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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blitz-Voice Of A Generation

This is one of the best punk/Oi! albums of all time. Aside from the somewhat dodgy production this could have been a classsic. Still...the songs are there and boy is this a fantastic album. Heck I loved it so much that the skull is tattooed on my arm. There was a time in the early 80's that finding bands like Blitz, PATTB, Special Duties etc were a cool thing that had an insider feel. You had to search out bands like The Partisans, Blood etc. We did not get the press like The UK did. I know this has been posted on many sites..but mine is cooler!


  1. Gee thanks, you're right us stateside got some bands at the start but about the time Oi! started you really had to make a jump to find it...first I heard of Blitz was the "Someone's Gonna Die" someone posted at youtube and it just blew me away the raw heartfelt energy and real world angst this band emitted so I got the singles comp. and that stuck with me a good year or two and now I can hear more here to keep it fresh. Thanks kennyhel77 (I knew I subbed ya for a reason:>}viacomclosedmedown on youtube and du blog