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Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Avengers

Went to see The Avengers last night with my wife and Greg Oropeza (Ribzy fame) in Santa Cruz. The Avengers were/are one of the greatest bands to come out of the whole SF 1977'ish punk scene by a mile. Yes they opened for The Sex Pistols at Winterland and have their place in history but seeing them now has more purpose. What I mean much longer will they or other bands like X going to play? It kind of makes me sad to think that there just not that many bands of this caliber out there anymore. Last night was pretty darn special. Not only did I get to see them in a SMALL venue, but I got to meet the band, play drum ears are still ringing...Well the drummers snare kept sliding down and would not stay up. The night was fantastic, the company was great and I have one huge hangover.


  1. Going to see them in a month or so here in Germany. Never thought I'd get the chance!

  2. hi kenny.sounds like it was a great gig.any idea if they are playing in england at all.i know they are gigging in germany and italy but im not sure about here/



  3. Avengers play here in Finland Puntala-rock festival in july with Poison idea etc. cant´t wait!

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  5. It was a great gig Gobshyte. I know they are heading to the EU but I am not sure if gigs are lined up in the UK or not

  6. Nice, Kenny!
    Here's some Avengers action on our blog:

    -- Andy

  7. I saw the Avengers at a club show at Punk Rock Bowling on Sunday night. They rocked. I am glad I got to see them play. I bought the new re-release of the 2CD of the Pink Album and Penelope autographed it for me.