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Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Dicks-Hate Police 7"

Sorry if I am posting some stuff that some of you have. I have been thinking about posting some Dicks stuff for sometime. While watching my baseball game today (and not the US vs. Brazil game), I turned on some Dicks stuff and remembered that I should post this. From San Francisco via Austin, Texas, The Dicks were a bluesy punk band that were alot different than many of the hardcore bands of the day. Singer Gary Floyd was the only member I think to move to San Francisco and when he did he recruited a whole new lineup with Lynn Perko of Reno, Nevada's Wrecks. She would later move onto Imperial Teen with Roddy Bottum of Faith No More. Floyd would later start Sister Double Happiness which were more of a blues style band than The Dicks. What is it with all of these Texas bands relocating to San Francisco. I mean, you have MDC, Verbal Abuse, The Dicks, DRI and ohhh I cannot rememer...Attitude Adjustment??? Oh well it helped our music scene in the mid '80's.


  1. NEVER apolgize for posting this song!!!!!!!!!


  2. Hey. I work for Alternative Tentacles. We're stoked that you like our bands, but the bands authorize us to distribute their music and are paid by us for it. It would be great if you could take down the download link and replace it with a link to our website so the band's fans can get it for themselves. If you would like a promotional song to put on this or future posts about Alternative Tentacle bands, please feel free to email and we'll hook you up!

  3. The link has been dead for sometime now