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Saturday, June 13, 2009

L7-Self Titled Debut

I remember playing with these gals back around 1989 or so. I think their second album had just came out. We opened for them at a big nightclub that held 1000 folks in Santa Clara called One Step Beyond. I saw The Buzzcocks (original members) there twice in 6 months, Dickies, Ramones (probably 3-4 times!), Adolescents, The Smithereens, English Dogs, Red Hot Chilli Peppers prior to them being huge. Does anyone remember the cocks in the socks thing. It was there, and I was there. The club has since long closed. Funny enough, I moved into a house a few blocks from it and well....that is another story. Back to the gig, the impression that left with me after the gig was, that they were awesome. Girls that rocked! Anyways here is their first album before the whole grunge thing started. They were a pretty big staple in the Hollywood club scene.


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  1. Hello there, could you please re-upload this album? Cant find it anywhere. Thanks in advance!