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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Chelsea-The Alternative

Chelsea can be a strange one. On one hand you had a band that was comprised of Gen X with Gene singing...then you go onto the Chelsea lineup that recorded some amazing singles and a debut album. Then Chelsea morphs into a band that would include Nic Austin and the album Evacuate was recorded in 1982. That my friends, is one amazing album. In fact, after that album, Chelsea would go on to record 3 more albums. Though nowhere near the greatness of Evacuate. Well it is no suprise that once Gene got Nic back in the fold that they would record another great album. And come to think of it, Traitors Gate is pretty darn good too. Maybe it's Nic's Big Country style guitar playing or something, I dunno..enjoy!


  1. I've never been a fan of "right to work", but after that Chealsea produced gem after gem until Gene went mad and kicked Nic out. I have this album, but haven't really played it....I think I will now.

  2. Yer right about Evacuate, but I think Original Sinners is a really good album and underated, it should be given a CD release. All the best.

  3. yeah Nuzz, I do agree with you about Original Sinners...It definately has some real good moments, though it misses some of the sonic punch of Evacuate. I listen to it probably once every 3-4 fact time to listen to it now!

  4. Just posted a blast of Chelsea over at my place

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    Can I send you a couple of songs from a demo tape I got in 1996? Great Bad Brains like Punk. Maybe you can post them on your site? The Band is called Laroch.



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