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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tony Sly...NUFAN

Sad news yesterday as the news of Tony Sly has been reported that he passed on. To gain an idea of what this means to me, let me let you know....I am from San Jose..No Use For A Name are too. They cut their teeth at Gilman but were from my hometown. It was the same time that I was cutting my teeht too...I am friends with Rory Koff who has ALWAYS been a fantastic, upfront, great guy and drummer of NUFAN . San Jose is the 10th largest city in the USA...but we are a small town...thankfully (though I live near Santa Cruz now). We take care of our own and appreciate one an other regardless of WHO you Smashmouth and whatever bands.....we have a chip on our shoulder....thanks SF!......When I heard the news that Tony had passed on, it really struck me. 41 years old man......41 years old. Wow. Drugs??? guy and way to smart for that BS...many of my friends are in shock right now. Me too. I never was a big fan of their Bad Religion style punk musings, but I have to admit two things. Soul Mate. One....That song was SOOOOOOO catchy...I still adore it to this day. And secondly, they are from my hometown, and I...or we have ALWAYS supported them regardless. I feel bad for his family and I feel bad for some of my friends, as I know how a loss like this can overcome you. Tony was a great musician and apparently a good husband and dad. The second part of that sentence makes me more sad than the the musical part. I hope that when I pass to the other side that I get 1/1000 of the outporing of grief/respect that he has gotten....truly a great guy. I have not seen San Jo' this bummed for a musician since Scotty Vollmer...and that is no way a dis on Scotty...just an observation. RIP Tony....You will missed.


  1. Sorry for your loss and San Jose's loss. A great town--I used to do factory sales there occasionally in the nineties.

  2. in the early 90's i was a huge NUFAN fan,the daily grind is still one of my favorite punkrock/sk8 records of all time,thx for the tunes dude!