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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Epic Problem- All Broken 10" Ep

Wow! Can I please pick my jaw off of the floor? This is some serious damage here kids. Just for reference, Mackie, bassist for Oi! greats Blitz plays guitar on this. I am sure that this is/will be tiresome to them at some point, but I am using that as a small reference here. Epic Problem do not sound one bit like Blitz...nope not at all. What do they sound like? How about a very good MODERN day punk band. You definitely hear some Leatherface in there, maybe a tad of Rancid with the duel shouty vocals and maybe some early Anti Flag???? This is just some serious kick butt speedy, shouty punk rock here. Production, playing, songs.........everything is here for the taking. I cannot find a single complaint, this is that good, and to my jaded 48 year old ears, that is a good thing. Please get this as this is one of the better things I have heard this year!!!! Boy I wish there were more than 6 songs though....sigh

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