once. GREAT band!! Reminds me of Black Market Baby meets Sham. Then of course comes The Test Tubes...all the hits were played and again, another great set. New drummer was from Walnut and The Wankers. But hey he is not new but has been in the band for about 10 years. Walnut and The Wankers are Dels brothers band. Great night but we had to get home because the next night was Cocksparrer and Rancid. Well we made it into San Francisco, parked the car. Had a nice Indian dinner. Had some drinks...ran into LOTS of peeps that I knew. Watched Cocksparrer...sang every word and had a blast. Went back down to the lobby, drank some more. Talked to the Stern Brothers, Sab Grey (Iron Cross), talked to many more old friends and left during Rancids set. We were exhausted!! Great night!!!


  1. What a great night you had thanks for sharing that. You know my first drunk was a friend I met at our local bowling alley in a first tier suburb of Minneapolis, where on 9th grade spring break in his basement started jumping around listening to the Youth Brigade to a bottle of champagne we had ripped of from my parents storage and I talked to my mom that night to get permission to hang at my friends the rest of the evening, talking to her with a large ass bottle in my pants!

  2. hi kenny.yeah ill repost that beat post no problem but it wont be until monday next week as im in spain visiting the in-laws and wont be back at my computer till sunday the 6th.the cd is great and its well worth the wait!

    cheers mate

  3. Cheers for this Ken, I've not really checked out the generators before...can you recommend an album/release to start with?

  4. To be honest Neil....I am not to up on them. I really could not tell you where to begin regarding their discography. I have seen them twice and they are awesome! Sorry...I don't own any of their stuff...yet