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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ladies and Gentleman...How Do

Hello dear readers and miscreants.....If you have noticed a slight change in Days Of Our Youth then you are very observant. As much as I love 1977-1983 US Punk and Hardcore, I love UK punk from 1976-1985 even more. So as you have noticed, I have been highlighting some of my loves during this period. Angelic Upstarts, PATTB, Abrasive Wheels, etc. I will be going in that direction more and more over the months to follow. So look for some Business, Blitz, Chron Gen, Damned, SLF, and more. This is just a heads up! I will be doing some stuff from the good ole USA still, but I am following what I love. Speaking of music I love, unfortunately you will not be seeing any Bluebeat, Ska, Reggae or Dub here...(and yes I love that music to death), because this is a punk rock blog. One special treat will be an extensive interview with Jason Honea from Social Unrest and Ten Bright Spikes (as well as many other musical journeys)....this will be coming out in a month or so. Jason is from my hometown area, and we met up a month or so ago and hatched this idea out. It is a very in depth interview and I hope you all really enjoy it. Along with The DKs, Social Unrest are one of my all time fave SF Bay Area punk bands. I was stoked to do this, and Jason has been awesome with his patience and thorough answers!!

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