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Saturday, February 13, 2010

You Make The Request!

Hey readers, I was wondering. Instead of me posting something from the SF Bay Area punk scene, why don't you request something from my area?????? I still have loads of stuff to post but I thought it would be kind of fun for a request this time.


  1. Got anything by Trust Fund Babies, Ken? I think there was only one album and a single or two. I could be wrong though...


  2. hi !!

    here some san francisco-bay area request:

    fried abortions - demos
    aflicted - snuff squad demo
    justice in america - corporate interest demo
    forced tradition/lamos - split tape
    dead pledge - don't sign up demo
    the minority - lotsa noise demo

    if you have something would be great !!!!!!!
    regards from spain.


  3. Kenny, I'd be chuffed if you could post the '415 MUSIC' comp. LP that came out, I think, back in '80. I used to have the vinyl but I had to sell my record collection back in the '90s. Thankfully I've found mp3s of a lot of the stuff but I've never seen this album anywhere. I remember the Mutants track 'Baby's No Good' pretty well and I probably enjoyed the READYMADES title track even better, but there were some other great New-Wavey tracks on there too that I'd love to hear again.

  4. I wouldn't mind some stuff by the Trust Fund Babies to.
    Here's their myspace page.

  5. Eye Protection- Elroy Jetson / Go Go Girls 7
    Labial Fricative- Chumps / Auto-Erotica 7
    Mondellos- Let's Join / White Riot Night 7
    Wilma- Alexander Haig / Fast Fascist / Pornography Lies 7

  6. Hey Kenny,

    I don't know how close to you geographically they are in California, but I'd love to see the (long out-of-print) "Big Fish Stories" album by THE CROWD posted. Cheers!!

  7. wow guys! Ummmm most of the stuff you requested I don't have. I have posted The Minority tape. Just search through the archives. I don't have the Afflicted tape, but I do have their one and only album. As for the Crowd? I do have Big Fish Stories. It was given to me as a request. I guess I can post that. Eye Protection I just might have. I will look. As for the 415 compilation.....I used to own that one! Great comp. BTW. Let me see what I can do about that one.

  8. oh and The Crowd are from Orange County which is about a 6-7 hours car ride from where I live. Us Californian's can drive far!

  9. I've just posted the Eye Protection single on my blog for anyone who wants it.