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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The 'Tone-Wide Eyes and Nonsense

Ok this release hit me like a ton of bricks! I bought the comp. Welcome To The Welfare State that BYO put out many years ago because Leatherface was on it. When I heard the song This Is A High I was completely smitten with The 'Tone. I bought this compilation of their singles Wide Eyes And Nonsense and absolutely fell in love with this band that had more in common with SLF, Clash, Ruts and Specials than what was being played in the UK at the time. I do need to hear some of their stuff that did not make it onto to here, so if someone can help out this aging punk rocker that would be very nice of you! If you have never heard this band then please check this baby out. It is classic. The band released another album called Here's Another Reason To Believe In Rock N Roll which is equally as good. The best thing about that album is the song called The Real World. IMHO that song is one of the greatest songs ever written. It is a ska-punkish song that just rules my world. That is high praise when you consider that some of the bands that I love like The Clash, Jam, SLF, Ruts, Damned etc. have also written some amazing tunes. I really wish The 'Tone would put out some new stuff......


  1. Happy christmas Kenny

    Bob/the 'tone

  2. Thanks Bob, I am listening to it right now. I really mean it. Real World is one of the greatest songs ever written. Cheers!