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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cocksparrer-Shock Troops, Live at The Fullham Greyhound

Does anyone have this? Nuzz Prowling Wolf posted it awhile back and the files have been deleted. I asked (rather nicely too) if they could re-post, This is becoming a holy grail kinda thing. I am obsessed in finding this. Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hey.

    You're in luck, it's up on Slaughter of Innocents:

    It's not under the name The Shock Troops, but it's still the 3/9/'83 Greyhound recording.


  2. Thanks! Heading over there right now to get it!

  3. The pub is round the corner from where I live.massive place but its called the Southern belle now.nothing like it used to be though!!oh the greyhound happy happy days mate!