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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dead Kennedys-Live At The On Broadway, San Francisco, CA

My first post of The DKs. Live at The On Broadway which was above the Mabuhay Gardens in North Beach. I only went to The Mab once but saw many, many great bands at The On Broadway, I guess though that if I were to choose what venue I saw the most bands it would probably be The Farm, but that is another story. Most notable show was at The Elite Club (The Filmore) in around 1982 or '83 with The Dead Kennedys, TSOL, and The Bad Brains and I think.....Bad Posture. I was very drunk that night and the only reason that I know I was there, is tthat my friends to this day, keep telling me I was there and how I acted. Anyways, my old buddy Jeff Rahn who would later sing for The MRR darlings Diesel Queens turned me onto this strange group out in our church parking lot. The name Dead Kennedys and a singer called Jello Biafra who smeared mayonaise and other assorted goods all over him made this band like my UK counterparts have with The Sex Pistols. Kind of a forbidden fruit so to speak. Well at the time I was into bands like Gen X, Pistols, Clash, SLF, Ramones, Damned, Dead Boys, Buzzcocks etc. I was not into US Hardcore that much. Well that did change and now I list the DKs as one of my alltime faves. The On Broadway always holds a special place for me, I cut my teeth as a 16 year old going to shows, speeding, staying out all night in the Financial Dist. awaiting the next train in the morning after walking the streets to take me home so I could get grounded. Usually the grounding would last a night with me popping the window open and heading off for more fun. Those were the days. This show is heavily booted and I relish mine. I was at this show! I just wanted to highlite a great band and a great night for me. I have since seen the Jello-less DKs a few times, and hell..... my old band supported them, but to me, no matter how good East Bay Ray, and Klaus Flouride are, it is not the same. I have taken this from another Blog and for every boot on the web that I have seen, track 11, Bleed For Me does not work!!!!!!!!!!! Don't let that sway you from not DL'ing this, It is a great live document!

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