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Monday, February 25, 2013


Holy cow this can possibly album of the year. Somehow, somewhere, The UK Subs have pulled out a bonafide classic! Nothing weak on this baby at all, in fact this album kind of reminds me of Endangered Species....well side 1 really hehe. I have always been a huge Nick Garrett fan and always loved when he played with The Subs because of his inventive style and top notch playing. Well The UK Subs have had a rotating cast of guitar players from Capt. Scarlett to the latest with Jet. Man I have to say that Jet's playing is the best since Nicky by far. That is not to denigrate the others over the years, but Jet just has that something special that makes you stick out more. What can I say about the songs? Implosion 77 is a classic Subs track like I have come to expect from them. The ending with the keyboards is icing on the it! I have been a fan since 1979-1980 and have always awaited each and every UK Subs album with anticipation like a kid in a candy store. Heck, Charlie and Co. stayed at my house during their Mad Cow Fever tour. Lars (Rancid) was a one time Subs guitar player and that is how I met him...sound checking Warhead. We would go on and start a band, and the rest is history for all of us. XXIV ranks up there with any of the fist four UK Subs albums. This is that good. Please, Please, go out and buy this as you are purchasing history!


  1. Thanks for the updates Kenny. The U.K. Subs had very regular gigs at First Avenue club which was kind of cool since we were kind of flyover country in Minneapolis (though we didn't think so in those days but I found out after living in Los Angeles for a year in 2003)at any rate a vital scene now with Radio K at it's epicenter. First Avenue club had other 'regulars' that I can remember (being one) from out of town like Wire, King's X, Lee Scratch Perry, Jonathan Richman, Prince, Descendents, fIREHOSE, Matthew Sweet, Googoo Dolls and I'm sure there are more I am forgetting.

  2. Hey Kenny, I totally agree, this is a solid album; their best in some time. I know some people moan like hell about old bands reforming and others continuing, but the last few years have been fantastic with a flood of great albums.

    If people don't listen to this they're really missing out. Amazon for 7 quid and 26 tracks = Bargin!!

  3. We must have heard different albums. I listened to the whole thing twice because it went in one ear and out the other the first time. No songs and dull, punk by numbers guitar playing. Very forgettable. I do agree with you about Nicky Garratt though. But this album is about as far away from Endangered Species as was Occupied or Japan Today or any of the other turds the Subs have put out without Garratt on guitar.

  4. Ornette I hear ya, but we differ on some aspects of the Subs and agree on some. There have been some great Subs album like Flood Of Lies, Huntington Beach and some awful ones like Japan Today and Mad Cow Fever. But hey we agree on Nicky for sure! We all have our opinions and I am glad you took the time to reply!

    Neil, yes for that price it is a bargain!

    Viacom, I love Minneapolis. Played the 7th St. Entry a long time ago while on tour with Peter and The Test Tube Babies...kept wanting to play Purple Rain :)