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Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Drab

Since we are talking San Jose hardcore here. I thought I would let people know that The Drab have songs available on iTunes. Who are The Drab??? They were the 3rd band in the spikey hair axis. Sean Gregonis played in Grim Reality for awhile and then moved onto The Drab. After The Drab, Sean, myself and Lars Fredrikson started a band callled Slip. Slip would last 5 years and then become The Forgotten. Enough history here. Just get this over at iTunes. It is kinda simplistic but a good time piece. I dig it!


  1. My old band, Sorex, traveled up from Redondo Beach, Calif., to the play with The Drab, Broken Bones, Special Forces and Defy (I'd love to track down their demo) at Ruthie's in Berkeley in '85. Great gig!
    -- Andy

  2. That sounded like a great show...wish I could have gone to that one. Ruthies was an interesting place.

  3. had the demo from IM records back in the day. love the songs but the poor TDK now fades in and out due to age. Good to know their music is available still!


  4. Oh, wow! I remember this band as touring with The Faction in the summer of '85. Talking to them in Houston, and found out they were from SJ. I asked about Los Olvidados, and Ray of the Faction stepped in and said "I was in Los Olvidados!" Ended up skating all night with The Faction (except Craig who slumped in the van and complained the whole time). For the next year and a half my Tracker GSD deck had a neon-yellow Drab sticker on it, and when something was lousy or sucky someone would turn and say, "Hell Hole." All that from one night-- Thanks!