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Friday, February 26, 2010

The Swingin Utters

Ok ok, let me put it this way. They are one of my favorite modern American punk bands of alltime. My old bands, Slip and The Forgotten played tons of shows with these guys. Kind of funny that a small mountain range seperated our two bands. One living in the 1oth largest city (us in San Jose) and them (living in Santa Cruz). A half hour drive is the driving time between us two, but with if you live here you know that it is a world apart, both in attitude, and sanity. We're the valley folks and they are the beach crowd. Oh well. Funny that now, I live where they came from, and my bandmates all reside still in SJ. I just wanted to post a couple videos these guys. They were awesome. The first one is the Cocksparrer classic I Got Your Number, and truth be told, one of my favorite Cocksparrer songs ever. The second is Reggae Get's Big In Smalltown which is from their first release. Please check them out, they are a great band!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I've only seen them once mate. It was when they toured with No Use For A Name and Suicide Machine in the UK back in 1997.
    Coincidentally I just found the ticket for it. I might up another bunch of them as it gives me a push to go back and listen to stuff I haven't done for years.