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Sunday, August 7, 2011

New Naked Raygun Single for 2011

Well after a long wait...#3 is to be released this month...Yeah!!!!!!!!!


  1. I saw this Ken...can't wait. I hope they release an album as well. Pity this 7'' isn't available on iTunes yet though. :(


  2. Seriously? I saw thee guys back in 1985 at Irving Plaza in NYC on the "Throb, Throb" tour. Hard to believe they are coming back with more, once again (3rd,4th reunion?). Anyway I heard them a few times after that second album I mentioned, but nothing really compared to Throb, Throb. At least not for me. Still, I'll probably give it a listen if it gets posted "somewhere" by "someone" sometime in the not so distant future. Glad we have you to keep us posted on all this!