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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

MotorDamn "Over The Top" 7"

Dunno too much about this other than the fact that The Damned were in search of a bassist and Lemmy of Motorhead stepped into help. Of course you all have heard Ballroom Blitz a million times. Many bands have covered it and in fact The Damned did too. What we have here is the two bands rolling through some songs in the studio. Over The Top has Lemmy singing and to be honest, it sounds like a Motorhead song. The guitar playing on the leads would lead you to believe that Captain is playing due to the whah whah during the solo's. Ballroom Blitz has Vanian singing. This is pretty darn cool. The Damned roled through here last weekend in SF and played Damned Dammned Damned and the Black Album in their full. Missed it...............
Sorry for the delays on putting stuff up. I have been very busy with work and life. I got diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, and my back went out so my time has been limited. Don't worry though, I have some gems up my sleave.


  1. Bless you kennyhel77, this bloggin' thing can seem thankless but we are winning with posts like this...hanx!
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  2. Thanks Viacom! I have a huge nugget coming for those that dig The Pistols and Professionals.