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Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Pop-O-Pies White 7"

The Pop O Pies are a strange group. They are one of the more "out there" bands from San Francisco. They started out around 1979 or so and the only constant member throughout their career was Joe Pop O Pie who sang and played guitar. Tongue and cheek lyrics, interesting song titles and plain catchy tunes make this a punk classic! One of the songs on here is a cover song of a VERY famous Sixties psychedelia band. I won't tell ya what the song is because I want you to be surprised. This song was probably the most favorite Pop O Pies song live too. My vynil on this is way scratched, and so I borrowed this from the awesome Blog ISKSP. Go over there and check out some wonderful tunes. That blog is one of the best around!


  1. Cheers Ken,I'm very grateful for this and its definately something you have to hear before your dead :-)

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