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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Cockney Rejects- East End Blitz and Pieces: Cockney Rejects Rarities 1980-2012

I got this today as a little gift over the internet from a blogger that many of the readers might know, though I won't divulge who. This is a freebie that is available in The UK by the fantastic punk mag Viva La Rock. This cd has demos, some cuts from The Unforgiven...uggghh, a track off of Kings Of Street Punk and TWO yes TWO new tracks. Those two tracks smoke! I have a feeling Lars has a hand in this because it sounds more like their early 1980-81 stuff than anything they have done recently. Is this a teaser for a new album??? Well this is completest out there. I have a lot of Rejects stuff but this had a few demos on here that I have never heard of. Strange One comes to mind. I think it might have been a demo for The Power And The Glory. It has that Professionals sound to it. It rocks! Oh and there is a much cleaner version of England I Miss You too. Much better than any mp3 version that I have heard. Edit: Here is a link on how to get the cd. This comes with a subscription to Viva La Rock magazine. I will not post a link to the music as this is new.


  1. Sounds awesome. Can you post a link?

  2. How could I get my hands on this? I just saw the Rejects last week at Punk Rock Bowling.


  3. WITNESSES - Scene Of The Crime LP 88

  4. wow THANKS!!!!!!!!!!! I have been looking for this forever! I have heard that it is nothing like how they played...more bluesy but hey, I really appreciate the little gift!!!! Thanks!

  5. my copy of the magazine and the cd arrived on friday

    thanks for the info on this release