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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Well here we have two new released from different sides of the spectrum. Of course we all now Fang...Berkeley hardcore band back and playing again. And then we have Bob Mould, ex Husker Du, and Sugar on the more 'mersh side of things. Firstly, let's talk about the Fang album...this is fantastic. More on cue with Skinheads smoke dope, Berkeley Heathen Scum...Fun With Acid...that's right...back to the old days. This is real good go and get it. Next up we have Bob Mould...errrrmmmmmm Never been much of a fan of Bob's solo stuff. I love Husker Du and Sugar, but his solo stuff really never did much for me. Well this is a nice return to form for Mr. much so, that this sounds like Sugar. This is fantastic!!!!! Please check out both of these releases as they are both awesome!


  1. Great call Kenny, I totally missed the Bob Mould 7''. I'm a huge fan of his and love his solo stuff; this single is great. Where did you pick up the Fang release?

  2. kennyhel77 please please can you re-up false prophets - implosion?

    i can't ask you more nicely because of my bad engleish(