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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Stratford Mercenaries

Found this on the web this morning and I have playing this all morning long. Yes all morning long. Some of you may know who Stratford Mercenaries are. This band consisted of Steve Ignorant, the drummer of Lack Of Knowledge-The Buzzcocks, and I think the guitar player from Dirt? Well if you think this sounds like Crass you will be mistaken. Cutting edge punk here for sure, and at times it reminds me of Sham 69. No shit really. My old band supported The Stratford Mercenaries in San Francisco around 1997 or so. I really did not watch to much of the gig for some reason. I do however remember loading out to head home and Steve Ignorant was hanging about outside and he complimented me on our band and how well we played that day. Wow! That was real cool. Well, search this out, it is worth the efffort. If you cannot find it, and someone wants me to upload the tracks, let me know.


  1. you get can there stuff hear
    that show was great

  2. I'd love an upload mate

  3. sometimes curious about post crass punk music - upload is good idea - mate!

  4. Yeah i was at that show, in the Mission district of S.F. Great show.