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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Chelsea-Traitors Gate

Well since I am in a Chelsea posting haze, I might as well throw this one out there too. Not as good as The Alternative, but still a real good album.


  1. Kenny, I Forgot to ask in my last comment....have you any Bandits at 4 O'Clock?

  2. Just the track on Oi Of Sex or something like that. Did they record any other stuff??? I'd love to hear more by them. Wasn't Steve Kent from The Business playing with them too?

  3. Hey Ken....going thru a Chelsea resurgence myself too! - one of those bands with some great stuff and some shite too!. Got this one and I saw them in Bristol, UK at the time this was released....always good live though and Gene October is some charater to say the least...poser !