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Friday, January 20, 2012

The Stranglers-Giants

Hi dear readers....I was going to touch on the whole Megaupload thing but I feel the other blogs have done a good job of that. Just wonder how long Mediafire and Rapidshare will go on.

BUT that is not the reason for the post! Nope! Many of you may know that I love UK punk...especially from the period of 1976-1979. The Stranglers are one of my favorite bands bar none! With that said, I really enjoyed Norfolk Coast and loved Suite XVI....I have been reading reviews of their new one entitled "Giants" and from all the gushing press I have read, this could be one of their best. I am excited like a kid on Christmas Eve...This comes out March go and buy it!


  1. Me too,cant wait . Stranglers are simply awesome.
    Will buy the record on vinyl. Got two tickets for the Bristol gig.

  2. Yeah Karma, after Suite XVI they have been on a role..even Norfolk Coast had some fantastic moments..can hardly wait!

  3. Hey Kenny ! Dave from Jersey here....looking forward to this too , Will The Stranglers ever play on US soil again!? Im flying out for P R B in Vegas this May....Are you going ?

  4. Dave, dunno if I would could to is getting more and more mersh, plus I am not a huge Vegas dude...though last year has SLF, Cocksparrer and The Descendents one would think I would have gone....Who is playing this years???